Difference Between Osmosis and Diffusion

Osmosis and diffusion are two different types of passive transport that play an important role in transferring molecules in and out of the cell. Passive transport is a natural process and does not need the cell to consume energy to complete the movement. Both osmosis and diffusion are important processes that are essential to both living and nonliving systems.

What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is a process in which the movement of solvent from a region of lower concentration to a higher concentration. 

What is Diffusion? 

Diffusion is the process in which the movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration to a lower concentration until the concentration level becomes equal.

The major differences between osmosis and diffusion

There are many dissimilarities between osmosis and diffusion that makes them quite different from each other. The main differences between them are as follows.

  • Osmosis can only take place in liquid, while diffusion can take place in solid liquid and gas. 
  • Osmosis is a slow process, while diffusion is a fast process.

Types of osmosis:

There are two different types of osmosis

  1. Endosmosis 
  2. Exosmosis

Functions of Osmosis:

Osmosis controls the movement of nutrients and the discharge of metabolic waste products.

It keeps balance in the internal environment of the living organism by keep balance between water and intercellular fluid levels.

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It keeps the turgidity of the cell.

Osmosis also prevents fruits from dehiscence. Osmosis plays a vital role in plants, animals, and also in humans.

Types of Diffusion Difference between osmosis and diffusion

Diffusion also consists of two types.

  • Simple diffusion 
  • facilitated diffusion

Causes of diffusion Difference between osmosis and diffusion

diffusion is a natural process that can take place on its own. In this process, the molecules move randomly and collide with one another and change their way.

Many factors are affecting diffusions like temperature, area of contact, and concentration gradient.

Significance of diffusion

As mentioned above, diffusion is an important process in all living organisms.  It plays a vital role in the movement of molecules during the metabolic process in the cell.

  • Diffusion plays an important role during the process
  • of respiration. It can also take place in plant cells.
  • The movement of ions throughout the neurons that produce electrical charge is due to diffusion.

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Osmosis and diffusion both are different processes from each other, and both play an important role and Both are essential for living and nonliving things. All the information you have read above might be helpful for you in realizing the importance of also, in understanding the difference between these terms.

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