The Difficulty In Cutting It

The main problem with watermelon is the hardness of the rind. First of all, the advice is to cut a section of a few centimeters at the base of the watermelon to rest it without it moving. At this point, if it’s small enough, you can slice it directly. If it is large, you can start by carving a groove with your knife in the middle of the watermelon. Then you have to go over the cut by inserting the blade more and more, perhaps using the tip to penetrate easily. Once past the outer band, you will no longer have difficulty dividing the watermelon into two parts. A trick is to remove the stalk beforehand, as it is the hardest part of the fruit.

Which tools to use

Before trying to cut watermelon creatively, you need to have the right tools at your disposal. It is essential to have a large cutting board to work comfortably. As for the knife, you will need a long blade both to make precise cuts and use both hands with more force. Traditional vegetable knives are sufficient. Avoid skinny ones such as filleting ones.

The classic cut into wedges

Explaining how to cut a watermelon into wedges is extra information. This shape is the traditional cut to consume the watermelon, maybe on the beach or on an outdoor picnic. On the market, there is a handy tool that provides a radial blade that, press on the watermelon, produces 6-8 identical slices without having to use knives and avoiding the runs of children to conquer a giant clove.

Fruit popsicles

This is a fun idea on how to present watermelon initially. It would help if you had the typical ice cream sticks that you can buy in supermarkets or shops equipped for pastry shops. These are inserted inside the watermelon triangles to create colorful fruit popsicles. To obtain these shapes, cut the watermelon into 3 cm slices like a salami, divide each piece into six parts. At this point, lightly score the rind of each triangle with the tip of the knife and insert a stick.

Watermelon cube

The most effective and helpful method for cutting a watermelon is to cut in cubes of about 3cm per side. So you can enjoy it in a bowl or a glass or a fork. Or you can keep it in rectangular boxes to keep it in the refrigerator, always ready for use. Before cutting the cubes, remove the zest leaving only the pulp, and then slices it quickly. It is a practical way to enjoy fresh fruit that has already be cleaned at any time. If you want to present these cubes in a very scenic way, I suggest you make your own watermelon Rubik’s cube. Assemble them to form a cube alternating them with melon or any other fruit. The effect is guaranteed, and to add a touch of color and mint leaves to your cube.

WaterMelon balls with ice cream brush

If you are planning a party at home and don’t know how to cut watermelon in a pleasant way that entices your guests to enjoy this magnificent fruit, all you need is an ice cream brush and a few toothpicks. First, you have to cut a watermelon in half in length. Once you have the two parts, take the meeting and start to obtain some spheres. Initially, it is difficult isn’tneasilyill acquire the correct technique or hemispheres of about 3 – 4cm in diameter in a short time. When you run out of the first layer, continue until you have used up all the pulp. At this point, you just create some skewers by putting the balls on the toothpicks and use, for example, the zest as a pincushion from which guests can comfortably help themselves.

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