Nausea is never lovely. If you feel sick, you seldom can do anything as long as the bad feeling persists. How to stop nausea Sometimes there is even nausea – but only rarely does it help to vomit, and sometimes you are in a situation in which this is not even possible.

The classic home remedies for nausea: peppermint, chamomile, and fennel

It always applies, but the following applies, especially when something is wrong with the body: drink a lot! A warm tea calms the stomach – preferably unsweetened herbal tea. The essential oils soothe the stomach and regulate digestion. If it is also peppermint: all the better. Because mint has an antispasmodic effect and brings the tense situation in the stomach back into balance.

A few drops of mint oil in lukewarm water also help against nausea. But be careful: this is not for everyone – and the minty feeling in the throat takes getting used to.

Chamomile also has a calming effect on the digestive tract, especially the lining of the stomach. If nausea has a bacterial cause, the medicinal plant has a double effect because it has an antibacterial effect.

Neither peppermint nor chamomile tea in the house? Fennel has a similar calming effect thanks to its essential oils. It works best in combination with aniseed and caraway seeds as a digestive tea.

Important: How to stop nausea

 First of all, drink carefully: small sips do not put too much strain on the stomach. Little by little, you can gently add the helping fluid to your body. Drinking is probably the most straightforward home remedy for nausea. Even if you “only” drink water, make sure you take small sips – and no carbon dioxide! This puffs up the stomach and only increases the bad feeling.

Ginger: Great tuber with a significant effect

If you have fresh ginger at home, you can cut a 1 cm piece of it and pour hot water over it. Tip: Add a few more leaves of fresh mint, and the anti-nausea drink is perfect. Sweetening with honey is allowed. You should avoid sugar.

Ginger has an antibacterial effect and calms the stomach. Pregnant women should avoid too much ginger because it stimulates blood circulation – and can cause contractions.

Grandma helps carrot porridge or grated apples.

Do you still have carrots at home? Fantastic – even if you may not feel like eating, carrot porridge or carrot soup can help. Because the vegetables have a lot of fiber that can bind toxins. Wool is also helpful as a proper diet for irritable bowel syndrome. Just don’t season too much – preferably not at all! Try Moro’s carrot soup, for example – it also helps as a home remedy for diarrhea. As an alternative, you can also prepare mashed potatoes – but here too, please unseasoned.

Grated apples have a similar effect as a home remedy for nausea from grandmother’s time. It is best to rub it and then let it brown slightly. The apple wedges bind toxins in the digestive tract and are easy to digest.

The good old gruel: calms the stomach flora.

Nowadays, the gruel or porridge, which was so often disregarded, is better known as porridge and has long since become socially acceptable again. If the porridge is mixed with water, it can calm the stomach and stimulate digestion. As a home remedy for nausea, here too: please do not add sugar – at most with a bit of honey. And if possible, you should avoid milk if you feel sick. Like carbon dioxide, they can over-acidify the stomach and also contribute to nausea.

But it is best to use tender oat flakes. They are more easily digestible than the hearty ones.

A delicious, regular oatmeal breakfast is also healthy and can also prevent it, as it fills you up and keeps the digestive tract going.

Rusks and banana mash: get something in your stomach

Easily digestible food does not help directly against nausea, but it can at least calm the stomach by giving it a task: rusks or white bread are excellent.

Banana porridge also brings something to the stomach without putting too much strain on it – and the banana also gives the body vitamins and minerals on the way.

Warm broth: wholesome light food

Anyone who already suffers from vomiting or diarrhea or has exaggerated with alcohol the day before should add electrolytes to their body. This is easy to do at home with a light vegetable or chicken broth. But it shouldn’t have too much fat. Otherwise, it will be heavy in the stomach. The broth is best for nausea soup if you make it yourself (or have it made).

What doesn’t help: soup out of the bag. Because too often, there are hidden sugars or other additives in ready-made soups that can burden digestion.

Instead, use our recipe for chicken soup, which is also a tried and tested home remedy for colds. You can do without the insert and cook a little broth in reserve. It can be frozen wonderfully and quickly thawed in an emergency and – not too hot – sipped in small sips.

How to stop nausea?

By the way, there are not only home remedies for nausea but also actual natural antibiotics. Look:

In the face of resistance, the club does not always have to be used for mild complaints.  These foods act as natural antibiotics.  Sometimes naturopathy holds real treasures in store.

In the face of resistance, the club does not always have to be used for mild complaints. These foods act as natural antibiotics. 

Traditional home remedies for colds: The essential oils of thyme have an antibacterial effect and keep the pathogens of bronchitis and Co. in check.  You can prepare the medicinal plant as a tea or use it for inhalation.

In the face of resistance. The club does not always have to use it for mild complaints.  These foods act as natural antibiotics.  Sometimes naturopathy holds real treasures in store.

In the face of resistance. The club does not always have to be used for mild complaints. These foods act as natural antibiotics. Sometimes naturopathy holds real treasures in store. Lemon juice brings relief

Fresh lemon juice also helps – 

or you can suck a freshly cut slice of lemon. Vitamin C is also suitable for you. But be careful of too much acid: It can also upset the stomach. As with everything else: dose carefully and try out what is good for you.

Chewing gum: unconventional but effective How to stop nausea

If you feel sick along the way, give a piece of gum a try. It doesn’t have to have a peppermint flavor – even if we have already found out that the refreshing plant can help against nausea. However, it stimulates the production of saliva and thus digestion – and also distracts from nausea through the chewing movement.

A walk in the fresh air can be pretty beneficial when you feel sick.

Exercise and fresh air are good for you.

Additional home remedy for nausea: How to stop nausea

 Get out in the fresh air. This gets the circulation going and blows oxygen through the lungs. How to stop nausea Taking a deep breath can work wonders. Hopefully, if you can take a few more careful steps, you will feel excellent again quickly.

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