Dell’s Best G Series Gaming Laptop

Dell’s Best G Series Gaming Laptop

Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop is the best in the G series of Dell’s Gaming laptops. It is one of the world’s most giant notebook, computers, and hardware manufacturers. The company has also started making the accessories of its products. Dell was famous because of its computers, but now it has gained more popularity from its unique laptops. Dell is making laptops for all kinds of people. It is making cheap laptops, gaming laptops, notebooks, and student laptops. It is famous for its right quality products at an average price tag. The gaming community is spreading widely for the past few years, and Dell started making its Gaming laptops. The gaming laptops of Dell very smooth, its price is compared with specifications. This company gives a unique gaming look to their gaming laptops by using different styles and color schemes.  

Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop 

Dell is making a lot of laptops, and one category of Dell laptops is Gaming Laptops. The G series of Dell’s gaming laptops is the most famous. Recently Dell G5 15 Gaming laptop has been released, and its specifications are fantastic. It has a very gaming-style look given to it. It’s heavy, it’s enormous, and it’s a performance beast when it comes to gaming. Dell G series was always doing a great job in gaming performance, and the G5 15 is a new gaming beast. Dell has installed an excellent set of hardware installed in this Laptop. This laptop can smoothly run any heavy game in high settings. You can enjoy playing your favorite games anywhere because you can carry the computer in a bag. Dell made many other G series laptops, but the latest specifications go for Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop. 

Why should you buy a Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop?

Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop is best for those who want a branded laptop with the best specifications at a lower price. To get the best gaming experience on a computer that is smaller than a regular computer. Enjoy playing games in Full HD on this laptop. You can also use an external display to make a three-display gaming setup. This laptop is compact enough to put in a bag and take it anywhere easily. It can run all the games quickly, and it can also run all the other heavy software. You can do your 4k editing on this laptop. This Laptop is easy on the budget and best on Performance. You can also use it as your regular daily use laptop. 

Extra Details Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop

You can also upgrade your Laptop ram and storage after some time if you want. It has a cool-looking interface, and it will give a premium feel to your table. Buy other external gaming accessories to make your gaming experience much more exciting. The Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop has a set of compelling specifications. To make your gaming experience better, you should buy a gaming keyboard, mouse, and headphones. You can easily use two extra external monitors to make your setup more useful and cool-looking. This laptop is going to cost around 1600 Dollars if you go for max specifications. 

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Specifications of Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop

 Operating System / Software 

In Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop, you will get a pre-installed Windows 10 Home on your Laptop. The Home version of the Windows 10 is best for Gaming. The Windows 10 Home installed is going to have a 64-bit architecture for maximum performance. You will be able to run all kinds of software and heavy games on this Operating System. 

 Processor / CPU 

The processor is also called CPU, and CPU stands for Core Processing Unit. For the best performance in Gaming, you need a powerful processing unit. In Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop, you will get a Core i7 10th Generation Processor. This is one of the most potent Hexa Core Processors. It means that it has a total of Six Core Processing Units. It is a 64-bits processor with a capacity of 12 Threads. The model used is i7-10750H. It has a 2.6 GHz Processing speed that can Max Turbo up to 5.0 GHz processing speed. In simple words, this is the most potent processor installed in a Laptop that can smoothly run all the bulky games. This Chip is made by Intel, and its L3 cache 12MB.

Memory / RAM

Memory and RAM are the same things. RAM means Random Access Memory, and to run heavy games, more RAM is required. To run most of the Heavy games, 8 GB of RAM is required. The Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop gives you a total of 16 Gb RAM. With that much RAM, you can run every single game on this Laptop at a reasonable speed and settings. Total 2 RAM slots are available, and you can upgrade to 32 Gb RAM if you want to. But 16 Gb RAM can run every single Game and software on this Planet, The installed RAM type is DDR-4, and it can go up to 2933MHz of speed. 


In Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop, a compelling display is installed. The Display installed has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. This display has incredible features. It has a WVA Anti Glare screen. The display backlit technology used is LED. This Display can go up to 300Hz speed of the Refresh Rate. It’s a non-touch Display with LED, and it will give you the best Gaming Experience in full max out settings. 

GPU / Graphics Card 

GPU is known as Graphics Processing Unit. To run the heavy and bulky games, a potent GPU is required. Many companies make Graphics Cards, and Nvidia makes the best ones. More graphics memory and a powerful GPU are necessary to run the heavy games. In Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop, a mighty Graphics Card from Nvidia is installed. The name of the Graphics Card installed is NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 with Max-Q design. This is one of the most powerful graphics cards made by Nvidia. The GDDR6 technology is used in this Graphics card. The total Graphics memory in this card is 8 GB. This GPU is potent, and it can run every game and software on this planet on its max settings. 

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Storage Capacity

To store massive games and software, a lot of storage capacity is required. Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop gives you many storage combinations that you can install according to your requirement. If you go for single storage, then you will get four choices. You have an option to install 128GB or 256GB or 512Gb or 1 TB of M.2 high-speed SSD. In Dual storage, you can install another 1 TB of Hard Drive. You can get the storage capacity of your choice. Still, there is always an option to upgrade the storage and RAM. M.2 SSD is swift, and it can reduce the loading times a lot. The loadings will be significantly speedier because of a very high read and write speed. 


Everyone requires internet access nowadays. The gamers need a network, too, for the online multiplayer games. In Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop, you will get 2 x 2 Gigabit Ethernet with Killer Ethernet E2500V2. You will also have a wireless network connection. The wireless technology used is 802.11ac. If you want average internet speed and ping, then you can use the wireless network. To reduce the ping and to get higher internet speed, you can use the ethernet. You will also get Bluetooth version 5.0. This version of Bluetooth is very fast from the previous versions. 

 Keyboard and Touchpad Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop 

An RGB keyboard used in Dell G5 15 GAming Laptop. The keyboard makes a very incredible clicky sound. This Gaming keyboard is very smooth and easy to use. The keyboard also has lightning effects in it. Overall the whole laptop has a very Gaming and premium look. There is a right armrest on the computer. The touchpad installed on this laptop is very smooth to use. The bottom of this touchpad has a clicky feature. Overall both the keyboard and touchpad are unique and smooth. Use an external gaming mouse for the best experience. The touchpad can perform all types of Gestures in Windows 10.


The Audio quality is fantastic on this laptop and the best you can get at that price. 2 speakers installed on this laptop. The speakers are loud, and they also have a nice bass. You will get a very satisfying experience of audio while gaming and listening to songs.  Best Ram For Gaming

Output and Input Ports 

Moreover, On Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop, you will get a 1HDMI port on the laptop’s side. A total number of 2 superspeed USB 2.0 are also available. 1 Superspeed USB 3.2 Gen 1 given. A Headphone and Mic jack gave on the laptop. You will get a Thunderbolt 3 Port for Display and other uses. This Thunderbolt port can deliver up to 40 Gbps speed. 1 MiniDp and 1 Killer Ethernet port are also given. 


1 Standard SD card Slot and 1 Wedge lock slot given in this gaming Laptop. 


The battery used is 68 WHr 4-cell lithium-ion batteries.


A Hd Resolution camera installs on this Laptop. This camera gives better results under the right lighting conditions. 

This is best for those who want a powerful branded Laptop at a reasonable price tag. If you’re going to get a more powerful laptop, then you might check out the latest Alienware Laptop of Dell. 

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