How to Get Back your Android Lost Phone

It can occur in a matter of seconds. You put your Android phone down on a counter at the checkout stand or feel a slight knock as you get off the metro, just to later understand your phone is absent. Presently your phone has become Android lost phone in a second. Notwithstanding how you lose it, be it burglary or a basic error, losing your phone is a distressing encounter. Losing your phone slices off your admittance to the remainder of the world; it is likely the closest to the home gadget you own. 

On occasion your phone disappears, don’t freeze. There are instruments incorporated into each Android phone that make it conceivable to secure and follow a lost phone easily. In any case, first, you’ll have to make a few strides currently to set yourself up for progress if and when your phone disappears – regardless of whether you just went out. If you lost your Android advanced cell and didn’t have the following application introduced on it, you may, in any case, have the option to discover it. 

In the wake of dealing with ‘Where is my phone’ for a very long time, I have learned numerous methods that you may utilize to follow a gadget regardless of whether you didn’t have any following application whatsoever. 

Find My Device App

You may remote lock and track your android lost phone using this incredible app. Utilizing Android’s heated in assistance expects you to recall a certain something: That site is the place where you’ll go on the disastrous occasion that you lose your phone. Make a point to sign in to a similar Google account that is connected to your Android phone. 

Not close to a PC? You can utilize another Android gadget and the Find My Device application, which you’ll need to download independently from the Play store. Following you sign in to the site or application, Google will endeavour to find your phone. 

There would be an alarm in your phone to tell whoever has it that it’s being followed. Utilize the menu on the Find My Device site’s left-hand side to play a sound (supportive if you lost it in your home), lock down your gadget or eradicate the gadget by and large. 

Choosing Secure Device will bolt the phone, show a message based on your personal preference on the lock screen and sign out of your Google account. Try not to stress; you can, in any case, find the phone after it’s bolted. If you use Google Pay for versatile instalments, bolting your phone will keep anybody from utilizing your phone to make a buy. If you utilize the Erase Device, you don’t have the option to follow the phone. Hold this component if all else fails. 

What happens if this app finds your phone?

Google will send you an email once it finds your gadget. When you discover your phone, you’ll need to enter your PIN or password to obtain entrance. That ought to likewise dispose of the lock screen message. You may likewise need to sign in to your Google account, just to verify it truly is you getting to the phone – you don’t have to turn anything off in the Find My Device application. 

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Android Device Manager 

It is the best option at first. Google’s Android Device Manager comes pre-introduced on all Android 2.2 and fresher gadgets. So except if your gadget is truly old, you’ll be all set. It’s not as amazing as ‘Where’s My Droid is,’ but rather it can get the area using one of the most popular methods, which is GPS and cell. It has a wipe and lock capacity, yet that requires additional arrangement on the gadget. If you didn’t do that, then those highlights won’t be accessible to you. 

You may use this method for an older version Phone.

Presently I realize I said you expected to have some sort of application previously introduced; however, if you have a more seasoned phone running Android 2.0 – 2.3.4, you can, in any case, distantly introduce an application for following. In Android 3.0, Google changed how distant introduces work. 

At the point when you push an application to your phone from your PC, the application can’t run until it’s opened on the gadget at any rate once. This is a safety effort to forestall malware from being pushed to a gadget. Old gadgets don’t have this, so they can run when the far off introduce finishes. 

To introduce Plan B go to the Google Play store on your PC and quest for Plan B. Snap on the install fasten and follow the cycle. For the installation to finish, the gadget should be on and have information. If not, the installation will be pending until it does. There won’t be any approach to realize that your phone has installed the app from the Google Play site. 

It will quickly show it as introduced; however, that doesn’t mean it’s finished. When the application introduces, it ought to send you a couple of messages with area information. If you have another way to locate your phone, they must inform us.

Location history of your Phone

The next most ideal alternative to get your android lost phone back is to track your phone’s google location history. I know dreadful, right, yet for this situation, you could very well express gratitude toward them—login to the Maps area history page with the Google record of the gadget you’re attempting to discover. 

You’ll see a guide with timetable controls at the top. Snap the “Today” catch to see the latest area information. You should now see all the different spots your phone has been. This can be extraordinary if the gadget is off or didn’t have an information association when you attempted to find it with the Android Device Manager. 

What things may you prepare before you lose your android phone?

We know losing your phone can be the hardest thing for this generation, so here we will suggest some amazing techniques that will prove very useful after losing your phone. You can make a couple of strides presently which you should prepare before you may lose your phone. 

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Set a Hard patter lock to Crack or a Biometric lock

Help yourself out and turn on password and finger impression validation. Help yourself out and don’t utilize facial acknowledgement on your Android gadget. On most Android gadgets, the innovation utilized for facial acknowledgement can be effectively deceived with something as basic as a photograph of your face. Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are the special cases here, as they utilize a more dependable framework like Apple’s Face ID. 

Then, make your password and set up unique mark validation in the Settings application under the Security area. I understand examining a finger impression or entering a PIN code each time you need to utilize your phone can be awkward. However, the possibility of somebody approaching your photographs, banking applications, email, and the remainder of your own data is tremendously alarming. 

An additional progression to open your phone merits the exertion when you think about the expected effect of uncovering your own data to an outsider. 

Google’s Find My Device 

Whenever you sign in to an Android gadget with a Google account, Find My Device is consequently turned on. Google’s free to Find My Device administration is the thing that you’ll utilize to get your android lost phone back.

Check to ensure whether you have installed and enabled Find My Device on your Android phone by opening the Settings application and going to Security and Location > Find My Device. Then again, if your gadget doesn’t have a Security and Location choice, go to Google > Security > Find My Device. Discover My Device ought to be turned on. If not, slide the change to the On position. 

At last, twofold watch that the capacity to make sure about and distantly delete the gadget is turned on by going to on your PC, choose your phone and click Set Up Secure and Erase. A push ready will be shipped off your phone – tap it to complete the arrangement cycle. 

Are police able to find lost Android phone? 

Finding your lost Android phone with its exceptional IMEI number isn’t actually conceivable. Now and again, the police can cooperate with a phone’s supplier to find it utilizing its IMEI number. Yet, don’t figure you can simply stroll into a police headquarters and anticipate that they should do that. 

How does AndroidLost work? 

A rundown of incoming and active calls will be shipped off you. AndroidLost can take pictures with the forward-looking camera if the phone is taken. Just for android 2.3. AndroidLost additionally chips away at tablets. The call capacities will clearly fizzle if the tablet has no phone introduced. You can cause your phone to stand up a burden.


When you do get your android lost phone back, or if you, unfortunately, need to get another phone, you ought to ensure it by downloading and setting up this application, which I have mentioned above. You can get the application from Google Play. This is very necessary to have these applications so that the next time if you lose your phone, unfortunately, then these apps would be beneficial.

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