How to Remove Acrylic Nails

Removing your acrylics at home can be tricky and most manicurists do not recommend doing so at home. But if your acrylics have grown enough, they need instant removal and you cannot visit the salon at the moment. Remove Acrylic Nails. Then you just have to do it yourself, to get rid of it and allow your natural nails to breathe.

Proper equipment, the right techniques, and some patience will help you remove your acrylics easily. So, the first thing is to figure out what are the tools that you need to remove acrylics.

Necessary Tools to Remove Acrylics Nails

You must have these tools at home to remove acrylics.

Nail File

Foam Nail Buffer

Pure Acetone Nail Remover

Cotton Balls

Aluminum Foil

A small bowl

Cuticle Pusher

Cuticle oil

All these tools are a must to have when you decide to remove acrylics at home. Without these tools, you cannot remove them easily.

Instructions to Follow:

Following are a few simple steps that you can follow and remove your acrylics easily without any damage to your natural nails.

File More Easy Removal

Filing the acrylics should be the first step and it is of great importance for easy removal of acrylics. Filing will make the top layer of the acrylics become thin and as a result, it will be easier to remove it. Do not be so harsh during the filling process to avoid any damage to your natural nails.

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File more but also stay gentle. Stop where you feel the top layer of acrylic has become thinner.

 Dip In Acetone

After filling remove the excessive dust with a brush or a wipe, and soak your nails. Soaking your nails in acetone is a vital step to remove acrylics. Take a bowl and add 100% pure acetone into it. Now dip your nails in the acetone for 15-20 minutes. Dip one hand at a time, and keeping checking, if the acrylic tends to peel off.

When the acrylic becomes soft and you feel it is now easy to remove, then take your hands out of the acetone.  

Buff Gently Again to Remove Acrylic Nails

After 20 minutes when you take your nails out of acetone, with the help of a cuticle pusher, slightly push the acrylics and try to remove them. You can also buff gently to remove the left-over acrylics from your nails. Buffing is best to remove such small pieces of acrylics from your nails, instead of being harsh on nails be gentle with your nails. You will easily get rid of all the acrylics with these simple and easy steps.

Protect Your Nails

Now that you have removed the acrylics, it is time to protect your natural nails. Apply cuticle oil all around your cuticles and prevent your natural nails. Do not apply any nail polish for a day and let your natural nails breathe.

 The small steps will be more beneficial to remove acrylics with less trouble and damage to natural nails.

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