How to clean your ears?

The Ear is the significant part of the body that enables hearing. The Ear has three parts; the outer Ear, the middle Ear, and the Inner Ear. The outer Ear comprises the pinna and ear canal. The Middle Ear includes three tympanic cavities and three ossicles. The Inner Ear’s structure is very important to the senses. The semicircular canals are used for balance and eye tracking during movement. The utricle and saccule balance when you are motionless, and the cochlea helps you in hearing.

How to clean your ears?

Ear wax, also famous as cerumen, is a brown, orange, yellowish, grey, or red waxy substance secreted in the ear canal. It saves the skin of the human ear canal, helps in cleaning and greasing, and protects against germs like bacteria and fungi. It comprises dead skin cells, hairs, and the secretion of cerumen by the ceruminous glands. At the same time, some people have extra production of ear wax, which can block the ear canal, causing hearing loss or itching, or pain in the Ear.

Some people are too prone to using cotton buds or ear candles, while some don’t even bother to clean their ears. Doctors never advise you to put anything in your ears to clean them. Your ears serve best to clean themselves. Just you need to remove a bit of extra earwax from the outside of your ear canal. And before doing it, you must be aware of how to do it.

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   Good and bad ways of cleaning your ears:

You don’t have to put those cotton buds in the core of your Ear even this would cause hearing loss to people, but If you feel that you have to get too much wax in your ears, you have to just take a wet cloth and clean just the outside of your Ear or use baby or mineral oil or glycerin to soften the wax.

When you have water in your ears, you just need to dry your Ear with a soft towel or cloth and only the outer side—bend your head to one side to help the water removal. You can use a blow dryer, but on a foot distance, it will help to dry the water, and you can use counter drying drops.

 How to keep water out:

  1. Cover the cotton ball with petroleum jelly and slip it into your Ear during the bath.
  2. When you go into the water, use an earplug or swimming cap.
  3. Use hydrogen peroxide only when the doctor recommends using it.

As we have discussed earlier that ear wax is very useful for the ears, it filters the air and protects your Ear from damaging or injuring, but if you are so desperate to remove it, so you have to consult your doctor or just clean from the outside, don’t use cotton buds or your fingers to remove it, because as we have discussed earlier, it can cause damage to your ears and even cause you hearing loss. You must know how to take care of them, and even extra care proves fatal.

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