What Are The Best Megaways Slots? Forming Winning Combinations And Expert’s Reviews

Have you ever thought that the world of online video slots has changed thoroughly? How did it happen? Thanks to highly innovative slot machines that run on some types of groundbreaking mechanics. There are various games like Genie Jackpots, Bonanza, and Extra Chill that are very popular among fans because it gives higher potential to earn and experience fantastic gameplay. In this article, we want to share the latest updates regarding the best Megaways Slots. You might want to enjoy these slots. Thus, without taking too much time, let’s start with these slots.


Big Time Gaming has created and presented Megaways. It is a game engine that doesn’t have a predetermined amount of playlines. It gives users the best experience of casino games. It changes and provides the number of ways and symbols to win randomly. So, players can win. It occurs with each reel and every spin. For example, if you have chosen six-reel and 117,649 Megaways Slots, every reel will contain 2 and 7 symbols. If it displays two symbols, then your Megaways number is 324. You can understand this as under.

2x2x2x2x2x2x2 = 324 Megaways and

7x7x7x7x7x7x7 = 117, 649 Megaways.

What Are Megaways Slots?

We have already discussed that Megaways are created and produced by Big Time Gaming. Similarly, it has presented Megaways Slots, and you can say it is one of the best slots providers. The video slots having specific twists allow too much action and big wins. If you consider online casinos, these games are some of the best available online games that are most popular.

Something Special About Megaways Slots:

You may be thinking about why these slots are successful! The reason for this success is their innovative format. It comes with a series of Slots working on a six reel structure having an extra horizontal reel with four symbols. Whenever you spin, you will get from 2 to 7 Symbols per reel. It means that you get dynamic and constantly changing outcomes from your gameplay. It is the reason why most players call it a goldmine, and it allows so many different winning combinations, and you can always go for a serious win every time.

Possibility Of Megaways:

We have already discussed the maximum number of Megaways that is 117, 649. But it will change for some slots in the series. It means you will get a lot of action and frequent wins. These video slots also come with specific features and bonus games like random bonus rounds, free spins, unlimited win multipliers. 

The Best Megaways Casinos Where You Can Play Slots With Bonus:

Do you have an interest in playing Megaways Slots? Most players don’t even know where to start and play. If this is your case, you can consider the upcoming sections as guide tutorials to start winning. We have analyzed several online casinos and come up with the best Megaways Slots. You can trust these casinos because they are reliable and secure, respecting the strictest security standards. The best start to enjoy the Megaways series is to read the reviews about these casinos. 

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The Best Megaways Slots:

These slots are some of the best developments that happened in the world of online casinos. You can find a few hundred Slots having an innovative game mechanic. You might find it hard to choose from many options. The following is the summary of the top 5 Megaways Slots that might help you.

  • Holy Driver Megaways comes with 586,789 Megaways, 96.94% of RTP, and 23,306x max win.
  • Bonanza Megaways with 117,649 Megaways, 96% RTP, and 10,000 max wins. 
  • White Rabbit Megaways with 248,832 Megaways, 97.77%, and 13,000 max wins. 
  • Vikings Unleashed Megaways with 117, 649 Megaways, 96.5%, and 50,000 max wins.
  • Rainbow riches Megaways with 117,649 Megaways, 96.9%, and 12,500 max wins.
Holy Driver Megaways:

Do you enjoy the slots having plenty of backstories? If yes, you will be enjoying this one. It offers you a maximum of 15,120 ways to win the base game with the action in this six reel slot. When the player reaches the treasure chest, the knight present there will kick the treasure chest open to reveal a modifier. It may be a wild upgrade. You can trigger your free spins feature to start with the first ten free spins. There, the knight will collect the diamonds during the features. And you will get an extra spin. There are almost 586,789 Megaways.

Bonanza Megaways:

Several slot developers love building up the hype for a new release. It is known as a slot revolutionary. In this Bonanza Megaways, you can justify this statement. In this game, it has got the Megaways gold rush rolling. This game had a mining theme, and you can play this game by using a six reel machine that gives 117,649 ways to win. It means you have enough room to create your winning combination. 

You can create this winning combination by landing a matching symbol on adjoining reels from reel one. After that, you will see that reaction takes place. Then, you can see winning symbols have been removed, and new Symbols drop in their locations.

White Rabbit Megaways:

Do you think that a slot offering several ways to win means that you have gotten a drop in return for the player rate? You have to think again. White Rabbit Megaways Slot is the best example of games offering RTP rates and potential actions. The best thing about this game is that it gives a high RTP of 97.77%. But most id slots have been hovering around 96%. So, if you see 98%, you will be surprised for sure.

Vikings Unleashed Megaways:

Have you ever imagined how deeply developers involve themselves in developing any games? It is the perfect example of what developers do while developing the game. Most players enjoy the classy design and innovative gameplay, and that’s why blueprint gaming has developed this game in this way. In this game, you get classic elements of Megaways Slot as far as you proceed in this game. It happens when you reach the number of active Megaways to 117, 649. Each hammer landing will transform into the same matching symbol that can create some mighty winning clusters. You can go with the main feature for an initial 12 free spins that has been expanding multipliers. It allows you to spin the gamble wheel where you can try and improve the multiplier and increase the size of the multiplier.

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Rainbow Riches Megaways:

Have you ever desired to play one of the most popular arcade slots ever made? Here in this game, you can have this experience. This game is simple, colorful in design, and has a fortune theme. Most players playing this game get familiar with this game is a shorter period of experiencing the game. This game is slightly different from any other original games. You can play this game using a six reel machine where the number of active Megaways will vary from 324 to 117, 649. Isn’t it so exciting about Megaways Slots? Some special transformation symbols get you excited about this game. 

Forming Winning Combinations:

We have discussed in the earlier section that you can form a winning combination that helps you match the symbol. In this process, you have to match symbols in any position and on adjacent reels that start from 1. It means that if you have to land identical symbols on reels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 opposing reels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. It clearly shows that there is no single matching symbol on reel 3. You can find some slots that offer up to 15,625, 16,807, 46,656, 248,832, 100,832, 531,441, and 586,971 ways to win Megaways.

Expert’s Reviews On Best Megaways Slots:

Talking about these slots gives slightly different experiences and feelings because they are innovative slot machines. These machines run on a groundbreaking mechanic which changes the world of online video slots and games like Genie Jackpots, Extra Chill, and Bonanza. These games are too popular because of their potential to allow users to earn and have a fantastic gaming experience. If you have never played these slots and never enjoyed these slots, you have to try them at least once. It will give you the best experience of another level that you can never forget. For beginners, it is not too difficult to play and enjoy these slots. The reason is that simple ideas are running behind the game. 

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand everything about Megaways Slots? In this article, we have covered basic to the latest information about these slots, what are the five best Megaways Slots, forming winning combinations, and expert reviews. If you still have doubts about them and online casinos, you can let us know. We recommend you to start forming your winning combinations today and start winning today by playing and enjoying Megaways. You can share your experiences and achievements throughout the gameplay with us. It is to inspire and encourage other upcoming players to play this game.

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