How to clean a bong?

How to clean sewer grease

Main method 1. Animal oil blocking:

 If it is oily, it is recommended to rinse with boiling water. Of course, if you can buy concentrated sulfuric acid, the effect will be better. Clean a bong.  If it is oily, you can use 20% Fangda water to get through. If something is clogged, the only way to clean the pipeline is to use particular tools. 

2. Cement plugging: to clean a bong,

 buy 35% hydrochloric acid and add a small amount of flour to act as a corrosion inhibitor. Urotropine is best. Can reduce the corrosion of steel.

How to clean the dirt in the kitchen drain

Method 1:

 Material: 1 grapefruit peel, an appropriate amount of hot water Steps:

  1. Add grapefruit peel and water to the pot. 
  2. Boil the grapefruit peel and water until boiling.
  3. Pour the hot pomelo peel water into the sewer slowly while it is desirable to remove the greasy dirt in the sewer effectively. 

Method 2:

 Step: Use two to three scoops of detergent in the sink, plug the drain first, melt the detergent with hot water, and then clean both the inside and outside of the kitchen. Then, flush the hot water down. The next day, the kitchen was cleaned again, and the greasy and dirt in the sewers were washed away.

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How to remove the oil from the sewer pipe to clean a bong

You can use Clorox’s gel to strengthen the canal agent. The gel-enhanced canal agent has twice the dredging performance of ordinary dredging agents and unique gel formula. It will not be diluted by sewage. It can quickly pass through stagnant water—the most congested location. At the same time, it quickly kills parasitic bacteria in the pipeline, which can effectively prevent and protect family members from bacteria.

 How to use to clean a bong:

  1. For blocked sewers: Pour 500ml of this product into the canal, and rinse with hot water after the product has ultimately passed through the channel. 
  2. For sewage channels with slow drainage: Pour 500ml of this product into the drain, wait for 15 minutes, and rinse with hot water.
  3. If necessary, repeat this step. During the SARS period, a sewer infection occurred in Amoy Gardens in Hong Kong, causing more than 300 infections and 30 deaths. Facts have proved that the sewer is a breeding ground for bacteria and a conduit for disease transmission. To protect the health of family members, the tailor must also pay attention!

How to remove the oil in the sewer pipes at home

  1. Check whether the sewer is unobstructed and whether there is any foreign matter affecting the drainage. If there is a blockage, you can pour an appropriate alkali into the sewer, which is more effective in removing grease and rust in the pipeline.
  2. Use 35% hydrochloric acid and add a small amount of flour to act as a corrosion inhibitor.
  3. Ask a professional company to handle it.
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