How to Download Free Music

The one made up of the Internet and music is an indissoluble couple. It has been since the days of 56k connections. Since then, people have turned to the extensive network to download songs even if a lot of water has passed under the bridge. How to Download Music Music continues to be one of the most loved “subjects” by internet users of all. The world.

This is why today I want to deal with this topic for the umpteenth time, and I want to suggest how to download free music through some programs and some Internet sites that, I hope, you will like a lot. Take a look at them, and you will finally be able to satisfy your musical “hunger” without facing unnecessary waiting and without having to make annoying recordings.  Best wireless keyboard All you have to do is search for a song title and proceed with the download. Come on, get your headphones ready… There is a lot of good music waiting for you, including outstanding backing tracks that you can reuse at no cost in your projects!

Warning: this tutorial was written for illustrative purposes only. Unlawfully downloading songs protected by copyright from the Internet is a crime. It is not my intention to encourage piracy and. Therefore, I take no responsibility for the use you will make of the information contained in this post.

Programs to download free music

Lacey (Windows)

If you are looking to find out how to download music without waiting or wasting time, you can only turn to Lacey, a free program that allows you to search and download music from various online services. To download it to your PC, connect to its official website and click on the Free Download item located in the center of the page.

When the download is complete, double-click on it, open the archive you just downloaded ( ), extract the contents in a folder of your choice, and start the Lacey.exe executable to launch the program (which does not require installation to function).

Now is the time to take action! In the window that opens, type the title of the song you want to download in the search field at the top and press the Enter key on your PC keyboard. Lacey will track down any files that may be of interest. To download a song to your PC, double-click on it. You can then follow the progress by choosing the Downloads item from the left sidebar. In the case of video downloads, you can transform them into MP3 by right-clicking on their title (still in the Downloads tab ) and choosing  Convert to MP3 from the context menu.

eMule (Windows): How to Download Music

Its popularity has dropped dramatically over the past few years.  Yet eMule remains a great way to download songs and entire albums from the Internet at no cost. On its networks (eD2K and Kad), it is also possible to find many rare contents, which on other P2P networks are practically impossible to find.

To download eMule on your PC, connect to the program’s website and click on   Download located under the heading  Installer. When the download is complete, open the eMulexx-Installer.exe file and click first on  Yes and then on  OK. NextI acceptNextInstallNext, and  Finish again to complete the setup.

In the window that opens, follow the initial configuration procedure of eMule by setting the nickname you want to use on the program’s networks, the ports to use for incoming and outgoing connections, and the protocol obfuscation function  (proper if your provider Internet sets limits on P2P traffic). If you don’t know how to configure your eMule correctly, 

Once the software configuration is complete, you must open the eMule ports in your modem/router, you must update the list of eD2K servers, and you must correctly configure the connection to the Kad network. 

Once a connection has been established with the eD2K and Kad networks, go to the Search section of eMule, select the network on which you want to search for the music ( Kad or  Global for the eD2K) from the Search method drop-down menu, and search for the songs or albums of your interest. Using the Type drop-down menu, you can choose whether to limit the search to Audio files only   (to search for single songs) or to  Archives  (to find entire albums enclosed in ZIP or RAR files).

File To Download

At the end of the search, arrange the results according to the number of sources available (by clicking on the Availability tab ) and double-click on the file’s name to download. The download should start shortly. Do you use a Mac? Don’t panic. There is virtually identical software to eMule that works on both Mac OS X and Linux. Its name is aMule, and you will find it explained in detail. 

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BitTorrent(Windows / Mac / Linux)

Many music albums, including emerging artists seeking online exposure, are distributed over the Internet via the BitTorrent network. To download them, you may turn to  BitTorrent. It is free and open-source Torrent client compatible. With all popular operating systems. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Unlike uTorrent or other well-known programs for the BitTorrent network. It does not contain advertising banners. And does not offer the installation of promotional software during the initial setup. It also includes a handy search function that allows. You to find files on the BitTorrent network without opening the browser.

To download BitTorrent on your computer, connect to its official website and click first on the BitTorrent ex. X installer and PGP signature entry located next to the Windows flag and then on  Download qBittorrent Windows. However, if you are using a Mac, first click on the BitTorrent vxx item located next to the Apple logo and then on the Download qBittorrent Mac OS X link on the page that opens.

Software Installation

When the download is complete, open the software installation package ( qbittorrent_xx_setup.exe ) and click first on  Yes and then on  OK  and  Next. Then put the checkmark next to the item. I accept the license conditions and complete the setup by first clicking on  Next two consecutive times and then on  Install and  Finish. If you are using a Mac, open the dmg package that contains qBitTorrent and drag the program icon to the Applications folder of OS X.

At this point, you have to start qBitTorrent, select the Search engine item from the View menu and search for the music of your interest on the BitTorrent network. If you use Windows, you will be asked to install the free Python component, which is essential for the functioning of the search engine integrated into the program: it is not promotional software, so accept its installation without problems. 

Video DownloadHelper (Chrome / Firefox)

Would you like to download the songs on an Internet site, but you don’t see the link to start the download? Don’t panic. If you use Google Chrome or  Mozilla Firefox, you can install  Video DownloadHelper, a free extension capable of “capturing” the videos and audio files present on any web page.

