How to make royal icing?

Before giving you the recipe for how to make royal icing, we will tell you what royal icing is, then we will talk about this topping in the context of the main icings used for confectionery, such as fondant, buttercream, cream cheese frosting, and marzipan. 

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 What is the icing or glacé? How is this written?

You’ve probably ever wondered if it should be written icing or icing. In this regard, the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) says that glasé is the graphic adaptation of the French voice glacé to make royal icing, which means shiny, and that it is Spanish, it is used as a masculine noun with the meanings of “very shiny taffeta” and cites as an example of his use “black suit lined with icing.” It also states that in confectionery and confectionery, icing is a syrup made from icing sugar and other ingredients.


The Royal Spanish Academy also states that the voice glass does, from the participle of glaze, can also be used, a verb created from Gallicism: «If you add [to the chocolate] a syrup of water and sugar you will obtain chocolate more liquid, the chocolate glaze.

Royal Icing or Royal Icing

Royal icing or royal icing is basically made with icing sugar (icing), egg white and a few drops of lemon. This icing is the one that bakers choose to decorate cookies.

You can give this type of icing different consistencies, for example, icing or icing with a hard or thick consistency is perfect for delineating figures, writing, and creating edges on cookies, while to fill or cover the surface of them you will use more consistency. fluid.

Keep in mind that if the consistency of your icing is very runny, it will exceed the edges of the cookie and the finish will be messy unless you have outlined edges that contain it.


Fondant is a topping or type of frosting that has a less-used solid and a liquid version.

The solid fondant is widely used for cake cover coverage, guards, figures, letters, etc. Its consistency is harder than the glaze or icing and modeled using rollers, molds, and ESTEC fondant.

The liquid fondant provides a glossy finish and is soft while the solid fondant has a matte appearance, is a soft paste and its consistency is harder than that of the liquid.

Buttercream, buttercream, or buttercream

This type of frosting or topping is made with butter or butter, as the name implies.

Using piping bags and nozzles you can make great decorations, garlands, ruffles, flowers, leaves, dots, shells, lots of incredible effects and you can even write on cakes and desserts. You can also dye it the color you want to adapt it to the design you are looking for.

Buttercream is undoubtedly the preferred coverage for cupcakes, which are very beautiful and attractive.

Cream cheese frosting

The cream cheese frosting is very easy to make sense in this case, you take advantage of the excellent consistency of cream cheese and like buttercream to make royal icing, you can color and flavor it however you want.

This type of topping, unlike buttercream to make royal icing, has a less sweet taste, which makes it an option of choice for those who find buttercream very cloying.


The marzipan is a mass of almonds with elasticity and consistency similar to that of fondant and that like the latter you can use to line cakes to make royal icing, make figures, flowers, guards, and much more. You can also dye it in the colors you need.

Royal glaze recipe

In this opportunity, Yolanda will teach you how to make real icing quickly and easily.

How to make royal icing or royal icing

The confectioner will show you step by step in a very didactic and entertaining way how royal icing is made to achieve professional-looking decorations to make royal icing. If you pay attention, everything will be perfect and you will achieve the same results as her

Essential tips for making sweet cakes

As a first step, we usually indicate that you must preheat the oven to 180 ºC. In this way, when you have the dough ready to make royal icing, you will also have the oven ready to start cooking. But although the above temperature is the one used in most pastry recipes. You will see that some of them require other temperatures.

Mix the ingredients well until they are fully integrated. Take this aspect very seriously, because it depends on it that you achieve a balanced flavor and an even consistency.

You have to avoid opening the oven door especially when the first minutes of baking are passing. If you open it, you can make the dough not come out as expected. If you want to spy on how everything is going. Look through the oven glass and do not open the door for the first few minutes of cooking is a mistake. To see how everything is going, look at the cake through the glass of the oven door. If the door does not allow you to see inside. Wait for two-thirds of the cooking time indicated in the recipe.

The good quality of the ingredients is essential. It may seem obvious but believe me that many people overlook this aspect and do not achieve the expected results. Check that the ingredients are fresh and do not experiment with products that you have not tried.

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