Transforming Payments with White Label Gateways

Are you unsatisfied with your current processing partner? Tired of obscure fees coming after your profits and receiving lackluster support and services? You may wish for the technology with the proper customizability to offer payment processing services at the standards your customers deserve.

These issues can be solved by simply creating your own payment gateway and offering cheap and transparent processing to the degree you want. The only roadblock to your success is access to the proper technology that allows you to integrate with your software.

White-Label Payment Solutions

In order to assist businesses with being PCI compliant, the white-label solution is completely hosted in our environment.

This option provides much more control over transactional costs as well. If you want more control, lower fees, and increase your available options for your business from those available to the PaaS model, then this solution is ideal.

Private Label Payment Solutions

This solution was intended for those companies that are invested in monetizing payments, processing payments under their own name, and want to provide payment services.

White-Label Card Solutions

Our provided white-label gateway allows businesses to accept credit card payments in different currencies and offer payment processing services. This extends to accepting payments through a website. This option not only reduces payment transaction fees but also promotes the business brand. Investment companies could also utilize the UniPay model to consolidate payment services.

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What Does a White-Label Payment Gateway Provide?

  • payment services under your company’s brand
  • a dedicated account manager
  • lower transaction fees
  • ability to add new acquirers and card brands
  • use our development team to create custom logic
  • support of all card brands, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, direct debit, as well as EMV-certified terminal solutions
  • merchant statements with your business’ brand and API documentation

Businesses Benefitting From a White-Label Payment Gateway

While a smaller business may not be very relevant, larger companies such as SaaS platforms, PayFacs, ISOs, ISVs, equity groups, and investment companies can gain much more traction with a white-label payment gateway.

Main Benefits of UniPay

What sets the UniPay white-label payment gateway apart from other solutions is that it can be hosted as a white-label instance and licensed. You can simply start with a white-label model, and when your business is ready to graduate to creating its own solution, the ability to license is always available. We can even help you with the migration into your business’ data center, help with being PCI compliant, and help with server maintenance.

By using a white-label solution:

  • An additional revenue stream is created.
  • Your business gains a competitive edge by providing payment processing services with your brand.
  • Preexisting PCI and EMV certification makes the payment solution upkeep significantly easier.

White-Label Downsides

Before discussing the downsides of a white-label payment gateway, it is important to bear in mind that a white-label solution is more effective when there is a high processing volume. The more payments are processed, the more money can be saved on payment processing.

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The main downside of a white-label gateway is your company’s need for more control specifically. The gateway provider already does many things, like PCI compliance, integrations, certifications, and maintenance. Furthermore, if the payment gateway has increased traffic from multiple different users, the gateway could be running slower than normal.

Choosing a Gateway Provider

Choosing a payment gateway provider is crucial to the success of your business, so it is essential to consider your options carefully. Suppose flexible payment technology improves your merchants’ experiences, develops your brand, and offers more control over the onboarding, processing, and funding processes. In that case, UniPay’s white-label payment gateway can be the ideal solution for your business.

You are always welcome to contact our experts to learn how our platform can elevate your business.

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