9 Recommended VR Goggles Models Introducing Models That Can Be Used on PCs and Smartphones

“VR goggles” that allow you to enjoy realistic 3D images. Due to the rapid spread, the lineup has been enhanced, and reasonable models are on sale. VR Headset For PC However, many people get lost when purchasing for the first time, such as the equipment used is limited.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the recommended VR goggles separately for PC and smartphone. I will explain how to choose it, so please refer to it.

How to choose VR goggles

Whether you can use the terminal you want to use

The devices used with VR goggles are limited depending on the model, such as PCs and smartphones. For personal computers, it is attractive to enjoy it on a high-resolution screen. It is necessary to check the connection method, such as the HDMI terminal and USB cable, and whether it is compatible with the computer’s OS.

It is attractive for smartphones to easily enjoy VR videos by sandwiching them in the main body and using the smartphone as a display. Depending on the size of your smartphone, you may not be able to use it, so you need to check it.

Comfortable with focus adjustment function

VR goggles equipped with a focus adjustment function can adjust the focal length so that you can enjoy clear images. In particular, if you have low eyesight, you need to be careful because the image will be out of focus unless you adjust the focus.

If you have a model that can adjust the focus, you can enjoy VR images comfortably, even if you have low eyesight, so check it out.

Whether it can be used with glasses on

If you usually wear glasses, check if you can wear them while wearing glasses. Please note that you may not wear it depending on the model, especially for oversized glasses.

The lower your eyesight, the more tired your eyes maybe if you can’t use your glasses, so make sure you’re compatible with your glasses when choosing.

Things that are comfortable to wear if used for a long time

To enjoy VR goggles comfortably, it is also essential to check the fit. When used for a long time, you will get tired of wearing it if it is not fitted. A model with adjustable headset belt length is convenient because it fits your head size.

In addition to checking the weight of the central unit, if it is for a smartphone, pay attention to the center of gravity when it is set.

The position tracking function is recommended if you want reality

The “position tracking function” is a function that allows the image to move according to the movement of the head and body. It recognizes the position of the head-mounted display and enables more realistic image production.

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It’s classified into “6Dof,” which matches the head and body movement, and “3Dof,” which reflects only the movement of the head, and please note that the usability and corresponding content are different for each. It install in a stand-alone type that does not connect to other devices and VR goggles for personal computers.

More fun with a dedicated controller

If you want to enjoy VR videos to the fullest, we recommend VR goggles with a dedicated controller. There wire type and cordless type controllers, so check it out. If it is a cordless type, the range of movement is free, and the cord does not get in the way.

The functions and usability that can be controlled differ depending on the model. When purchasing VR goggles, make sure that you have a dedicated controller and, at the same time, check the functions.

Recommended VR Goggles | For PC

Mouse computer “SteamVR” GTC RBK1

VR goggles for PCs compatible with Windows 10. You can enjoy powerful images by downloading various videos and games from the video distribution site of the application “SteamVR” provided by the PC game sales site “Steam.”

The point is that the adjustable headband can reduce weight and tighten. The cable fixing band makes it hard to feel annoyed, so it is a recommended model for those who want to emphasize usability.

HTC “VR VIVE Cosmos Elite” 99HART006-00

VR goggles developed for PC gamers. With SteamVR Tracking and a compatible controller, movements such as “shaking the racket on the head” and “crossing the sword” are smooth. Use the included Base Station 1.0 for perfect tracking so you can walk around the room. Best SSD for gaming VR Headset For PC In addition to enjoying VIVE VR games in an area of ​​15 square meters, it’s a high-end model equipped with a 2880 x 1700px high-resolution display.

The ergonomically designed headset is easy to put on and take off and can use with glasses, so it recommends for those who want to emphasize the fit.

Pico Technology Japan “Pico G2 4K” A7510: VR Headset For PC

Stand-alone VR goggles allow you to enjoy a VR experience by itself easily. It is a model that creates a detailed and realistic VR space with a 4K (3840 x 2160px) high-resolution display. With the “HTC Viveport Store” pre-installed, you can enjoy many games and apps.

The lightweight body weighing only 276g with an ergonomic design is also attractive. It recommends for those looking for a model that does not get tired even after long-term use, such as having an excellent front-rear weight balance and an automatically adjusted headband.

Recommended VR goggles | For smartphones

Sanwa Supply MED-VRG3

VR goggles for smartphones compatible with both iPhone and Android. If you sandwich your smartphone, you can easily set it by simply connecting a 3.5mm 4-pole stereo mini-plug. VR Headset For PC You can easily experience VR by downloading the VR app. Sealed headphones that wrap around your ears further enhance your immersive feeling.

The focus adjustment function, which allows you to adjust the focal length according to the user, can be easily adjusted with a dial. It recommends for those who want to emphasize wearability, such as wearing it while wearing glasses and adjusting the headband.

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VR goggles with a wide opening that can worn while wearing glasses. A soft leather cushion use for the part that hits the face. VR Headset For PC With an adjuster that can adjust the fit, it can be firmly attached.

It is a model that recommends the VR content of DMM.com, and you can watch VR videos of various genres such as animation and entertainment. You can attach a smartphone from 4 to 6.5 inches.


Fuji and Cherry “T-PRO 3D” to-VR-0013: VR Headset For PC

VR goggles equip with a “dedicated PMMA optical lens” that allows you to enjoy clear stereoscopic images. In addition to adopting a high-quality 5-layer structure lens, it is a model that allows you to enjoy a more immersive VR experience, such as reproducing realistic sound with dedicated headphones.

Equipped with an “action button, it” allows you to touch the screen with your smartphone set, which is convenient because you can reduce the number of times you take it out during use. In addition, you can respond to incoming calls by pressing the volume dial. You recommend it for those who are looking for a model with excellent usability.

Sanwa Supply MED-VRG1

VR goggles can enjoy 3D video and VR video by attaching a smartphone to the front of the central unit. You can also use headphones or earphones while wearing this product.

Compatible with iPhone and Android with a screen size of 4.7 to 6 inches. You can adjust the interpupillary distance by turning the dial on the top of the central unit, Best gaming monitors and you can also use it while wearing glasses. In addition, VR Headset For PC the rubber band fits tightly to prevent slippage when you move your head.


VR goggles can adjust to the viewing environment that suits you by adjusting the focus and eye width. Adjustment is possible just by turning the dial. It recommended for those who want to enjoy clear VR images.

The smartphone is easy to set up by simply placing it and closing the lid. Wired connection of earphones and headphones is also possible. With an aspherical lens with a wide viewing angle, you can enjoy highly immersive VR images.


VR goggles allow you to enjoy realistic images by setting a smartphone with a screen size of 4.0 to 6.5 inches with a dedicated application installed.

It adopts an adjustable headband, a highly breathable leather-like face pad, and an aspherical optical lens designed exclusively for VR. Also, How to speed up computers when watching DMM VR video content on iPhone, you can play, pause, and adjust the volume with the included Bluetooth remote control.

A word from the person in charge

VR goggles are also available for smartphones, making it easier to enjoy 3D images. The functions have evolved from the beginning. And it is also attractive that the number of models with easy-to-purchase prices is increasing. The number of compatible games and apps is also substantial, and the ways to enjoy it are expanding. Please refer to the recommended model and find the most suitable one after considering the fit and function.

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