5 Symbol Emojis That Represent Different Religions

When the internet started to rise in the late 90s to early 2000s, people thought of ways to convey their messages with not only words. Combined keyboard symbols are used to make different reactions during a conversation. The colon and parenthesis form the smiley face. And the less than symbol and number three making the heart symbol. The internet is also a platform for creative innovation, so these emoticons have turned into more graphic icons called emojis for Different Religions.

Over the years, the icons on the emoji list are constantly growing because everyone loves using them. Every possible thing we see around is made into emoji, such as people, food, animals, road signs, and even symbols as simple as the arrow pointing down emoji. Some emojis represent different religions worldwide because it is a relevant and sacred manner that everyone needs to be aware of and respectful of. Continue reading this article to get to know five of the religious emojis. 

1. Get to Know the Catholic Religion With the Latin Cross Emoji

Catholicism is a well-known religion worldwide. The St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is the largest Catholic church in the world. And it serves as the religion’s headquarters. This religion dates back to the time of Jesus Christ, where his teachings brought values and lessons to the people. As the oldest and largest institution, its goal is to spread the word of God through Doctrines, Biblical interpretation, Holy Mass celebrations, and other Christian traditions.

One of the most popular events in Catholic history was when the Spaniards colonized some South American countries and the Philippines for many years. 

The Latin cross is one of the significant symbols of the Catholic religion and the easiest one to recognize. This cross symbolizes Jesus Christ’s suffering and how he saved the people from sin. Anyone can use the Latin Cross emoji, especially when visiting the Vatican city or other Catholic churches worldwide. It can also be a way of introducing this religion to others who are unfamiliar with it. 

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2. Immerse in the Jewish Culture Using the Star of David Emoji

The star of David is a significant symbol of the Jewish religion. The hexagram with two equilateral triangles serves as an identity to the Jews, where its people have gone through many killings and torturous events in history. Still, the Star of David became the symbol of acceptance, freedom, and honor to the fallen Jewish people. This symbol is more recognizable on the Israel flag because it is placed in the center. 

The Jewish religion is fascinating to immerse in because of the different beliefs and traditions, especially among family members. Using the star of David emoji to caption your photos is a good idea whenever you get to meet Jewish families or encourage people to get to know this religion more. 

3. Learn More About Asian Religions With the Om Symbol Emoji

If you get a chance to travel to Asia, you might encounter the Om symbol. This religious symbol is dominant in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, like India, China, and most Southeast Asian countries. The Om symbol is a sacred and spiritual symbol used in temples, shrines, and monasteries. For Hinduism, this symbol represents consciousness within reality. In other religions, it represents the spirits who guide the living to do good deeds and value life. It is also used in weddings and other religious ceremonies. 

These religions are some of the most respectable ones in the world, and everyone is encouraged to act with the utmost respect when immersed in these religions. Even using the Om symbol emoji should be thought through, or else you will anger a lot of Hindus and Buddhists. You can use this emoji on your travels to the sacred places in Asia to introduce to everyone these religions.  

4. Get to Know the Branches of Christianity With the Orthodox Cross Symbol Emoji

The Russian Orthodox Cross, popularly known as the orthodox cross, is a symbol of a branch of Christianity. During the 16th century in Russia, this religion became popular. The only difference with the Christian cross is the extra slanted line underneath the cross. Byzantine traditions, arts, and crafts used this cross as well. It then went on to become a military symbol in the 19th century. 

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Russia is an underrated country, which is the perfect opportunity for adventurers to explore its culture and different religions. You can use the Orthodox cross emoji to introduce this religion to the world and let everyone know that Christianity is continuously expanding in other parts of the world. 

5. Learn How to Respect Islam With the Star and Crescent Symbol Emoji

The Islamic religion is another popular religion, but it is way different from Christianity. This second-largest religion in the world believes in God Allah and Muhammad as the messenger. The people under this religion are called Muslims, and they do a lot of prayer sessions throughout the day. This religion believes that Allah is understanding, powerful, and healing, proven by Islamic prophets and scriptures. If the Christians consider the bible as their religion’s book, then the Muslims’ holy book is the Quran

The Islamic culture has a lot of strict rules to be followed by everyone, and non-believers should follow them as well. It is a sign of respect to the Muslims and promotes unity. The star and crescent symbol is on top of every mosque and religious temple, and it is a significant Islam symbol. The star and crescent emoji should be thought through, especially when tackling Muslims and their traditions. 


It is interesting how a lot of places have different beliefs and traditions. How nice will it be to have the opportunity to explore each of them during a travel pilgrimage? All of these religions have the right to be respected by everyone because it is one way to promote unity. Having the religious symbols on the emoji list is a great start to having an idea about each religion. So make sure to browse through the symbol emojis in your free time, or you may visit EmojiGuide.com for more information!

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