How to cook cabbage?

Are you waiting for a dish full of proteins and health benefits? In addition to the amazing taste that you never tasted before. You will be amazed to hear that the dish I am talking about is made of cabbage. Yes, the cabbage that you use in your salad. How a cabbage can give you such an amazing and tasty dish. In this article, you will learn how to cook cabbage and turn it into tasty food. In the following article, we get to know about How to cook cabbage? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Ingredients you need:

A good thing about cooked cabbage is that you need only 4 ingredients to cook this dish. All those ingredients are very common and normally are present in your house.

Cabbage (quantity should be according to the demand or the number of persons you have to serve).

 Oil (you can use oil according to your choice, but I prefer olive oil because it is healthier than others).

Butter (adding butter will give a magical taste to your food).

Spices (in spices, you only need some salt according to your taste and some pepper, which will also be according to your need).


As said earlier, it is the easiest food that you can cook without your mom’s help. Those easy steps are written below.

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Step 1:

The initial step is to cut your cabbages into small and thin pieces. Take a cutting board, a sharp knife and cabbage. A perfect way to cut the cabbage is to half the cabbage from the middle with the help of a knife. After that, take 1 half and start cutting from the top. In the same way, cut the other half and all the necessary cabbages.

Step 2:

The next step is to mix two magical ingredients of your recipe: olive oil for a healthy diet and butter for magical taste, together into a pan. Wait until the butter melts completely and mix with the oil properly.

Step 3:

Third and the last step is to add your cut cabbage into the pan where you have mixed your olive oil and butter. Stir well and wait until your cabbage turns golden brown. If your cabbages turn into that colour, you have cooked them crispy and yummy. Serve them and enjoy!

Health benefits of cabbage:

Everything we eat has different benefits for our bodies. Like that, cabbage also has many health benefits discussed below.

Rich source of vitamin C:

Cabbage contains vitamin C in large quantities and vitamin C helps you to make your skin good and beautiful.

Rich source of fibre:

If you are looking for a diet that will make your digestive system strong then cabbage is the best diet for it. Cabbage contains fibre that makes your digestive function work properly.

Rich source of Anthocyanin:

If you want your heart to work properly and become healthier then you need cabbage in your diet. Cabbage contains an Anthocyanin compound that keeps your heart healthy and strong.

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