What is Shiplap Wall, and how could it be superior to Drywall?

Shiplap wall alludes to an uncommon locking board, like tongue-and-score, with a more tight covering fit. These wooden boards are not difficult to introduce, make a powerful seal, and are an undeniably well-known style decision for homes—from current to provincial. It’s nothing unexpected that planners have gotten genuinely inventive in how to utilize shiplap dividers adequately. Here are the absolute most beautiful models we’ve found to assist with motivating your updates. 

Few Incredible and Beautiful Shiplap Wall Ideas

Wonderful Farmhouse Kitchen 

The farmhouse is an exemplary model for a shiplap divider, and no place do they sparkle more than in the kitchen. Furthermore, if you need a beguiling country kitchen that is a delight to utilize, introduce shiplap dividers (even though you may likewise need to account for backsplashes). 

20 Beautiful Examples of Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Pic credit- nimvo.com

Stained/Distressed Shiplap Boards 

Customarily, shiplap divider sheets are painted white or light pastel tones. In any case, a recent fad is empowering the utilization of stripped and stripped and stained sheets, all things considered—and the outcomes are beautiful. 

Shiplap Guest Bedroom 

If you need to make a comfortable room for visitors yet don’t have that much room, use a shiplap on the dividers. Furthermore, it can assist with little evening spaces that look new and welcoming, particularly if you keep everything in the room light and monochromatic. 

Shiplap and Rustic Wood Accents 

Another developing pattern is to utilize conventional painted shiplap dividers yet leave another close by wood-like pillars, rafters, and ground surface—unpainted and provincial. The blend of the two kinds of wood is especially welcoming. Furthermore, hope to perceive the stuff to introduce a shiplap roof. 

Well disposed Bathroom Shiplap 

When appropriately introduced, shiplap sheets are watertight and can be utilized in washrooms. The framing additionally holds washrooms back from looking excessively cold and sad. 

Adaptable Shiplap Entryway 

Shiplap sheets are likewise an extraordinary decision for capacity, coat snares and retirement. This makes a shiplap divider ideal for entrances, mudrooms, and comparable regions that will generally get a great deal of utilization. 

Shiplap Doors 

Need a particularly remarkable entryway? Attempt vertical shiplap! It appears differently concerning the regular flat shiplap board and assists a generally standard entryway withstanding. Furthermore, shiplap functions admirably on inside “outbuilding entryway” styles. 

DIY Easy Shiplap $60 Barn Door (in Less Than an Hour) - Angela Rose Home
Pic credit- angelarosehome.com

Shiplap and Stone 

For more present-day styles, consolidate a shiplap divider with stone or false stone. Block, marble, and cement likewise look incredible with shiplap, particularly if you need to separate enormous stone segments with warm framing. 

Slanting Shiplap Wall 

Slanting shiplap framing is the ideal method to make a divider stick out. Also, if you think standard-level shiplap is excessively exhausting, explore different avenues regarding different points on your dividers (particularly around flights of stairs, chimneys, and other high-profile regions). 

Shiplap Headboard 

Would you like to begin a little? A shiplap headboard is a simple task that can add a great deal of natural warmth to your room. What’s more, finished that task and you’ll be prepared for more shiplap projects later on. 

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What are shiplap dividers? 

Shiplap is a wooden board usually utilized as inside (just as outside) siding in homes, sheds, stables, and storehouses. Like a tongue-and-score siding, a shiplap has a unique rabbet or indent cut on its edges. Notwithstanding, while tongue-and-section sheets combine and interlock, shiplap sheets lay on top of one another and cross-over. 

When introduced evenly, the rabbets permit the sheets to self-space themselves and fit together impeccably — holding water back from getting behind them. Once introduced, shiplap can look a ton like normal wood sheets because the rabbets are covered up — offering an approach to clean lines and look. 

What is drywall? 

A drywall is a lightweight inside divider innovation — comprising a GI steel outline encased in gypsum plasterboards on one or the other side. These are joined along with self-boring drywall screws. The joints are then taped and gotten done with gypsum jointing compounds. One can utilize drywalls to parcel any inside homes, inns, emergency clinics, schools, theatres, and industry. These are solid — normally enduring the lifetime of a structure. 

Shiplap versus drywall 

For mortgage holders who incline toward utilizing regular structure materials sooner rather than later, a shiplap board is the ideal go-to alternative to cover inside or outside dividers, and at times, roofs as well. In any event, when you go past that, there are some significant benefits to picking shiplap versus drywall for your inside dividers. 

Here are a few reasons why shiplap is better. 

