How to decorate a living room?

A colorful feel-good place for the whole family, a relaxed relaxation zone, or a combined living and dining room: a living room is used differently by everyone. How to decorate a living room We show you how to furnish your living room perfectly.

Whatever you like is allowed!  How to decorate a living room

When it comes to furnishing the living room, there are no golden rules that apply to everyone. Because everyone uses their living room differently: For some, the living space must above all be practical and offer space to sit, eat, and plenty of storage space. Others would like a relaxation oasis, a gaming zone, or a multifunctional room where they can also work. Still, others like to receive guests and want the living room to have enough seating and a representative design.

Step 1: define the purpose.  How to decorate a living room

Before you start furnishing the living room, you should determine what you mainly want to use the space for. To relax and watch TV? As a meeting point for the family and guests? To eat or maybe even to sleep?

Step 2: measure the room. 

Then measure precisely how much space you have available for the facility. Make a note of the maximum dimensions that the sofa, cabinets, and tables can have. This will help later when choosing the furniture.

Step 3: Make a plan 

Roughly plan the arrangement of the pieces of furniture. Is the TV connection? Where does the coach have to be so that you can relax and watch TV? Where is the best place for the dining table? On which wall can a closet stand? Tip: Draw a floor plan of the room and cut out the essential pieces of furniture authentic to scale in miniature paper format – so you can slide it back and forth until everything fits.

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Step 4: set the style. 

Then define a style in which you want to furnish your living room. For example, cozy in a country house style, modern industrial look, clear lines in Scandi style, or pompous and opulent with solid colors and patterns.

Living room furnishings: finding the right sofa 

The heart of a living room is usually the couch. There is a suitable sofa for every room size and every need:

Single sofas

Single sofas are available as two, three, and four-seater. Two-seaters are ideal for smaller living rooms, three-seaters are the classic for 2-person households, four-seaters are suitable for families and larger rooms.

Corner sofas

Corner sofas invite you to relax and offer plenty of seating space without appearing too bulky.

Living landscapes and big sofas

Living landscapes and big sofas offer plenty of space – for large families and everyone who often has guests. 

Sofa beds

Sofa beds are helpful if you spend the night in the living room more often. Many models have a bed box and thus also offer additional storage space.

The perfect living room table

A coffee table complements the sofa ideally – drinks and snacks can be placed on it. Decorated with books, candles, and vases, larger tables become real eye-catchers. Good to know: it doesn’t always have to be a classic coffee table. Many side tables are also wonderfully suitable as coffee tables. The same is true for upholstered stools – with a tray on top, they are a table. Without a tray, they expand the seating area of ​​the couch.

Furnishing the living room: planning the TV and multimedia corner

If you like to watch TV, consider the TV corner when furnishing your living room. Unique TV furniture offers space for the television, other technical devices, and multimedia accessories. Practical: the cables of the devices usually disappear invisibly behind the piece of furniture. TV furniture with open shelves appear less compact, and TV furniture with closed fronts. Especially when a lot of small items have to be stowaway, they look a bit tidier.

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Integrate the dining area into the living room

Whether square or round, extendable or not: A good dining table is robust and has an insensitive surface. Wooden tables ensure a natural feeling of living, glass tables bring modernity to the room, white tables are real all-rounders – classic and modern at the same time. Combine dining chairs that are as comfortable as possible with the table so that you can sit together comfortably for several hours with guests or the family. Tip: A carpet under the dining table provides structure and optically separates the dining area from the living area. Optical separation can also be achieved using a sideboard or a sofa placed in the room.

Wall units

Wall units offer plenty of space to stow everything – such as books, games, dishes, and photo albums. In addition, a space for the television and other technical devices is always planned for wall units.


Shelves and bookcases are ideal if you want storage space and want to stage the things on the shelf as decorative elements. Tip: Many shelves can also be used as room dividers.

Sideboards and chests of drawers

Sideboards, chests, and dressers provide storage space below. On top of a lamp, pictures and other decorative items can be arranged. You need most of the area for a classic chest of drawers; sideboards are a bit narrower, high boards are higher and low boards are extra-low – great, for example, as a storage space for the television.

Furniture with integrated storage space

Furniture with integrated storage space is a real space saver. For example, you can store cushions and seasonal decorative items in stools and sofas with integrated compartments.

The perfect lighting for the living room

Indirect light creates a cozy atmosphere – so it is best to distribute several light sources in the living room. For example, a hanging lamp directly above the dining table, a floor lamp next to the sofa or an armchair (perfect for reading), and a table lamp on the windowsill or a sideboard. How to decorate a living room If you have two windows in the living room, it also looks great to buy two identical table lamps and put each in one of the windows. Indoor fairy lights also provide beautiful light – for example, draped in a large glass vase.

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