Tixel’s Fraud Prevention Technology: Keeping Buyers and Sellers Safe


In the ticket resale industry, fraud prevention is critical to ensure safe and secure transactions for both buyers and sellers. Tixel’s fraud prevention technology is a game-changer in the industry, providing a secure platform for ticket resale that benefits both parties. Let’s dive into how Tixel’s technology works and the benefits it offers.

How Tixel’s fraud prevention technology works

Tixel employs various tools and techniques to prevent fraud, such as ID verification, ticket validation, and data analysis. When a seller lists a ticket on Tixel, they are required to provide proof of the ticket’s authenticity, including the barcode and ticket or forward the purchase confirmation email. The Tixel team then verifies the ticket’s legitimacy and confirms that it is transferable. The system also checks for any signs of fraud, such as duplicate tickets or fake barcodes.  Plus whenever anyone creates an account their are verification steps to confirm their identity.

Tixel’s fraud prevention technology also requires buyers to provide payment before they can recieve a ticket. This helps to prevent scalping and fraudulent purchases, ensuring that only legitimate fans can buy tickets. The system also scans every ticket sold on Tixel to ensure that it is real and hasn’t been voided by the event organiser.

Tixel leverages its partnerships with event organisers to combat fraud and simplify the ticket resale process for fans. With several official partnerships in place, Tixel instills confidence in the buying and selling process. Their biggest partners include F1 Grand Prix, Boardmasters and Sam Fender.  By teaming up with hosts of various artists, festivals, and events, Tixel provides better opportunities for buyers and sellers to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Benefits of Tixel’s fraud prevention technology for buyers and sellers

Tixel’s technology benefits both buyers and sellers by reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring safe and efficient transactions. Buyers can purchase tickets with confidence, knowing that they are legitimate and that they won’t be turned away at the event. Sellers can also sell their tickets with peace of mind, knowing that they won’t fall victim to scams or fraudulent chargebacks.

Tixel’s fraud prevention technology also enables buyers and sellers to communicate directly through the platform, making it easy to coordinate the transfer of tickets. The system facilitates safe and secure payments, with funds being held in escrow until the event has passed. This ensures that buyers receive their tickets and that sellers receive payment for their sales.

Examples of successful ticket purchases and sales made through Tixel’s fraud prevention technology include the recent Splendour in the Grass festival, where buyers were able to purchase tickets with confidence, knowing that they were legitimate. The technology also helped sellers to avoid fraudulent chargebacks and to sell their tickets quickly and efficiently.

Easy access to events with very few roadblocks

Tixel’s fraud prevention technology also means that there are very few roadblocks to accessing events. The platform’s ID verification and ticket validation processes ensure that only legitimate fans can purchase tickets, reducing the risk of scalping and ticket fraud. This means that fans can be assured that they will experience the event for which they paid tickets, without the risk of being turned away at the door.

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Real Life Example

John had purchased three tickets to the F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne, hoping to attend the event with his friend and boyfriend. Unfortunately, his friend couldn’t make it due to unexpected circumstances. John was left with an extra ticket, and he didn’t want to see it go to waste.

He decided to list the ticket on Tixel, a secure platform for buying and selling event tickets. Within a few hours, Sarah, a big fan of Lewis Hamilton, found the listing and purchased the ticket from John.

Thanks to Tixel’s fraud prevention measures, Sarah felt confident in her purchase and knew that she wasn’t being scammed. John, on the other hand, was relieved that he was able to recoup the cost of the ticket and didn’t have to suffer a financial loss.

Sarah went on to attend the F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne and had an amazing time watching her favourite driver race. Thanks to Tixel, both the buyer and seller had a positive experience and were able to benefit from the platform’s secure ticket exchange process.


Tixel’s fraud prevention technology is a powerful tool in the ticket resale industry, offering benefits to both buyers and sellers. The system’s ID verification, ticket validation, and data analysis techniques ensure that all transactions are legitimate and secure, reducing the risk of fraud and providing peace of mind to buyers and sellers alike. By using Tixel’s fraud prevention technology, fans can access events with ease, knowing that their tickets are legitimate and that they won’t fall victim to scams or fraudulent chargebacks. We encourage readers to try out 

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