5 Ways to Avoid Arrest


Avoiding arrest sounds like it should be pretty easy to do. When you go about your daily life and regular tasks, there probably isn’t any reason Johnny Law will come knocking on your door. Let’s see about the 5 ways to avoid arrest.

But in actuality, getting arrested may be more common than you realize! And just because someone gets arrested doesn’t make them a criminal, let’s get that stereotype out of the way right now.

What makes arrests so common is the fact that most people do not know every single governing law. Laws vary by locale, so there are no set standards people should know and live their lives to accordingly.

However, if you know a few tips, it will be much easier for you to avoid arrest, no matter where you live or your lifestyle.

1. If You Party, Do So at Home

Everyone likes to cut loose and party from time to time. It’s a fun way to push some of your nagging responsibilities from your mind, spend time with loved ones, and mix and mingle.

But if you’re likely to party a little too hearty, do yourself a favor and party at home! Why? Have you ever seen those “dumbest criminals” shows, gifs, memes, and news stories? 

Nine times out of ten, those are people who decided to go out, party, and make some terrible choices along the way. 

It’s okay to party but stay within the confines of your home when doing so. It will significantly reduce the odds of you rustling up trouble and finding yourself behind bars.   

2. Never Drink and Drive

This is a total non-negotiable.

If you drink, do not drive. Like, ever.

The cops will absolutely pull you over if you do since, let’s face it, alcohol does not make anyone a better driver. 

They will then ask you to perform field sobriety tests, which no sober person can pass, and likely administer a breathalyzer test to determine the amount of alcohol in your system. 

The penalties for drunk driving vary by state, but they usually amount to massive fines and perhaps prison time.

3. Know Your State’s Cannabis Laws

Recreational cannabis use is more common than ever. And like with drinking alcohol, people who ingest cannabis tend to do so as a means to relax and have fun.

But recreational cannabis use is still illegal in most states, so you do not want to be caught smoking, vaping, or eating edibles in a public place. For example, medical marijuana isn’t legal in Texas yet.

If your state does allow medical marijuana, try to get a medical marijuana card and keep it on you at all times. If you get pulled over and your car smells like marijuana, this card will keep you from being arrested.

4. Know the Open Carry Laws in Your State

If you are a handgun enthusiast, be sure you stay aware of your state’s open-carry laws. 

For example, Washington, D.C. and five states prohibit anyone from carrying a firearm in public. Other states require its gun-toting residents to hold permits or licenses in order to have a gun on their person in public.

Carrying a firearm illegally leads to arrest and hefty penalties. But you can avoid this by knowing your state’s open carry laws and following them to the letter.

5. Keep Up With Your Legal Woes

If you’re someone with warrants, attend your court dates and pay your fines.

That is the only way to avoid arrest, paying larger fines, and spending time in prison.

We’ve all seen those reality shows that follow police officers as they go about their duties. And there are always those individuals they track down and arrest because they have an arrest or outstanding warrants.

You can avoid this type of severe legal issue by attending all your court dates and paying whatever fines you owe. 

Better yet, stay out of trouble, avoid arrest in the first place, and live a life free of pricy and dicy illegality! 


Sure, there are a lot of laws out there. And depending on your situation and your lifestyle choices, it may be challenging not to break them.

But by staying on top of your state’s specific laws and your personal legal record, you can avoid arrest. Be smart, and stay safe.

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