How to make powdered sugar?

Powdered sugar: what it is

Icing sugar is one of the most used confectionery preparations in pastry. It is, in fact, a very versatile product. We can use it to sprinkle the surface of our desserts and even decorate them, using, for example, lovely stencils. In this article, we read How to make powdered sugar?

In some preparations, then, icing sugar becomes essential, such as icings or sugar paste. Generally, icing sugar can also be used as a substitute for traditional sugar to prepare shortcrust pastry, biscuits, meringues, mousses, creams, parfaits, and in all those preparations to which we want to give a fine and smooth consistency.

Icing sugar: why prepare it at home

You have noticed that icing sugar costs much more than traditional sugar, so it’s worth saving, especially if we usually prepare many desserts. Therefore it is an ingredient that we use often. Furthermore, you may want to schedule a dessert that involves its use and not have it immediately available at home, and maybe we don’t want to go out and buy it.

Powdered sugar: how to make it at home

First, we will need a good blender and then, of course, the necessary ingredients. We are talking about components in the plural, as it is not enough to pour sugar into the blender and operate it to obtain powdered sugar worthy of the name. Still, you will only get a partial and unsatisfactory result. In reality, the same icing sugar that we find on the market, if you read the ingredients, contains a certain percentage of starch, which can vary from brand to brand, but it is still used. To make the icing sugar at home, then, we will respect a proportion. That is, every 100 g. of sugar needs the addition of 3 g. of starch. Also, if you prefer to get vanilla icing sugar, add half a sachet of vanillin powder, every 400 g. of sugar.

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Ingredients for making powdered sugar:

400 g of granulated sugar (or cane)

12 g of corn (or rice) starch

1/2 sachet of vanillin (optional)

Preparation to make powdered sugar:

The preparation is effortless. It is, in fact, a matter of pouring all the ingredients together inside the blender and operating it at maximum power for a minute, then check if the consistency is fine enough and, with the help of a spoon, take the product eventually deposited on the edges and add it to the rest of the sugar and continue to blend.

How to prepare icing sugar with the Thermomix:

More and more people have thermomix at home, a valuable help in the kitchen. If you too are lucky enough to have it, you can prepare your icing sugar using your robot directly. It is a question of pouring the same ingredients suggested above, for the preparation of icing sugar at home, with the blender, setting it at turbo speed for 7 seconds, it will be perfect and excellent.

Preservation of icing sugar

After having prepared our icing sugar, before using it, let’s transfer it to a container, possibly made of glass and perfectly clean and dry, and wait at least 30 minutes so that it does not lose its humidity. Afterward, please keep it away from light and heat sources.

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