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Dream11 (Official) for Android

Among video games, sports titles are unique because of the way that they let users simulate the experience of actually being in a stadium or arena watching their favorite sport unfold in real time. A few examples include hockey, baseball and tennis, among others. This genre has grown so much over the years because these games offer something different than some other types of video games and tend to be very immersive since they let users live the most realistic game of their lives.

We’re really looking forward to checking out Dream 11 , this one is certainly a fantastic sports simulation game which is available on mobile (iOS/Android), PC, Mac and on Steam for FREE!

Dream 11 is more like a virtual competition ground for all you where you get to show off your skills through your favourite sport. Here the players are seeing the chance to create their own virtual team, then compete against other teams in tournaments hosted in the game. For those curious about rewards, here the rewards are not like any other game as seen before. The rewards are real money! That’s right!

Players get to earn real cash just by playing this game at an addictive rate. Plus, we call it fun too because of its simple and engaging gameplay that allows users to build their dream football club while they keep track of their progress throughout each round they play on!

Dream 11 is not your typical video game because it’s actually a gaming app that allows you to play several sports, everything from basketball to baseball at one convenient location. The creators of this app or the company developing it, has introduced some really amazing features that enable team members to work together towards a common goal.

On top of all this, they’ve also made the experience fun and important and built trust with their followers so those who play will keep playing.

Download Dream 11 APK Information:

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Application Name: Dream 11

Category: Fantasy Game App

Latest Version: 4.21.0

File Name : Dream11 apk

Total Size: 38.43

Certification: FIFS (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports)

Minimum Requirements: Android 2.2 +

Uploaded On: 06-April-2022

Dream11 2021 APK- Main Features

Different Sports:

Here, you are not only getting one or two sports to play because the game is going to provide you with a choice of five different sports games. These include Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Kabaddi and Football. All these four games are those that majority of people simply love playing at a very large scale in India and this is the main reason why people will absolutely love this game as it has been developed especially for the Indian market.

This is because all of these five sports are widely played in India at a very large scale and this is why the average consumer will really benefit from having access to play these online using a video console like Xbox Live where they can interact with other players located right across the country without fail!

Let´s draft – Fantasy sports has gained massive popularity in India and it can be observed with sites like Dream11.in, which offers fantasy cricket among other sports (e.g. football, badminton, etc – depending on what country you’re in). Every day a number of matches takes place in the various leagues around the world, each one starting anew with their own individual contesting players.

To play properly in this case one needs to draft players – hence the name drafting! Or, if you prefer calling it pooling or gathering; and here the player might be real ones assigned to proper teams you have gathered together to go head-to-head against either CPU controlled managers or other users registered on a site like Dream11.

Virtual Competitions:

You cannot imagine a sport or game without competition as this truly is what makes the game exciting and players enthusiastic. As you are earning money through your efforts, you will want to make sure that the competitions are going to be just as challenging like they would be in real life. There are other matches too which you can use to test the skills of your team.

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Dream 11 is a game that not only makes you excited for the tournament but also pays you to join it and win prizes. The prize amount may vary differently depending on your team’s ability to perform in Dream11. However, following the changing pattern of reward offerings across most of the cash-prize based competitions,

We can ensure that they will be offering at least ¹20,000 as the minimum per week just for registering with them . Apart from this, if you do qualify for becoming one of the weekly winners , then you’ll be entitled to earn even more by winning against other teams in separate games.

Play With Friends:

As we all know that friends add fun to anything and when it comes to playing games, you can never get a better team member other than your friend. Here you are getting chance to play all the games in Dream 11 along with your friends no matter where they are. Not only this, you will also get rewards for inviting your friends to play games on Dream 11. You can earn up to Rs 200 every time you invite any of your friend to play the game.

Champions Program: 

Although you will be getting regular rewards for taking part in the virtual competitions and for winning them, here you will also see a special champion program that is meant to give you Champion Rewards. In this you will have to take part in as much cash contests as you can. This will increase your level in the game to a very great extent and ultimately you will get bigger rewards.

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