Here Is How To Keep Your Body Fit With Fitbod App

Have you ever tried to perform workouts while traveling? If yes, you might have noticed something. Yes! It is complicated than it looks. Of course, working out is easy, but having a direction to make efforts is challenging. Do you wish any app that helps training your body efficiently? It doesn’t matter that what kind of equipment and your location. Do you know that this Fitbod app lets you prepare a custom training workout plan that is specifically designed and personalized to achieve your unique goals? We will share Fitbod Reviews and Fitbod FAQs that its users have discussed.

What Is Fitbod App?

You might have always found it challenging to prepare an efficient fitness plan. It is the main reason why the people training their bodies want to be under the guidance of a personal trainer. And they spend lots of money on their fitness goals. However, the Fitbod app has changed this scenario dramatically. The reason is that only a few clicks are essential to set up your app and have the created custom workouts for everyday routine. 

Special About Fitbod Reviews:

Fitbod app will track all your previous performances and accounts for your personal goals and performance. It also asks if you have any fitness equipment available, and you will learn specific exercises with that equipment. Hence, it makes your workout productive. The app is flexible and better for those who want to stay fit. This app lets you train your body whenever you want, and you can perform your workout according to the circumstances. That’s why the upcoming sections include the overall Fitbod Reviews given by its users.

Quality Of Workout:

The app comes with the best quality features and services. All you have to do is follow these simple steps, and you are ready to go with it. 

  1. Download and install Fitbod app.
  2. Start setting your arbitrary goals to lose weight and fat to build muscles.
  3. You can receive one cookie-cutter workout program.

How Does Fitbod App Help?

We already discussed that this app is best and helpful for those who have set their fitness goals, and that’s why it considers numbers factors and points while planning your workout. There is a wide range of training styles that lets you choose your desired exercises, and you don’t have to worry about the type of training.

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What Makes This App Best?

The app comes with an AI-powered training algorithm that understands the ability of users, past workout performances, and the equipment that you have to create your personalized plan. You can go and edit the workouts that you received to add and remove from the exercises. Fitbod app tracks several things and provides better workout methods that you do to train your body.

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Facts About Fitbod App:

This app uses a powerful artificial intelligence system, and it focuses on personalized fitness goals and trains your body like a pro. It records your past performance and lets you know what you did in the past.

What Do People Say About Fitbod App?

  • The overall Fitbod Reviews on Google and Apple is positive in both the application Stores. The average rating this app has got is 4.8/5 stars on App Store. More than 111K users have given the rating on the App Store. Its ratings received by Android users are 4.4/5 stars from more than 1280 reviews. The reason is that the developer had released the Android version later in 2020, so it is behind iOS users.
  • People liked its designed layouts because the user interface is too easy to use and understand. The app had inbuilt workouts that specifically focus on your fitness goals and make you stronger.
  • Fitbod app adjusts your 1RM, standing for one repetition Max. There is no need to worry about the injuries because these workouts have no risks of injuries and over-exertion.

How To Start With This App:

People who have given Fitbod Reviews after using this app tell you how to start using this app. It is too easy to start using this app. Download the Fitbod app from the application Store and perform some customization after the installation. Thus, you are ready to use your gym anywhere you want. Here is what you should know.

  • Let your app know which of the fitness equipment you have accessed.
  • Choose one or more fitness goals and customize the app.
  • You can write down the duration of workouts you want to perform.
  • You can let your app about your fitness experiences according to the categories it shows. 
  • You can choose the spits that can pick a spit you want to follow.

List Of Exercises:

Once you customize your app, you can exclude some exercises from the list of workouts. Let me explain from the example. Are your shoulders aggravated because of the given movements? If yes, you can let the app know about it. Once you do it, the app will not recommend you to do that exercise again.

You can also choose the option of a bodyweight workout if you don’t have any equipment. Let me explain this from the example. If you are outside of your home and there is no room to perform your desired exercises, you can find it a great way to pimp up a bad hotel gym.

What Does It Cost To Have Fitbod App?

People want to know if this app has its free version or not. However, there is no free version available on any platform that you can use, but it lets you use its trial version. It gives you the first three workouts free of cost as soon as you signup and creates your account. Once you upgrade to its paid version, it lets you access all unlimited custom workouts. You will get discounted price of dollars 44.99 after saving 25%.

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If you wish to use its monthly plan, it costs you 9.99$. However, you can use a yearly plan by using $59.99.

Does It Have Any Promo Code?

While discussing Fitbod Reviews, it is essential to let you know if there is any Fitbod Promo Code you can avail of or not. We all know that promo codes give us additional discounts. Some partners of the Fitbod app let you receive 25$ off from the next yearly or monthly subscription. You can find those partners on the internet and start availing your discounts. Hence, the overall cost per year is 59.99 dollars, but when you take The Discount Of 25$, you only have to pay 44.99 dollars per year subscription.

My Thoughts About Fitbod App:

The app is fantastic, has an attractive user interface and beautifully designed layouts, and is easy to understand and use. One of the best things about the app that makes the app best is its Ability To Allow Users to customize the app. I believe that Fitbod App is the most impeccable choice in the journey of workouts, training styles, and exercises. When I compared this app with other apps, I found that this app has a powerful and incredible algorithm, and it doesn’t provide workout solutions that don’t give desired results. It will first analyze the data and your input before it suggests you the best solution. It also checks and analyzes previous performances and improves its suggestions. If you want to know more about this app, follow the upcoming FAQs.

Fitbod App FAQs And Answers:

Does its user need specific equipment for a workout?

No, he does not need that. Fitbod apps say the gym equipment is optional and gives you a proper plan for bodyweight exercises. But if you have any equipment, you can let this app know about it, and it will suggest some workouts accordingly. Equipment like dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cable machines, or weight is appropriate for this app.

Who Can Use Fitbod App?

It is for everyone who tries to improve fitness and wants to be a fitness enthusiast under the guidance. If you are a beginner, you can still use this app for weightlifting and home workouts if you have limited equipment.

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Can I Call Fitbod App The Ultimate Weightlifting App?

Why can’t you call it an ultimate weightlifting app? Some people can call it that, but some people don’t like this app. It doesn’t matter, but what matters is that this app is overall straightforward to use because the algorithm it has makes it one standing apart from other apps. It creates custom workouts for individuals. If you think you have to struggle a lot while focusing on excellent routine and exercises, you need to install Fitbod App after going through these Fitbod Reviews.

Final Thoughts:

Did you like our hone Fitbod Reviews? In this honest review article, we have tried our best to cover all the essential information about Fitbod App, and we also discussed above the reviews given by people. We also discussed its ratings and reviews on Play Store and App Store. We have also given our personal opinion about this app.

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