How to plan a birthday party?

What could be nicer than having a great birthday party with family and friends? But before the celebration starts, the organization is on. There is nothing wrong with an impromptu party. However, many birthday children want to prepare a fantastic party for their guests and themselves. Here are our tips if you’re going to plan a particular birthday party.


The sooner, the better! As soon as the date and location for the birthday party are known, the invitation cards for the birthday can be written and sent. This information belongs on the invitation card:

  • Who is celebrating his birthday?
  • What day does the birthday party take place?
  • Where does the birthday party take place?
  • What time does the party start?
  • Should the birthday guests bring something?
  • Is it a theme party?
  • Do you want a particular dress code?
  • Are there overnight accommodations for the guests?

In addition, the guests at the birth should be asked for a short message whether they will accept the invitation. The birthday child’s phone number is also noted on the invitation.

Once the exact number of guests has been determined, the host can better plan all the other details of the birthday party.

Note: If too many guests cancel, the birthday child can postpone their birthday party. This is another reason why it is important to send out the invitations as early as possible and ask the guests for feedback.


After finding a convenient date to celebrate a birthday, the question arises: celebrate at home or rent a party room? Both variants have advantages and disadvantages.

Plan a birthday party at home

Anyone who has enough space for the birthday party and dares to play the role of the host can plan the birthday party at home. Celebrating at home is usually perceived as particularly stressful because you have to take care of everything yourself and, as the host, have to keep an eye on everything during the party.

  • Do the guests have enough to eat and drink?
  • Like, do drinks need to be refilled?
  • Do the party guests feel good?

So that the host does not have to worry about the physical well-being of the party guests all evening alone, you can, of course, rely on the help of friends and relatives. Indeed you can find someone who now and then fills the fridge with drinks, takes care of the music, and helps with tidying up in between. If everyone takes on one or two small tasks, the birthday party at home will be a successful celebration for everyone.

Celebrating a birthday in the garden

In particular, your garden offers an excellent location for a birthday party. If there is not enough seating available, neighbors can borrow garden chairs or borrow a beer tent set from a hardware or beverage store. A pavilion protects the party company if a rain shower is expected. A buffet with prepared dishes and various salads keeps the effort of catering for the birthday guests low. Grilling on a birthday is a good idea. You are guaranteed to find an experienced grill master – and even vegetarians and vegans have many delicious grilled specialties for the grill that taste delicious.

Tip: The neighbors should be informed about the planned birthday party in the garden, but they should be invited even better. This avoids trouble with the neighborhood.

Book a location for a birthday party

Although planning three weeks of preparation for a birthday party is usually a sufficient time window, it can make sense to start organizing earlier if you want to book a location. Especially in larger cities, popular spots are booked out months, sometimes even years in advance.

If you are planning a big birthday that you want to celebrate on a grand scale, you should find out very early on what lead time the location of your choice should be booked with. The same applies to popular restaurants and clubhouses that can be rented for private parties.


After the date and place of the birthday party have been determined, all further details about the party are organized. First of all, there is the question of whether you want to provide food, drinks, music and party decorations alone or with support, or if you wish to book a catering service and a DJ. In addition to the organizational effort, this is ultimately also a question of the budget available for planning the birthday party.

If finances are not an issue, it is easy to find a professional catering company that will plan all the birthday party details on behalf of the birthday child. Depending on the order, the caterer or event organizer takes on all organizational tasks, from the selection and booking of a suitable location to menu selection, selection of drinks, and decoration.

Which birthday meal for guests?

If you want to plan the birthday party yourself and take care of the party dinner, you should offer simple dishes instead of an elaborate menu. Hardly a birthday guest expects a festive menu. Various salads, sausages, meatballs, and canapés are still perfect party meals that you can’t go wrong with. You can find inspiration and recipe ideas for party meals here.

If a party buffet is offered, guests can help themselves to their hearts’ content from the buffet. So the host has plenty of time to celebrate a significant birthday with the guests.

Hosts who are experienced hobby cooks can, of course, let off steam creatively to serve unique dishes. Or even a multi-course menu for the birthday party. In general, however, the following applies: only prepare dishes that you are sure to master.

Which drinks do you offer at the birthday party?

Mineral water, lemonade, cola, and various juices are suitable as non-alcoholic drinks. A well-chilled juice spritzer is refreshing in summer, while hot orange juice or cocoa warms you in winter. It is particularly popular with little birthday guests.

At a birthday party, there is toasting and alcoholic drinks such as wine. Beer and sparkling wine should not be missing. High-proof liqueurs and hard spirits should at best be offered in moderation. A great alternative is a fruit punch. Cocktails, optionally with or without alcohol, complete the range of drinks for the party guests.

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