How to move to Canada?

Requirements for immigration to Canada

To emigrate to Canada, the first step is to apply for a permanent residence, the so-called “Permanent Residency” (PR). How to move to Canada

1:Qualify or be selected/nominated for one of over 80 Canadian immigration programs

2:There are no reasons to be refused entry into Canada.

3:Sufficient financial reserves may need to be available.

The permanent residence permit is one of the prerequisites for obtaining Canadian citizenship later in the second step.

Canada wants more immigrants.

Canada plans to accept between 401,000 to 421,000 immigrants annually between 2021 and 2031. How to move to Canada This corresponds to just under 1% of the Canadian population. How to move to Canada The majority of the immigrants will be professionals. French speakers who want to settle outside Quebec will also receive exceptional support.

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How to Immigrate to Canada

The following ways lead to Canada:

As a family member: How to move to Canada “easiest” and one of the fastest options to emigrate to Canada is if the partner himself is a Canadian citizen or has at least the right of permanent residence for several years and guarantees immigration.

As a professional: Most other people interested in immigration are selected based on their professional qualifications and work experience, language skills, age, and other factors. To establish oneself successfully economically in Canada (in other words: to pay for one’s own living costs) How to move to Canada As an Entrepreneur: Canada offers a variety of immigration programs for entrepreneurs.

As a freelancer, How to move to Canada

This category conceptual narrowly define.

As a caregiver, How to move to Canada

There are currently two programs:

Home Child Care Provider Pilot

Home Support Worker Pilot\

Special programs

Depending on the labor market situation or politics, immigration programs or “pilot programs” can come (and go again).

Emigrated to Canada with children

Suppose you want to go to Canada with your children. In that case, you can take the dependent children with you at the parent’s request when applying for permanent settlement (as is also the case with the application for a work permit or study permit or visitor visa / eTA ).

are younger than 22 years old

and don’t have a spouse yourself

Children are exempt from the age limit if they

were already financially dependent on their parents before the age of 22 and

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unable to provide for a living due to a mental or physical condition

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