How to print from iphone?

Print with the iPhone: it works with AirPrint

A large number of documents are managed on many iPhones. In the business sector, these often have to be accessed and, if necessary, printed out while on the move. print from iPhone.  But WhatsApp messages also sometimes have to be printed. Fortunately, most devices support wireless printing.

To be able to print with the iPhone, the manufacturer recommends the Apple app AirPrint. This means that, for example, all of the print products can be sent wirelessly to a printer from all Apple devices, such as Mac, iPhone, or iPad, without the need for a particular printer driver on the devices.

Set up Apple AirPrint

Most modern printer models support AirPrint technology. To make this clear from the outset, you will find the AirPrint logo on many devices.

For the technology to be usable, both the iPhone and the printer must be in the same WiFi network. Within an app, with the content to be printed, you will usually find the share button shown as a small box with a forwarding arrow. You have to tap this and select the item Print in the subsequent pop-up menu. No particular facility is required.

Print from iPhone and use AirPrint – step-by-step instructions

First, you need to open the desired app on your iPhone that you want to print from. If you’re going to open the print option, you must tap on the small box with the forward arrow. Note that there are also apps that do not support printing.

On the “ Printer Options ” page, you can cancel the printing process or have it carried out. Before you tap Print, make sure to check which printer you are printing on. If necessary, you can select a different device here. This must be an AirPrint-capable printer. The standard number for a printout is 1. You can, of course, set the desired number individually.

On this app page, you can make all print settings, such as:

  • the number of prints
  • the printer used
  • double-sided or single-sided printing
  • Color or black and white
  • the print area
  • Image size and format

Here, if it does not matter email, WhatsApp message, a Word document, a table, or a photo want to print.

You can display the print queues or print jobs. With the iPhone 7, you have to double-tap the Home button to take a closer look at a single print job. The print job can be canceled with two more clicks.

Printing from iPhone without AirPrint

It is also possible to print with the iPhone on any standard printer without AirPrint. For Apple computers with the Mac OS X operating system, the Handyprint program is available free of charge. This will configure all printers available in the network as AirPrint printers. Advantageously, virtual printers can also be created here. Documents from the iPhone are saved as PDFs on the hard drive of the computer.

For Windows computers, for example, there is the Netgear Genie program from Netgear, with which you can also make your printer AirPrint-enabled. The advantage here is that you can use any router you want and not limit it to the Netgear models. A checkmark is places next to the printers found to function as wireless AirPrint printers in the setup menu. The other options that every printer manufacturer offers for their models will present later.

The prerequisite for this process is that the printer connects to the computer using a USB cable. The AirPrint software enables the printer to access via the wireless network.

Are there any differences between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 when it comes to printing?

The iPhone 7  equips with a 4.7-inch screen. The home button locates on the lower side of the housing, which also requires pressure control, among other things.

The iPhone 8 is only slightly larger, although the developers have omitted a home button. The new iPhone 8 has a 5.8-inch display on which a function bar is visible at the bottom. This also replaces the function of the home button for printer control.

Printing from the iPhone via the Fritzbox

Connecting a USB printer directly to the Fritzbox to later uses as an AirPrint printer is interesting. This assumes that the printer is AirPrint-capable. Such a printer can then addresses by all iOS devices in the home network. A printer without the AirPrint function can, in turn,  retrofit with the appropriate software. In this case, the software acts as an AirPrint server.

Print from iPhone with HP devices

Printing with the iPhone is also possible with HP printers. In this case, the HP printer should have the AirPrint logo. As a rule, these are all wireless HP printers that produce after 2010.

You can also use an HP printer without the AirPrint function. In this case, the printer manufacturer recommends its cloud-based service, ePrint. The HP ePrint app must first install on the iPhone. Then print jobs can send from the iPhone to the HP printer and monitored.

 Printing from iPhone with Canon printers

Most modern Canon printers are AirPrint compatible. A common WLAN network also requires here. The printing process starts on the iPhone in the usual way using the forwarding button and other setting options.

Canon also offers its own Easy Photo Print app. In addition, photos from the iPhone can print directly to the PIXMA and Selphy printers install via the local WLAN network. The AirPrint functionality expands with the help of the free Canon PRINT app.

Print from iPhone with Brother printers

Brother printers also support AirPrint if they have the appropriate logo. A wide variety of printer types can addresses via AirPrint from the iPhone without additional drivers.

In addition, Brother also offers its printing service. Brother has developed its iPrint & Scan app, especially for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Photos and documents can also send wirelessly from the smartphone to a Brother printer in the WLAN network.

Of course, the scan function you can control the scanner unit of a multifunction printer from Brother from the iPhone is engaging.

Printing from iPhone to a Samsung printer

Curiously, Apple’s worst smartphone competitor also supports the AirPrint function with its printers. As Airprint sometimes no longer works due to an update to the new Apple iOS version 8, Samsung offers its Mobile Print app as an alternative. This can downloads free of charge from the app store. With the Samsung Mobile Print App, you can scan, print, fax, check the level of your printer toner, and make all printer settings. This also works fine with an iPhone.

Print with iPhone using Epson printers

Most current Epson printer models are AirPrint compatible. These include, in particular, the Expression Home XP series and the WorkForce Pro series. The Epson printers can address in the usual way via an iPhone, whereby no additional printer drivers requires.

For Apple iOS and Android, you can also use the free Epson iPrint app. This allows a variety of file formats to  send from the smartphone to an Epson printer. Even a connection to personal cloud storage establish. Epson iPrint is, therefore, an exciting alternative to AirPrint.

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