How to lose thigh fat?

How to lose thigh fat?

The thigh muscles are a part of the body on which we often focus our attention from an aesthetic point of view. But is it possible d imagine thighs? Each person has their physiological conformation. How to lose thigh fat As we all know, each body is different, but a lot can be done with exercises and some dietary precautions to define and slim the thighs. 

The thigh is the part of our body between the hip and the knee. This zone is made up of anterior, posterior, internal, and external muscles. The best-known thigh muscles that are mentioned during training programs are:

  • Quadriceps are located in the anterior area of ​​the thigh.
  • The Biceps femoris situate in the posterior region of ​​the thigh.
  • Adductors located between the groin and inner thighs.
  • Abductors are located on the outer part of the thigh.

Is it possible to slim the thighs?

First of all, let’s debunk the myth that you can reduce or lose fat in specific parts of the body. Fat loss happens all over the place. While you lose weight, you don’t have control over where it occurs before or after. However, you can reduce the overall fat stored in your body by eating healthy and exercising.  By eating “clean” without excess, you will reduce fat throughout the body and thighs, thus slimming down those areas that bother you so much.

How to train and slim your thighs 

In addition to the exercises to perform. It is also essential to understand how to train. Here are some guidelines to make your program effective. 

  • Reps: If you want to build less muscle, do more reps for each exercise—for example, 15 instead of 20.
  • Load: the first few times, choose the pack suitable for your level of training, then depending on your goal and your physical abilities, increase the load progressively. In addition to the free body, it also trains the thighs with loads.
  • Perform multi-joint exercises: Make movements that involve both the upper and lower body in one activity. For example, do a combo squat with upward shoulder thrusts.
  • Do circuit workouts at a high, medium, and low intensity that involves the whole body: in this way, you work on both the cardio and the muscular part and train the muscles of the entire body. Entering interval workouts will help you burn more calories, boost metabolism, improve cardiovascular health and tone your thighs.

How to lose thigh fat?

  • Don’t neglect stretching: at the end of each workout, take a few minutes of trying to soothe your thighs and relieve muscle tension.
  • Find time to recover: don’t subject your thighs to exhausting workouts between cardio, weights, and endless bodyweight repetitions every day. You only risk straining your joints and getting injured. Incorporate slower, more static exercises, such as Pilates, into your workout routine. Listen to your body and take the time to recover.
  • Don’t neglect relaxation – spikes in stress cause your body to produce cortisol. This hormone, if in excess, can lead to storing more body fat. So take the time to train your breathing techniques, do meditation, listen to music, read, watch a good movie, have draining massage sessions useful for deflating the thighs. Do anything that allows you to get rid of the stress. 
  • Raise the legs to the wall: a great position to drain, reactivate the circulation, deflate the thighs and legs. 

Six Beauty tips to drain liquids and improve the appearance of the thighs

  • Make scrubs with dampening products at least twice a week.
  • After the shower, massage your thighs with specific creams or oils to drain, to improve circulation, and for cellulite. If you don’t have time, opt for shower gels or products to use directly in the shower, which have the same function.
  • Before taking a shower, use the body brush with natural bristles.
  • Try anti-cellulite cups.
  • Before you get out of the shower, spray a few jets of cold water on your thighs.
  • Get professional massages and treatments to deflate, drain your thighs and improve circulation. 

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