Many creators aim to interact or engage with a loyal audience using different methods. They try almost all kinds of ways, and most of them are good at converting engagement into an earning source. For example, Facebook has a Reels Play Program through which the creator can earn a lot of money for every view. But do you know how much does Facebook reels pay per view? If you are curious to learn the total amount, you need to read the whole blog to get the idea. Apart from that, you will also know whether Facebook reels give a good amount or not and different methods to make money through reels. So, let’s walk into the world of Facebook and learn amazing things about reels. 

Do Facebook Reels Help to Make a Good Amount of Money?

Yes, Facebook Reels will help to make money, and you can earn a good amount through this platform. All you have to do is start posting content on the platform. It means you need to make your video and post in its own reels section. 

Reels are pretty in style among people, giving them freedom to interact with new people through their videos. However, people also want to earn money through reels and profit from them. So, Facebook has decided to give a gift to their users in the form of rewards, which can be collected in the form of money as well. They are providing various options to pay their creators, especially those who provide original content.

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Well, a big company like Facebook has various reasons behind this, but the main reason is to earn direct money from the views of your videos. It means to make money through Facebook Reels requires a good amount of audience. This is because Facebook’s money-making method works per view on reels. The number of views you get in a single video decides the amount you earn on that particular. Then, Facebook keeps the percentage of the amount before giving the remaining amount to the account holder (which means the owner of the Facebook account. That way, Facebook earns direct money through your videos. 

What are the Ways to Make Money Through Facebook Reels?

Generally, Facebook has many ways to earn in the form of rewards. The rewards automatically convert into reward points which you can use for multiple purposes. You can even use them for cashout, direct transfers into accounts, and shopping. But for that, you need to know the way which can increase the earning potential. 

Now, Facebook has introduced the Reels Play Program, through which you can make a lot of money daily. But the only drawback of this program is specific types of creators can use it. And also needs to send invitations for joining the creators’ program.

If you find this program hectic and confusing, you can use our second way, Facebook Ads. In this way, you will make a good amount of money without doing much. All you have to do is, permit Facebook to put the advertisement on your original content, which means reels. After that, they will run the ads on your reels and share a profit from the revenue earned by the ads. It means they will keep their share and give the remaining amount to you in the form of reward points.

how much does facebook reels pay per view
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If you don’t find the above ways beneficial, then you can try the third way, Tipping Program. As a creator, you can sell your product through reels. And if viewers find it attractive, then they can buy them too. That way, you will get a chance to make money without involving a third party. All your profit comes directly to you, and you do not need to share a single penny with Facebook. However, you need a trusted audience who can buy products from you.

How Much Does Facebook Reels Pay Per View?

Facebook always finds a way to earn the trust of its users, and one of the most valuable tricks they use is Reels. From reels, they are able to catch the attention of the users, and for that, they use unique and mind-blowing options. But users not only want to show their talent but also want to make money through that.

So, Facebook decided to add a monetization system to the reels section. You get paid the total amount that is earned through video views. For that, you need to fulfill the criteria. The criteria are simple, you need to reach the target to get the amount of the respective amount of the target achieved. For example, if you have 2000 viewers and the target set by Facebook is 1000 views, then you need to reach the target to get the money.

But the criteria are different for different methods, such as:

  • Minimum 1000 views in 30 days for the Reels Play Program
  • Minimum 10000 views in 30 days for Advertising Program

So, you need to be considerate before following the criterias. But better to choose the one which gives more money with less effort.

Now, you know the criteria for receiving a payment, but do you know how much does facebook reels pay per view? Well, you will be surprised after hearing that the Reels Play Program claims a monthly potential of $35,000, which is kind of cool. But remember that you need to reach a specific target to receive the payment. According to Facebook, the target must be in the form of video views, not commenting, replying, following, and all. And if you are able to generate money through video views and want to make more money, then you can become a part of ”Monthly Challenges”.

To understand better the payment per reels view, you need to check level wise target program:

  • First five videos with a minimum of 100 views each – $20 (First Level) (Reels Play Program)
  • First 20 videos with a minimum of 500 views each – $100 (Second Level) (Reels Play Program)
  • $4000 per month through Monthly Challenges (exception case)
  • Receives 55% profit from the total ad revenue (Ads Program) and the remaining profit used by Facebook.
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It means Facebook reels do pay $0.20 per view, and it is applied in all the programs. So, it does not matter which program you use; you will earn the same amount every time a single viewer watches your video. 


Facebook Reels is one of those earning options from Facebook, which gives a reasonable amount for every watched video. But do you know how much does Facebook reels pay per view? The Facebook reels pay $0.20 per view, and the value of the amount is fixed for every program. According to Facebook policies, the amount is fixed according to the particular country’scountry’s economic index. But you may receive different amounts due to your country’scountry’s internal and external taxes. So, do not fade up if you receive a low amount instead of a fixed amount.