How to calculate CGPA

Calculate CGPA means Cumulative Grade Points Average. It is the average of all the grade points that a student achieves throughout the semester. In Pakistan, only Universities use CGPA to generate results for the students. 

CGPA plays a very vital role in the lives of students. In practical life, their job interview is based on their CGPA. As many students apply for different jobs, what the Companies do is call candidates who scored good CGPA in their studies. So it’s imperative to know what CGPA is and how it is calculated. If you are looking for the process of calculating CGPA, then you are in the right place. Because this article is all about calculating CGPA, this article will truly help you and clear your all queries about the calculation of CGPA and much more related to that. Stay tuned with us for the next few minutes.

Difference between CGPA and GPA:

Before moving towards the calculation of CGPA, let me clear the difference between CGPA and GPA because they are two different things. CGPA is average points calculated from the total points of all the courses. On the other hand, GPA is the grade points scored in a particular course or a subject.

Calculate GPA:

Before calculating GPA, you must know the points of each grade. The table below shows the points of each grade:



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Now let’s move towards calculations of GPA. There are two methods of calculating GPA. 

Method 1 to calculate CGPA:

Suppose that you read six courses in a semester. In every course, grade points are different. You have to add all these grade points and divide the sum with the six as your full courses in a semester are 6. The below table will make you more transparent:

CoursesGradesGrade points
Cost AccountingB+3.3
Business CommunicationA-3.7


Add all the grade points:

Grade points = 4+4+3.3+3.7+3.3+3.3

GP = 21.6

Now divide the sun with 6.

GP = 21.6/6 = 3.6

3.6 is the GPA of your semester.

Method 2 to calculate CGPA:

This method is almost the same as the previous one. In this method, you have to multiply grade points with the credit hour of that particular course. In the same way, do this step with all other courses, and at the end, add all the grade points and divide them with the sum of all credit hours of your courses. The table shows all this process:

CoursesCredit hoursGradesGrade Points
Cost Accounting3B+9.9
Business Communication3A-11.1

Now, add the credit hours:

Credit hours = 3+3+3+3+3+3 = 18

Add all the grade points:

GP = 12+12+9.9+11.1+9.9+9.9 = 64.8

Now, divide the sum of Grade points with the sum of Credit hours.

GPA = 64.8/18

 3.6 is the GPA of your semester.

NOTE: GPA is also called SGPA. So don’t get confused because SGPA means Semester Grade Points. 

Calculation of CGPA:

The calculation of CGPA is quite different but straightforward. To calculate CGPA, add the GPA of the current semester with the CGPA of the previous semester and then divide it by 2. You will get a CGPA for the current semester. If you are in the 1st semester, then the CGPA will be the same as of GPA. The following table will help you a lot in this matter:

Semester 13.703.70
Semester 23.663.68
Semester 33.543.61
Semester 43.563.58

This is all about the calculation of CGPA. It is a most crucial topic because students’ career depends on CGPA. So everyone should know how to calculate it. The above information is the latest method of calculation of CGPA. All the universities use this method for the calculation of the efforts of their students. 

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