Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Nowadays, kids like to eat fast foods like burgers, pizza, and momos, but they don’t want to eat healthy and nutritious breakfasts. So what can you do when your kid likes restaurant foods more than homemade foods? If you have no words and still want to do something, try your hands at our recommended list of top 10 healthy breakfast ideas for kids. This list is made especially for those kids who don’t like to eat morning breakfast, which looks simple and unexciting. 

Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Whenever we think about kids, the first question that comes to our mind is whether they have a healthy breakfast. Because most of them are facing health-related problems, and that is because of unhealthy breakfasts. So, how can your kids be healthy? Is there any way to improve their health? Is the breakfast we are making good enough for your children? If these kinds of questions are coming to your mind. Then, here we will answer your questions by giving you the list of the top 10 healthy breakfast ideas for kids. This list will help you make your kid grow healthy in life if you apply it correctly.

  1. Breakfast Tacos

When your child is going to be late for school, and you don’t have much time left before the school bus comes, what will you do? If you still have no idea, start your day with breakfast, which is less time-consuming, healthy, and readily available in your kitchen. 

breakfast tacos for your kids' healthy morning
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Breakfast tacos are a mixture of scrambled eggs, onions, quarterly cut peppers, and tomatoes, and fill it in whole wheat tortillas. After that, you have to heat it in the microwave so that we can get the texture. 

2. Whole Grain Muffins

Whole grain muffins are suitable for kids who are not interested in simple and less tasty breakfasts. Because it has a perfect pack for your child’s health, including nutrition and fibre, so doesn’t it look good? So, you can make it at home with just ingredients like bananas, blueberries, and cheese or cream. Simple and easy-to-make recipes make it the top 10 healthy breakfast ideas for kids. 

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whole grain muffins are one of the best healthy breakfast ideas for kids
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3. French Toast

We all love toast, but what if your kid doesn’t like it and complains whenever you make it for him? To make morning breakfast simple for your child, you can give him French toast, which is good in taste, high in fibre, and full of eggs. 

advantages of eating french toast
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You can start by cutting small bread slices for your kids and making an omelet on a low flame on a frying pan. Then add maple syrup or fresh fruit on top of bread slices. If your child doesn’t like maple syrup, then you can add fresh fruit or sauce. 

4. Energy Bites

Does your kid love sweet and tasty breakfast? If yes, you can try energy bites containing oats, flax and chia seeds, honey for sweeteners, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes without sweetening agents. 

healthy breakfast ideas for kids who are eating unhealthy breakfast
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Moreover, the taste comes delicious with healthy ingredients you include in your kids’ breakfast. But the best part about energy bites is that you can make them easier and keep them for over a week. It is one of the main reasons why energy bites counted as the top 10 healthy breakfast ideas for kids. 

5. Chia Pudding

We all know Chia seeds benefit all age groups’ health. So what if you change your pudding into chia pudding using chia seeds? Will your kid like it or not? If you have the same question, try it once and check on your own. You can make this healthy recipe using ingredients like fruits, chia seeds, and almond milk. For more options, you can add chocolate, blueberry, or raspberry.

health benefits of chia pudding
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Moreover, chia pudding suits kids with low nutrition, fibre, and fatty acids such as omega-3. There is no doubt that chia pudding is suitable for kids who don’t like added sugar because it contains natural sugar. This is why it comes in the top 10 healthy breakfast ideas for kids who have already lost interest in homemade breakfast. 

6. Sweet Potato Toast

We all love sweet potatoes, especially kids, because they taste lovely and nutritious. But if your kid likes to eat not in boiled or roasted form, you can make a combination of sweet potato and toast to make it a perfect morning breakfast. All you have to do is chop a sweet potato into small pieces. It would be best to cut it into long pieces and make a curve from the sides to look more like toast. After that, heat it to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Now your toast is ready; for the finishing touch, add mashed avocado. 

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sweet potato toast is counted as one of the best healthy breakfast ideas for kids
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7. Cereal and Berries Combination

Cereals and oats are one of those breakfast foods which can make your guts healthy. It also counts as bland food that can be easily made at home. But adding berries to the cereals makes them more nutritious and healthy because it increases the level of carbohydrates, which is suitable for your children. 

a perfect combination of cereals and berries for your little ones.
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Moreover, remember one thing: don’t use fortified flour cereals because it is not suitable for kids’ health, especially for MTHFR patients.

8. Breakfast Cookies

Cookies are one of the most demanding breakfast foods among children. There is no doubt about the fact that it also increases nutritious value. To increase the nutritional value, you can add bananas or any fruit your kid likes. Then you can serve it with sauce and cream. This can give it another texture for your children. 

healthy breakfast ideas for kids who does not like to give up on cookies
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9. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are one of your kid’s easiest and quickest breakfast recipes. You can make it at midnight using a mason jar with other ingredients, such as oats. Then add milk and leave it in the refrigerator. The next morning, you will find that your little one’s breakfast is ready. Moreover, you can also try baked oats, which is also a good option but requires a little more effort. 

overnight oats for adults
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10. Sunday Morning Eggs Recipe

Eggs are one of those things which come in handy with almost all kinds of foods. But what if you make a Sunday morning breakfast using eggs, basil, tomatoes, cabbage, and Parmesan? Doesn’t it make your kid happy? Does your kid want to add spinach or sweet pepper? If yes, you can add them too, and it does not require much effort and time. You can make it in just five minutes. 

best morning breakfast for kids
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Through this blog, we have covered the top 10 healthy breakfast ideas for kids and also how to make them with minimum ingredients. You can try all the above-mentioned breakfast recipes at home with no or minimum guidance. And the plus point about these breakfast recipes is easy to make even when you don’t have much time. 

We hope that our blog will help you to give some options and make your little one happy when they try your homemade breakfast.

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