How much does an extension cost?

How much does an extension cost? Adding attachments to your home may be an excellent way to increase space and value, but please carefully consider the cost and future return on investment (ROI) before investing.

If you sell, can your money be refunded?

The result is to get the space you need at a reasonable price, or is it wiser to sell your house for cash and move into a house that better suits your needs?

The main question to ask yourself before incurring this colossal cost is: What is the price of expansion, and is it worth it?

How Much Does a House Extension Cost?

Guessing the cost of an extension without admittance to the building plan is always a rough guide. As many variables affect your payment:

  • What size and shape of your extension will be?
  • What kind of material you chose
  • Is there any infrequent or premium design features
  • Your choice of roof type
  • The amount of glazing required
  • Labor costs
  • Your house location
  • Access to Site
  • The standard of build selected
  • Last but not least, roof lights and underfloor heating.

And many more factors too numerous to list. However, we have studied the actual numbers of various standard extension constructs to give you an idea of the cost of such projects.

How Much Does a Single-Story Extension Cost?

This single-story extension includes adding space to your kitchen or creating an open-plan living area on the first floor that would be ideal.

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According to data recently released by Homebuilding and Refurbishing, a simple box expansion usually costs between £1,000 and £2,000. However, this number will vary depending on where you live.

These costs can increase significantly when you choose very high-quality components or add unusual or non-standard design elements.

Some single-story extensions do not require a building permit. In most cases, extensions to the rear of the house are no more than three to four meters. And single-family homes may not require a license.

Unless you live in a wildlife sanctuary, you may be allowed to use an extension of 6 to 8 meters. But for this, you may need to contact the city council for permission. Any more extensive, more complex project or built in a nature reserve requires planning permission, resulting in £206 in England and Wales.

How Much Does a 2-Storey Extension Cost?

The cost per square meter should not be much higher than a single-story expansion. Both projects require earthwork and roofing works, so you do not need to finance more but minor apart from additional walls and interior decoration.

Therefore, compared to a single-story structure, the expansion of a two-story building can add value to your house. While only slightly increasing the cost, thereby providing a higher return on investment. The cost of a two-story expansion will not be twice that of a one-story building.

In August 2020, the government relaxed the requirements for building permits and the two-story extension. As long as you follow the proper design guidelines, you do not need a building permit. However, all single-story ancillary structures require a building permit.

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Additional Costs of Extending

In addition to the material and labor costs involved in the construction and expansion. You can also consider emergency fundraising and other services that you think are worth investing in, such as purchasing proficient architectural drawings.

The law does not require you to hire an architect, but having an architect can help keep operations running smoothly and avoid costly mistakes. If you have little experience in managing such projects, even seemingly small extensions can be challenging.

Some additional charges or costs you may have to pay to include:

To avoid any disagreements and have a right to light assessment, a Party Wall Agreement is required. An adjacent property owner can hire a party wall surveyor to evaluate the ideas and represent their interests. If the extension touches the wall you share with your neighbor, the cost per neighbor is between £700 and £1,500.

Moreover, planning permits cost you £200 for an extension and Architectural Drawings and Designs — they vary greatly but are usually measured in thousands of pounds. And many more additional costs such as Building Control Certificate, Lawful Development Certificate, Ecology Report, Historic Building Report, and Flood Risk Assessment. Your unique design may require extra charges. So be ready for it by searching before starting the extension.

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