How to increase testosterone?

Testosterone is an essential hormone in men. Women also produce this hormone, but in comparison with men, they have it in fewer amounts. The low production of this hormone affects men a lot in their physical activities and makes their sex drive disturbed. In the following article, we get to know about How to increase testosterone? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

The testosterone level in men is high in adulthood, but it decreases gradually every year, which is quite normal. But, despite the fact, if someone encounters a low level of testosterone more than 1-2 percent a year, he should consult a doctor and keep a complete check on diet.

How to diagnose a low T? Some symptoms show low testosterone levels, including erectile dysfunction, less sex drive, weight gain, and sleep disorders. A blood test is followed to confirm the low T.

If your test report proved the production of testosterone is less, then no need to worry. There are many ways to boost low T levels up.

Factors that lead to low testosterone level

  • Side effects of medicines
  • Stress/depression
  • Drug/alcohol usage
  • Thyroid issue
  • Sleep disorder
  • Excessive workout

Testosterone boosters

A person experiencing symptoms of low testosterone should consult a good doctor. He can assess the reasons accordingly and can guide you with the proper treatment. Some of the natural ways to boost testosterone levels include the following things. You can do these to level up testosterone and feel active.

  • Get enough sleep – to level up low T; a person needs an adequate amount of sleep as it boosts testosterone. A healthy sleep routine should be at least 8 to 10 hours at night.
  • Exercise – All exercises are beneficial for healthy testosterone but lifting weights, body weight, and calisthenics are the best. The activities are not to be done excessively as it lowers down the level of testosterone. Such activity can improve your sleep and freshen up your mind. 
  • Reduce stress – as stress releases cortisol, a hormone responsible for managing metabolism and immune response, negatively impacts testosterone.
  • Eat healthy – a diet that includes an adequate amount of nutrients is needed to add to meals. The intake of zinc and magnesium also helps increase the level of testosterone. Whole grains, dark green veggies, flax seeds are food rich in magnesium and zinc. Vitamin D is also essential for this purpose, which we can get directly from sunshine and some foods like fortified milk, fish having fats, and cereal products.
  • So, keep away from drugs/alcohol – alcohol can cause cell damage and hormonal reactions. It can negatively affect reproductive hormones due to which level of testosterones can be lower down.
  • Say no to plastics – most of the plastics contain the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is very harmful to health as it disturbs the hormone-making process.
  • Lose weight – men with extra weight must work out to lose weight to help boost testosterone.
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After working on these tips, you aren’t able to boost up your testosterone. It suggested consulting a good doctor right away, who will guide you about testosterone therapy to raise low T.

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