Connect And Chat On HelloTalk App With Native Speakers On Android & iOS

Have you tried to learn new languages ever? You may have wondered how to make your learning of new languages fun and interesting. For any new learner of languages, it becomes uninterested when they can not practice their New Languages. HelloTalk App is a tool that gives you such an exciting tool to make your learning fun, engaging, and interactive. You can also come to know about people who are around you. This article is all about the overview of this app, its features, and how you can use it. You will understand everything about this talking app through this review article.

What Is HelloTalk App?

Do you live in an isolated area? You may have thought if you can find and connect local or native speakers to talk. Most people want someone to practice with them, but they don’t think it’s better and knowledge-giving. Therefore, there is the best solution for people. This little solution is HelloTalk App

Lots of people have found this app as a cool tool to learn new languages. It is its one purpose. It allows you to connect with your native speakers directly. It has a very cool user interface to send text and speak with them. All you can start with your smartphone. 

Why Should You Use HelloTalk App?

Before we proceed with the upcoming sections, I want you to understand why one should use this app. By doing so, you will find if this is app best suits you or not.

As compared to HelloTalk, there are various websites to allow you to search for speakers and local people. You can connect and chat with them. But the thing is that you have to use Skype, Google Plus, or telephone connecting them and start the conversation. However, you don’t have to go through this lengthy process. This app will act as an interface that directly gets you connected with native speakers. So, you can start the conversation with your conversation partners to chat and learn. People can send text messages and voice messages and make phone calls. 

In short, there is no need to find any websites or third-party software to connect and chat with people. Isn’t that so exciting? Yes, and to guide you regarding it, I have come up with the following features and information regarding this talking app. The essential thing is that this app is available for FREE.

Overview Of This Talking App:

This app allows you to connect with native speakers to practice languages together. It became an essential feature for most of its users. You can access this app from both Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. As soon as you download and install this app, you can immediately start searching for native speakers. However, I recommend you to wait for some time. If your profile has information about you that you speak English very well (for example), you will receive many requests from people interested in practising English (within 24 hours). Some of them are genuinely interested in an exchange. They also feel happy to help you.

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How Wisely Can You Take Maximum Benefits?

There are some interesting facts about HelloTalk App. You can learn a few things from people’s experience and do well. So, here are tips on your table to help you.

Using HelloTalk App depends on what kind of person you find. Most people have no interest in wasting their precious time (you may be one of them). No one feels it good to be despondent and frustrated while learning languages.

The first essential thing is to figure out who is the legitimate user and willing to help you. You also have to understand who doesn’t have any interest in helping you.

Try some experiments. It will help connect with legit users.

Important Features Of HelloTalk Application:

This talking app has grown and has exploded in its community. It has crossed almost 100 plus languages. Therefore, developers have a chance to say that they are willing to add more specific and special-features in the future. Along with that, they can improve the interface. However, the app comes with the following features.

  • This app includes features like voice call, text chat, camera share, and doodle share.
  • It also has a language learning specific features, like translation, transliteration, and Voice-Recognition. It will help you to write and to speak your target language. 
  • It also has featured smiley and other features that you might never expect from a very-nice chat tool.
  • It gives notifications of new messages, GPS location sharing, and you can change text size SETTINGS.
  • You can mark some exchanges to study them later, like texts, voices, and images. You can also save the whole chat to read and learn later.
  • You can use audio to text function and post audio comments or audio posts.
  • You can navigate and choose the exact or correct language if you want to see updates about that particular language.
  • You can use it to share moments posts socially outside the application, as the website pages.

Reviews Given By Users For HelloTalk App:

To make this guide tutorial informative and practical (in understanding the top-most-important things about this talking app), I came up with honest reviews.

This App Is For Language Learning:

Talking about HelloTalk App means to talk about language learning because for chatting and connecting people, there are many apps. If you are struggling with reading and writing a new language like Japanese or Chinese, you will love this app if you choose to learn it.

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Keep Conversation Going:

Most people find it very difficult to keep the conversation going. But it is not mandatory to know any language 100% correctly, completely, fluently, and thoroughly with no mistakes. As the conversation begins, you might feel confused because you want to say many things, but you may have no ideas on how to say it. But, this talking app gives features that solve your problems. So, never feel like you can not keep the conversation going on. To keep your conversation, you can use a translation function to translate instantly, a Speak Button to understand something that you can not read and many more features.

Make Language Exchange Beneficial:

If you think other people only try to improve English all the time (even if in a face-to-face meeting), you can use it to build rapport with speakers. You can use a feature to correct whatever the other person says.

Phone Calls Within App Is FREE!

Isn’t that better? Whenever you want to chat in real-time with the language speakers, you can make a free phone call to your language partner. It becomes a free-spoken language class for both you and the other person.

Moments (New Feature):

Recently, users have seen one exciting feature, MOMENTS. It is a brand new update from developers. This feature converts HelloTalk App into a social media powerhouse for language learning. It means chatting us not limited to learning languages. It allows you to search for public updates made by people in different languages.

Paid Features:

If you want to use translation options within the app, you have to pay for it. It motivates developers to keep the rest of all features of this app free for users. However, you can also get these tools a no cost. Here is how.

Signup For Free Tools:

You have to sign up for this app, and you will see that one of your friends is a HelloTalk team. You have to message them by typing FI3M. It allows you to get a free membership for three months. It includes premium features.

You Can Speak Without Embracement:

You can use the voice recognition system of the HelloTalk App to speak whatever you want. It understands you automatically and converts to text. So, you can practice without worrying or embarrassing that someone hears you.

Native Language Partners From Your City:

To interact with people speaking your native language is a great-idea by taking a break from online lessons. It allows you to search locally and specifically. By doing this, you can invite them for coffee. It has a large user base and lets you find native speakers easily.

This App’s Special Feature Of Language Learning:

Like I have already discussed that it is not the usual chatting app. It has lots of features helping to learn languages. As you sign up for the premium version of this app, you can access all the exciting features of this app.

Warm Feedbacks:

Most users have found this app buggy. You may see issues, like poor English in the interface, grammar mistakes like ADVANCE instead of ADVANCED, stability issues, crashes at undesirable times, and some other problems.

Final Thoughts:

Have you decided to learn some languages with fun by using HelloTalk App? Do not forget to share your reviews with us to let us know your opinions. By wrapping up the above-discussed information, I am sure you got to the point information to understand everything about this talking app.

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