How to change instagram password ?

You have to admit that you are in a very uncomfortable situation. After reading my guide on the best Android smartphones, you’ve decided it’s time to buy a new phone. Unfortunately, however, you have created the “accounts without the landlord”: You have your Instagram password and the email with which you have registered, you forget.  change Instagram password In this way, you can no longer access your profile. As I told you at the beginning, it is a very uncomfortable situation. However, there’s nothing to worry about: you haven’t screwed up your efforts to become an influencer. You can still change Instagram passwords without email.

If you want to know how to recover or change your Instagram password, I can be of great help to you. Not long ago, I found myself in the same position as you and had to figure out a way to get my account back. And despite what you might think, it’s pretty straightforward to use. As I explained earlier, you can change your Instagram password without the old one within seconds. You can do this from your smartphone and PC in minutes. So let’s see how to proceed.

How to change an Instagram password without email

If you need to change your Instagram password without email, then no need to worry. The photo social network gives you all the tools you need to get back in possession of your profile. All you have to do is reset your Instagram password using one of the many tools available to you both within the app and within the web platform.

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As I told you before, it will only take a handful of minutes and a little patience. Follow the instructions I give you a little below. And you will finally have access to your account. And if you really can’t recover your Instagram password without the email. Ask our support for help (see below).

Recover passwords from smartphones

To change the Instagram password on Android or iPhone without email, first install the application. Then start and press it on the Get Help With Access sign, located just below the log-in fields.

In the field that appears, you’ll need to enter the email address you registered with. But it won’t if you can. Then enter your username (if you don’t remember. Get help from a friend or follower who will ask you to see it on your Instagram wall) and follow the password recovery wizard.

At this point, you have your email addresses to scan and check (in your junk mail folder, if any) whether the Instagram email with a link to reset your password has been received.

Finally, let me remind you that if you entered your mobile number for two-step authentication, you could try entering the number and waiting. If you had received a message with a link to reset your password, you would have hit the target.

Recover passwords from PC

Likewise, you can change Instagram passwords through the computer without email. All you need is a Windows PC, Linux, or iMac computer with an internet connection and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or others).

You need to log into the support page, enter your username, and, as mentioned above, scroll through the different mailboxes you have and wait for the message to reset your password. Or, as mentioned earlier, enter your mobile number and wait a moment to receive a text message from Instagram.

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Recover passwords with Facebook

Do you remember syncing your Instagram account with your Facebook account to get more followers? Good for you: Not only do you have a better chance of becoming an influencer, but you can change your Instagram password even faster without email.

You can access Instagram using your Facebook credentials. Next, enter your profile settings to find out what email address you used when you registered and change your password from there.

Ask for help from Instagram support.

If you cannot change your Instagram password without the email. We recommend that you contact Instagram support. Alternatively, you can also search Instagram’sFAQs until you find some information that might be useful to you.

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