How to stop diarrhea?

Diarrhea- a medical term used for the condition when a person has a loose, watery stool. It continues for a maximum of 2-3 days, but if it lasts for a long time, one should consult a physician immediately as it indicates other problems within the body. In the following article, we get to know about How to stop Diarrhea? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Short-period Diarrhea can come over alone or with other symptoms too. The symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, fever, bloating, cramps in the abdominal area, stool with blood, urge to go to the washroom so soon, and chair with mucus. Excessive Diarrhea may lead to dehydration which is dangerous for health.

Causes of Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be caused by various health conditions and diseases which may include:

  • Food poisoning – the bacteria available in contaminated food items and drinking stuff may cause food poisoning, which results in Diarrhea (loose, watery stool).
  • Lactose intolerance – a sugar (combination of glucose and galactose) named Lactose is present in milk and other products like yogurt, ice cream, etc. Some of us feel difficulty digesting Lactose. If they intake such products having Lactose, they get Diarrhea as a result because of Lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance in adults is much higher than in children because of the low level of enzyme Lactase to digest Lactose.
  • Antibiotics – medication that includes antibiotics can cause Diarrhea as it kills the good and bad bacteria of the intestine to end up an infection.

Dehydration caused by Diarrhea

Excessive loss of water through Diarrhea can lead to dehydration because a person will lose the electrolytes and fluids through watery stools. Dehydration in adults can be recognized when a person feels more thirsty. Passes less dark-colored urine has dry skin and mouth. And feels tired and dizzy. In contrast, dehydration in babies can be indicated by dry mouth and tongue. Having a diaper with less amount of urine, no tears while crying. And having a fever above 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to stop Diarrhea in babies?

To stop Diarrhea in babies, one should keep that baby hydrated. If a baby is breastfed, you should continue breastfeeding a baby as per his needs. He must continue drinking and feeding as usual to balance the lost electrolytes.

Secondly, a zinc supplement dose would prove suitable for an infant or baby to treat Diarrhea. 18mg – 20mg of zinc would be enough for 10 days for a baby or as prescribed by the pediatrician.

How to stop Diarrhea in adults?

Following are the ways to diminish Diarrhea in adults:

  • Over–the–counter medicines- Medicines are available without prescription like loperamide (Imodium), which helps slow down the digestion process and decrease the urge of bowel movement. These medicines are not for those having fever, infection, and stool with blood.
  • Antibiotics – these medicines help in getting rid of bacterial infection of the digestive tract.
  • Stay Hydrated – Diarrhea may lead to dehydration because of the loss of electrolytes. And fluid, so it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices.
  • Brat diet – Brat diet is one of the easy-to-digest foods, including banana, rice, toast, and applesauce.
  • Take small meals – Small meals should take so often to digest easily.

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