How to deal with a narcissist?

The only way to defend yourself from a narcissistic manipulators is to avoid them and have no contact with them. Whenever we contact a narcissist. deal with a narcissistic feel incredibly fragile and susceptible; this is because the narcissist knows our weaknesses and frailties and abuses them in every way. When you wear yourself out inside and struggle to understand his behaviors, you do nothing but fall into his trap; he is aware that you are suffering, and you need to talk and understand, for which he leverages your need, torments, and humiliates you to trap you. Again. As long as you have the presumption to establish contact with the narcissist, make him understand that his actions hurt you, and hope that he will change. 

You will always come out broken and a loser because his game is precisely tormenting the victim and establishing an addictive relationship with her. How to deal with a narcissist sees you as an object of his property and nothing more, do not delude yourself that deep down he can love you because the narcissist uses the other exclusively to feed himself. The only step to save yourself is to learn how to love yourself and take care of your needs by cutting off all contact with the narcissist. Non-contact means not answering his SMS, emails, phone calls, not checking his Facebook page, Whatsapp status, and not talking about him with people in common. Remember that the narcissist abuses you because he does not respect your requests and your prohibitions.

How can I get rid of a narcissist? How to deal with a narcissistic

The fundamental step is to interrupt all contact despite the inevitable initial difficulties. At the base of the relationship, a solid emotional dependence characterizes the victim and allows the narcissist to manipulate him. The path of healing passes by understanding that we are the only ones who can define and give flight to our existence. And we do not need to have this happen through someone else if we don’t focus on your need for healing. Suppose you imagine that he can save a narcissist. You will never get rid of him if you believe that “deep down” he loves you! The transition from emotional dependence to. Emotional autonomy occurs only when you focus on yourself and no longer on the narcissist’s reactions.

What practical strategies can I use to counter a manipulative narcissist? How to deal with a narcissistics

  1. Use short sentences
  2. Don’t go into details
  3. Resort to sayings, quotes, etc.
  4. Using the impersonal form of verbs (e.g., say)
  5. Make some humor
  6. Smile whenever possible
  7. Practice self-irony
  8. Be polite
  9. Do not enter into discussions
  10. Avoid aggression
  11. Don’t justify yourself
  12. Breaking long-term habits (especially in couples)
  13. Don’t answer questions that are formulated ambiguously
  14. Write down the answers
  15. Don’t be an intermediary
  16. Be wary of flattery
  17. Participate in a help group to defend against narcissism. Manipulators and free yourself from emotional dependence to receive support and compare with others who have had the same experience.

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