Appearance and flexibility 

One reason that shiplap is acquiring notoriety among mortgage holders is its appearance. There is something so exemplary, warming, and beautiful regarding regular wood siding in a house. Ordinarily, it is cut from wood like pine, cedar, or oak. As a general rule, you can undoubtedly introduce a shiplap manually — giving it a characteristic vibe you can’t get with standard drywall. It gives consistent progress starting with one room then onto the next. 

Best of all, a shiplap board can be utilized in practically any homeroom — be it kitchens, washrooms, lounge, or rooms. Also, you can paint or color the wood framing any shading you need. With perpetual plan prospects, a shiplap’s flexibility is substantially more than drywall. It’s an incredible decision for a project as well. 


With regards to shiplap versus drywall, the sturdiness of shiplap is unparalleled. Typically, a shiplap board is 3 to 4 creeps in thickness and is made of strong wood. It can go as high as 12 inches wide. No big surprise, it can get hammered and still look extraordinary. Drywall, then again, tends to mark and scratch without any problem. 

Besides, with potential water harm or flooding, only a couple of creeps of water contacting drywall are sufficient to wick up the board and ruin it. A shiplap divider can undoubtedly dry out and serve property holders for quite a long time without the concern of stains or unfortunate molds. 


Shiplap wall cost goes somewhere between $2.50 and $7.00 per square foot for genuine sheets. Regarding the inside establishment, most mortgage holders spend somewhere in the range of $500 and $1,500 for one room. The normal expense comes to $1,000. Introducing shiplap, then again, costs around $4,000, with the vast majority spending somewhere in the range of $2,800 and $7,500. 

Notwithstanding wood cost, shiplap establishment (whether inside or outside shiplap) will likewise require color, paint, or sealant to shield the timber from climate harm. 

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Notwithstanding, you will get a good deal on the all-out cost. Likewise, because the establishment is generally simple, work costs are regularly insignificant. Presently, how about we take the instance of drywall establishment. A 4 x 8-inch sheet of drywall may cost you not exactly a shiplap board, yet it can end up being very costly in general after the completing system. 

Drywall establishment requires taping, mudding, sanding, preparing, and paint completes — making the cycle both tedious and costly. Regarding drywall cost, introduced drywall midpoints somewhere close to $1.50 to $1.80 per square foot. Furthermore, this sum is the point at which your home has conventional straight dividers and level roofs. A redid establishment will add significantly to the expense. 

The explanation is that introducing drywall is a long and dreary cycle. If you endeavor to handle it yourself, be ready to place in some genuine difficult work. Likewise, if you have an expert introduce it, your drywall financial plan will probably take off! 

Fast and simple establishment 

Probably the greatest benefit of shiplap is how rapidly it introduces. Introducing shiplap couldn’t be simpler. It very well may be finished by a DIYer without a great deal of related knowledge. Likewise, it requires not many devices; you need a saw, pneumatic nailer, level, hammer, and a square of wood. The establishment is pretty much as simple as setting on the notch, evening out, and nailing. Drywall, then again, can be much more monotonous to introduce. For a DIYer, introducing the sheets and applying the tape and mud, sanding can go on until the end of time. 

Less muddled establishment 

Another triumph point in the shiplap versus drywall banter is the shortfall of a wreck in the shiplap establishment. It simply needs nailing the barricade with zero taping joints. Also, no mudding and sanding! With the taping, mudding, and sanding, drywall can take off from your home with many residues. If you need to eliminate the wreck, you might utilize uncommon gear to complete your drywall. However, at that point, you ought to be ready to add additional dollars to your financial plan. 

50 Shiplap Ideas — Best Shiplap Wall Ideas
Pic credit- parade.com
Painting and support 

With regards to completing, a shiplap wall is not difficult to paint once introduced. Furthermore, rapidly as well — no sitting tight for the mudding and sanding to occur before a groundwork and paint are applied. Cleaning a shiplap is a breeze. Take a clammy cloth and wipe the painted surface — it’s that straightforward! With a paper-supported drywall board, then again, you could go without much of a stretch to harm the divider along these lines. 

The simplicity of hanging objects 

With shiplap, you don’t need to search for studs to hang pictures. Because of the strong wood, each space on the divider is sufficiently able to hold a nail for pictures and tapestries. This isn’t the situation with drywall. Usually, you will wind up making major opening reasoning that you’ve hit the stud. 


We trust our article assists you with the understanding that past the cool, brilliant look of shiplap siding, dividers, and roofs, there are a ton of extra benefits of utilizing it instead of drywall for your home insides. So if you are considering building a home or renovating a room — think shiplap wall. Without any doubt, it would be the best option for you.

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