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A PDF with unnecessary pages can annoy you. It doubles the difficulty of searching for specific information. Besides that, documents with more pages consume more device’s memory. Since it has a large file size, you know that there is a big possibility that you can’t send it through email. You might resort to manually deleting the pages by printing the document and scanning only the relevant pages. You are well aware that it is time-consuming, right? It is difficult to accomplish tasks in a remote everything world if you are not using technological developments. For instance, you might want to use an online tool to address the problem mentioned above. One-click on Google and you’ll find many options to choose from. If you wish to use the leading online tool to delete PDF pages, then choose GogoPDF. It exists to let you do things with grace and poise. 

Delete PDF pages in just 4 steps using GogoPDF 

Many people find it difficult to manipulate digital documents. It is primarily because they are unfamiliar with the available tools online. If you are one of them, it is high time for you to get to know GogoPDF. It is a website that focuses on providing solutions to problems caused by handling digital documents. It contains a tool that can delete pages from PDF. Using the website, you’ll have the new version of the file in just a few minutes. It is contrary to popular belief that deleting pages can take a few hours.

To access the website, you only need to secure yourself with a working device and a stable internet connection. Use any browser on your device and search for the web page of GogoPDF. Once done, many tools will appear on your screen. Locate and click the delete PDF pages option. The page removal tool will appear. The website provides detailed instructions on how to delete unused and irrelevant pages of a document successfully. Check out the four easy steps below!

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Step 1. Upload the document on the website

The website can’t delete the pages without you uploading the document on its server. You only have to click the get it from your device’s buttons by dragging and dropping the file on the toolbox. Sometimes, you might not place the document in your local storage. Don’t fret because the website gives you an option to get it from Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Step 2. Select the unnecessary pages of the document

All the pages of your document will appear on the screen. Delete the unnecessary pages by clicking the trash bin symbol below each page. Make sure that you click only the pages you intend to erase because there is no undo button on the website. Once deleted, you will no longer bring it back unless you upload the file again.

Step 3. Click the Apply changes button

Click the Apply changes button after ensuring that all remaining pages are those that you need. The page removal tool will then process the document. You only have to wait for a few minutes before the new version of the file becomes available. 

Step 4. Download the edited PDF

The edited file will appear on your screen. Before downloading it, you might still want to manipulate the document. If you want to split, compress, and merge the document, you can freely do so. You may download it if you don’t see the need to edit it further. You can save it on your device, google drive, or Dropbox. 

Key features of GogoPDF

Offers multiple tools

The website is not only capable of deleting PDF pages. It has over 20 tools that you can enjoy for free. For instance, you can use it to recover corrupted files through its repair PDF tool. In case you need to change the file format of your document, use its convert to and from the PDF tool. It can also encrypt your document through its Protect PDF option. It surely has all the things you might look for to manage your documents efficiently.

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Implements a customer data privacy policy

You probably heard of a lot of stories of victims of stolen identity. It often happens because someone successfully hacked their accounts and files. Knowing this, it is completely understandable to doubt the security of different online tools. With GogoPDF, it can save you from becoming a victim of such terrible stories. The website values the safety of your uploaded documents. It commits itself to ensure a safe space for its users. As a form of assurance, it implemented a customer data privacy policy. It states that it will delete all files uploaded on its server after an hour.

No file size limit

Regardless of the file size, you can upload the document on the website whether it has a few pages or more than a hundred. Most online tools do not have this kind of feature. You only need to upload the file on the website. Let the page removal tool do its work.

Performs its functions using a Cloud system

The cloud system makes it possible for the website to work without the need to install any software and application. You only need a stable internet connection, a device, and a working browser. The best thing about the use of the cloud system is that it does not take up any of your device’s storage. If your gadget’s memory prohibits you from downloading documents, you may opt to place them in Cloud storage. 

In a Nutshell

There are many online tools that you can use. However, not all of them exhibit the same level of convenience, quality, and speed. Now that you know the features of GogoPDF, you can now see its potential and the limitless possibilities it can offer. So what are you waiting for? Access its website now and delete the unnecessary pages of your document! Let GogoPDF help you out with your document needs. Give it a go!


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