How to fill out money order?

To send money to another person, from any post office, without the need to hold a postal or bank account. The postman delivers the postal order directly to the beneficiary’s home on average within 3-4 days following the day of issue. In this article, we read about How to fill out money order?

1. Postal order beneficiary  = So, once in possession of the title, the beneficiary can collect the amount at any post office.

  1. Beneficiary online money order = The online money order is available to the beneficiary and payable at any post office as soon as the acceptance operation has been completed.
  2. Notice of payment= At the time of issuing the money order, the sender can request payment notification. In this case, the sender will inform, with a letter delivered via Postel, of the price of the money order issued. The cost of this service is Lire 2,500 euros 1.29.
  3. Postcode = Postcode numbers should not be indicated generically, e.g., Rome loc. Prati Zip Code 00193 and not 00100.
  4. Alphanumeric keywords for online order= The sender must communicate to the beneficiary the reference code of the money order, the amount of the money order, and the keyword consisting of a minimum of three up to a maximum of sixteen characters. The sender must indicate on the acceptance form.

5. Rates to fill out a money order

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Above all, postal order Lire / Euro

  • From L. 100 to L. 100,000 5,000 2.58
  • From L. 100.001 to L. 5.000.000 (maximum amount) L. 10.000 EURO 5.16

Online money order to fill out a money order

  • From L. 100 to L. 5,000,000 (maximum amount) L. 20,000 EURO 10.33

Ancillary services

  • Payment notice L.2.500 EURO1.29

Additional services

  • Reimbursement L. 2,500 EURO1.29
  • Copy of the title L. 20,000 EURO 10.33
  1. Communications=, The sender can also send a communication to the beneficiary, specifying the purpose of the money order.
  2. Not transferable= The sender has the right to affix the non-transferability clause.

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