How much money I have spent on the league?

Well, it’s estimated to be 100 yuan in total. There are now more than 120 skins in 3 years. This game doesn’t cost money to do tasks and send a lot of them. In the past one month, you can get up to 5 or more skins. There are also limited numbers, but the base is huge to play. There are many people in this game, so it doesn’t mean that others don’t spend it. My friend is about the same as me. He spent more than 500 and bought it which he likes. In this article, we read How much money I have spent on the league?

How can I check how much money I spent on League of Legends?

I suggest you make a record. Mine is to copy the content of the “transaction order” into the text folder of my computer. For example, Jinshan Pass: My account 2016.09.28 (date) Recharge product: Counter-terrorism operation Recharge account: My account location service: Telecom area Remaining Jinshan coins: 23450 Recharge type: Gold coins.

How much did China spend on buying the American League of Legends game?

What is talking about should be agency fees. Usually, big games may cost millions to tens of millions (I don’t know the details). It is a contract with the game developer and your server, labor, and operating costs. The amount of money used is generally unclear, but Tencent (a Chinese agent) bought many shares in Riot (lol)…

How do you see how much you spend playing lol?

  1. It can only be judged by the heroes purchased. This can be calculated by adding up all the heroes and skins purchased with money. It cannot be directly inquired about because the skins can be bought in the mall with coupons (in the form of QB). This can also be purchased with money from online banking in LOL Daoju City, so it is impossible to check how much money was spent in total, but the only root…

How much did you spend playing League of Legends?

The three heroes of the League of Legends are permanently accessible for free: Ice Shooter, Galen, and Wandering Mage. Ten free heroes every week. General new heroes will be free from the second week after they come out. One week of League of Legends must be charged with money. The only items available for purchase are rune pages and skins. Heroes can be purchased with gold coins. One yuan = 100 points roll, 450 heroes 1000 points…

Why do so many people spend money on skins in League of Legends? Some people pay 1…

This is an event of Tencent, called Olianna’s mysterious magic puppet. Today I saw a person who smoked 20,000 yuan, but they were not allowed to smoke. They are rich people. Like me, they only smoked less than 100. They don’t have any good skin. The synthetic ones are even more rubbish. There is only one. Professional killer Lucian can still see the past. It isn’t perfect.

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