How to check Ufone balance?

Are you looking for how to check the Ufone balance? If yes, then you are in the right place. Just be with this article. You will be known how to check Ufone balance. But before we were telling you the checking code, let’s you aware of something about Ufone.

Ufone is one of the most leading mobile network operators in Pakistan, and the reason behind its fame is that Ufone has more than 23 million subscribers, which is very cool about it. From 2001 till now it proves itself unique and best by introducing amazing packages with low prices, fast speed internet and much more.

Method to check Ufone balance

Dial *124# from your mobile phone dialer, and you will receive a message showing your remaining account balance.

Inquiry name Code Charges
Balance *124# Rs 0.12 + tax
  • All the Ufone users can check their remaining balance using this code irrespective of which package they are currently using.

My Ufone App to check Ufone balance:

You can also check your remaining balance by an app which is called the My Ufone app. The procedure of checking your balance with the help of this app is as under:

  • First, download the app from Play Store/App Store.
  • After downloading the app, create your account by clicking on the button Register.
  • After completing all procedures, your remaining account balance is displayed on the app’s home page.
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Ufone Helpline:

You can check your remaining account balance with the help Ufone helpline, which is 333. Just dial 333 from your mobile and ask your remaining balance, packages, and other Ufone offers.

How to get the advanced balance of Ufone:

Suppose you are running short of balance. It’s not a thing to worry about. You can get advance balance by simply dialing one code. The procedure to get advance is written below in this article.

  • Dial *456# from your mobile. But only prepaid users can avail this opportunity.
  • A message occurs in which you are told that Rs 20 is transferred to your mobile.
  • Postpaid users can dial *229# to check their total amount. Charges of Rs + tax will be deducted.

Note: You can get this advance when your balance is below Rs 11.95. The charge for this advance is only Rs 4.40, including tax. This tax will be deducted when you recharge your account.

  • Ufone is also providing a fantastic package known as Super Card. In which you can get:
Price Off-net minutes Internet U-U & PTCL minutes SMS Validity Dial
Rs 599 180 2000MB+Unlimited Facebook 1200 4200 30 days *250#

You can check your Super Card remaining SMS, Minutes, Internet, by simply dialing *706#, a message appears on your screen containing all the information you want.

Balance sharing:

Your loved ones have insufficient balance, and you know that. You can help them out in this matter by sharing your balance.

  • You can share your balance by simply dialing *828#Recipents number*Amount#. After that, you will receive a message on your screen, and you have to reply to it. The amount you have entered transferred to the person whose number you have written.
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