When was electricity discovered?

Man and electricity

Before we began experimenting with techniques to harness electricity, man discovered electricity by observing nature.

Not so much from lightning, as we might expect, as in ancient cultures, they were often associated with the power and wrath of divinity (think of Zeus and his powers), but from humbler and less destructive organisms.

Thanks to the progress of science, we now know that nature is based on chemical reactions that generate electrical responses. The very writing of this article is the result of an endless series of chemical reactions and electrical impulses in my brain (we could almost say that it is my ghostwriter).

But if we observe these phenomena, we have to wait for scientific evolution. In nature, some creatures exploit electricity in a more obvious way.

Eels, Catfish, and  Torpedoes

We are talking about fish capable of emitting electricity (eels, catfish, torpedoes, etc.), known worldwide for the stories circulating about the dangers that conceal the murky waters.

So when was electricity discovered? These stories are running as early as 2700 BC in Egypt: some unfortunate people tried on their skin the electric kiss of these animals that considered guardians of the Nile and other fish.

Of course, at the time, they could not have known that the power of these creatures was to release electrical discharges, and it took millennia of small steps forward to understand the nature of these animals fully.

The first use that made of it, as often happens, in the medicinal field: just as leeches used to practice bloodletting to patients (reduction of blood that believed, rightly or wrongly, to have benefits for certain diseases), thus the electric discharge of these animals (and the subsequent numbing effect) used in the treatment of some diseases.

All this to say that electricity is not a human construct, and what Benjamin Franklin did to harness this energy, produce it, and use it in daily life.

When was electricity discovered, and by whom?

Although the modern history of electricity originated in the eighteenth century. We find numerous other names who created the various steps necessary for Benjamin Franklin to proceed with his studies.

But we can’t take the credit off Benjamin: he sold his assets to finance research, and rumors of the famous kite experiment began to circulate.

Although the experiment, in itself, did not have the purpose of capturing lightning. As it often appears in the common imagination. It did demonstrate the passage of electrical energy in the form of sparks.

Benjamin Franklin credited many inventions, including bifocal glasses and the odometer. Therefore, a pioneer in the field of electricity and consider today the father of this discovery. Although many names preceded and followed him.

We find names like William Gilbert and Otto von Guericke and last names like Luigi Galvani in the past. (Who demonstrated how electricity allowed neural connections in the body). Alexander Graham Bell (of whom we have already spoken in the past ). Thomas Edison and many others.

It is, therefore, not easy to answer the question of when electricity discovers. Every technological discovery and every step forward in humanity must demonstrate to us. The importance of sharing one’s findings and allowing collective growth. This is why many criticize the copyright constraint that today would put a stop to these discoveries.

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