How much paint do I need?

How much paint is needed for a coat or a wall? If you are also searching for this question, don’t worry because you are at the right place. We are here to show you exactly how simple it tends to be to calculate the paint you need. To determine how many paints you need for your home project, you must know the following calculation and information. 

  1. Calculate your wall or coat
  2. Measure up

Before starting painting your home inside walls, woodwork, doors, ceiling or windows, you need to measure the amount of paint you’ll use. Estimates the specific calculation for each surface you need to paint. 

Estimate the amount of paint you need to cover your room’s wall, include the total length of walls and then multiply the number by the room’s height, from floor to roof. The number you get is the room’s area. 

Now you need to decide the amount of that area is a paintable surface area. Use a different paint on the room’s doors and windows, deduct those areas from the total room. Take away 20 square feet for every door and 15 square feet for each standard estimated window in the room. You end up with a number near the total wall area you need to cover with paint.

How much does a gallon of paints cover?

A gallon of paint is sufficient to cover 350 square feet. If the surface requires a twofold coat, you’ll need twice the measure of paint. Moreover, consider applying a coat of primer over a surface before covering it with paint. The primer seals the surface and keeps it from absorbing the colour.

Paints calculations: How much paint do I need

The calculation for wall paints

For wall, paint calculation use this equation to measure the wall you need.

  • Include the length of each wall. 

10 + 20 + 14 + 20 = 64 feet 

  • Multiply by the sum of the wall height, 

64 × 8 = 512 square feet 

  • Deduct 20 sq feet of every door 20 × 3 = 60 and 15 square feet of every window 15 × 2 = 30 to track down the actual measurement of the wall area you are painting. 

512 – 100 = 412 square feet 

  • Divide this number by the paint  350 square feet for every gallon, and the outcome is the number of gallons to buy. 

412 ÷ 350 = 1.17 

  • For this model, you need to purchase 1 gallon and 2 quarts of paint for a coat.

The calculation for door and windows: How much paint do I need

  • Multiply the number of doors by 20. 

3 × 20 = 60 square feet 

  • Multiply the number of windows by 7.5. 

3 Windows × 7.5 = 22.5 square feet 

  • Add these numbers together. 

60 + 22.5 = 82.5 

  • Divide the outcome by 350 (the assessed square feet covered per gallon). 

82.5 ÷ 350 = 0.2357

The calculation for ceiling paints

  • Multiply the length of the roof with its width to discover its area. 

10 × 20 = 200 square feet 

  • Divide that number by 350 to sort out the number of gallons of paint you need. 

200 ÷ 350 = 0.5714

Calculation for woodwork paints

  • Estimate the complete length of trim around the room by including the length of the relative multitude of walls that the moulding covers. 
  • Adjust the numbers to the closest foot. 

10 + 20 + 14 + 20 = 64 feet 

  • Multiply the aggregate by .5 for a standard width of the trim. 

64 × .5 = 32 square feet 

  • Divide this number by 350 to gauge the gallons of paint needed to cover the trim. 

32 ÷ 350 = 0.09

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