To install Video DownloadHelper in Chrome, connect to the  Chrome Web Store and click first on the Add button and then on  Add extension. On the other hand, if you use Firefox, connect to the Mozilla Addons website and click first on the Add to Firefox button and then on  Install.

Once installation is complete. Open a new browser tab, connect to the site that contains the songs of your interest. And wait for numbers to appear next to the Video DownloadHelper icon. (the colored dots located at the top right of the toolbar of Chrome or Firefox). At this point, click on the extension icon. Select the name of the song you want to download to your PC. And choose the folder in which to save it. That’s all!

Online services to download free music.


BeeMP3s  is a search engine that allows you to find and download music files from various online services. Its operation is highly intuitive: at the top, there is a search bar through which to see the songs of your interest, while at the bottom, there are the charts with the most popular contents of the moment (songs and artists).

When you find a song of your interest, you can download it to your PC by simply clicking on its title and then on the Proceed to download button  (on the page that opens). If the song is not downloaded to your computer but streamed directly in the browser, try right-clicking on the player and selecting Save as an item from the menu that opens.

Soundcloud: How to Download Music

SoundCloud is another site that should never be missing from a music lover’s bookmarks. Haven’t you ever heard of it? Sin. This is a top-rated service that uploads remixes of famous songs, podcasts, and works by independent artists.

Not all works are available for download. Some songs can only be heard in streaming. But I assure you that there is so much interesting material that you will always be spoiled for choice.

To download a song from SoundCloud, connected to the site’s main page, type the title of the piece you are interested in in the search bar located at the top and press the Enter key on your PC keyboard. Alternatively, click on the  Explore more trending music button to view the most exciting music of the moment or select one of the musical genres listed at the bottom of the home page to “browse” the songs based on the genre they belong to.

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When you find a song that interests you, click on the play button to listen to it in streaming and on the download item to download it to your computer. Easier than that?

Jamendo: How to Download Music

Suppose you are interested in the works of emerging artists and. Above all, go in search of songs to use for free in your projects (personal or commercial). Go to  Jamendo. It is a website operated by emerging artists and bands worldwide to make their music known how to change Gmail password, Which allows you to listen and download music for free in a 100% legal way. There are even songs – those released under the Creative Commons license – that can be used in personal projects, such as videos. Websites, etc. without paying a cent, and in commercial projects by paying a small amount, 

To download a song from Jamendo, all you have to do is connect to the main page. Of the site, click on the top right’s search button (the one with the magnifying glass icon). At this point, you can choose whether to browse the songs available on the site based on their genre. By selecting one of the covers that appear below. Or whether to search for songs and artists directly (by typing their title or name in the search bar).

When you find a song that interests you, first, click on the arrow icon located next to its title and then on the FREE DOWNLOAD FOR PERSONAL.

USE MP3 QUALITY button on the page that opens to download it to your PC.

Jamendo is also available as a free application for Android and iPhone. Use it to listen to and download music for free from your mobile (at the time of writing, the iPhone version does not have the download function).

What fun

What fun is an Internet site devoted entirely to public domain music? This means that it only hosts soundtracks that can be downloaded for free. And used freely in personal and commercial projects.

Its operation is highly intuitive after connecting to its home page. You must select one of the music genres listed above (e.g., Electronic for electronic music or  Cinematic for cinema) and locate the song of your interest. Then you can choose whether to listen to the music file in streaming by clicking on the play button. Or to download it directly to your PC by clicking on the Download item located at the bottom. How to Download Music is a very famous Internet site that has set itself the ambitious goal of preserving collective memory by hosting and making numerous cultural contents available for download. Many musical pieces are no longer protected by copyright—recordings of live concerts and old radio broadcasts.

The content divide into categories. You can “browse” them by clicking on the “covers” on the home page or by selecting one of the tags listed on the right. The songs downloaded directly from the browser without going through any particular software.


Are you looking for music to copy to your phone and use as a ringtone? Then I strongly advise you to take a ” spin ” on Zedge. A very famous international site that allows you to download wallpapers. Ringtones and graphic themes for mobile phones. All for free. Without registration and completely legal.

The ringtones are organized into categories. By selecting the Popular tab, you can “browse” the most popular ones of the moment. By clicking on the Recent tab, you can view the most recent ones. While by clicking on the All Categories tab. You can choose a specific genre and view only the latter’s ringtones (e.g., Blues, Dance, or Hip Hop).

You can listen to a live preview of all the ringtones hosted by Zedge by clicking on the play button. To download them, however. First, click on their title and then on the Get ringtone and  Download buttons. That’s all!

Zedge is also available as a free application for Android and Windows Phones. Install it on your mobile, and you can download all your favorite ringtones. How to update drivers Without going through the PC first. Except for the iPhone. The app allows you to download wallpapers only, and you always have to go through iTunes to install new ringtones.

Music streaming applications

Even if these are not services to download free music. I remind you that there are various applications dedicated to music streaming which. In exchange for a few euros a month (usually 9.99 euros). Allow you to listen and download songs of all kinds offline and era. All completely legal and of high quality.

Among the most popular services of this genre, I point out  Spotify,  Apple Music,  YouTube Music, and  Amazon Music Unlimited. 

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