How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft: Tame & Ride Horse

Do you think it’s mind-washing and frustrating to play in the survival world of Minecraft? It certainly happens for many players, and they want something exciting. Of course, monsters, many biomes, Minecraft ores, and other things don’t make you bored, but sometimes, it’s not just fun to play in Minecraft. Minecraft lets you teleport. You can also use Elytra later in the game; that makes your game entertaining, but if you want to cheat or wait for later stages, you can use this alternative solution. That’s how to tame a horse in Minecraft and ride it. It’s a reliable and thrilling adventure to ride a horse in Minecraft.


Minecraft horses are easily found, run fast, and give extraordinary yet additional benefits to your combats while surviving in the Minecraft world. There is no difficulty in finding the Minecraft horses that match your skin and suits your character. However, it is not easy to learn how to tame a horse in your Minecraft quickly. But don’t disappoint because it’s a learnable skill, and you can master Minecraft horses. So, let’s first discuss how to tame a horse in your Minecraft.

Tame Your Horse in Minecraft:

What’s taming a horse? Do you know what is taming a horse in Minecraft? Let’s discuss it first. Taming a horse in Minecraft is a set of various processes, and you need to know the following points about it to learn and master your Minecraft horse.

how to tame a horse in minecraft
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How To Find A Horse In Minecraft:

Before learning to tame a horse in Minecraft, you need to find a suitable horse for your gaming skin. Maybe you need one horse from regular overworked horses, and they’re found in the groups because they spawn in groups in the following categories.

  • Plains
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Savanna
  • Savanna Plateau
  • Windswept Savanna
  • Villages

Do You Know?

Don’t worry if you have found a horse and think about what happens if it’s lost because at a time, you can find two to six horses with the same color, and their skin marks will be so different. However, if you don’t like a previously found horse with the same color, you can find another group.

Horse Types In Minecraft:

What types of horses do you like to ride in real life? You can always imagine their colors, skin patterns, and other things. So, the same applies to Minecraft horses. They have the following types of breeds of Minecraft horses.

  • White
  • Creamy
  • Chestnut
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black
  • Gray

According To The Minecraft Wiki:

Minecraft Wiki says there are a total of 35 types of different variants of regular horses you can find in Minecraft. What is the main difference between Minecraft horses? The main difference between Minecraft horses is their looks or cosmetics, but don’t doubt their abilities because Minecraft horses will always be powerful.

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How To Tame A Horse In Minecraft?

Now, it’s time to tame your Minecraft horse if you have decided which horse to ride. But before you tame your horse, start interacting with it because it’s similar to real life. In real life, people first interact with horses and then tame them. That means interacting with horses is part of their training. Once you interact with your horse, it will become comfortable with your character, and the horse might accept your owner’s request. The following are the steps of Minecraft horse taming. 

  • Find or navigate to finding your Minecraft horse, and it’s possible by finding a separate horse from the group. But remember that the horse must be the adult, and you must choose wisely.
  • Right-click or use any of the secondary action keys on the horse. It will let you mount the horse. The horse will get angry to push you off within a few seconds. 
  • Once you fall, mount again on the same horse and try again. Try as many times as possible, and once the horse gets comfortable, you will notice the Herts appearing on the horse’s top. It is a sign that the horse started liking you and accepted your ownership.

Temper Of Your Minecraft Horse:

Do you know what the temper of Minecraft horses is? It’s the rate of acceptance of your horses towards your player. You may see the temper rate from 0 to 99. Of course, the higher the temper rate, the higher the chances of taming your horse. Whenever you ride your horse, Minecraft increases the temper by 5 points. Hence, lucky, you can tame as many horses as possible.

Why To Tame Horse In Minecraft?

Do you think you can only use the horse to fight and ride in Minecraft? Think again. Once you tame your Minecraft horse, you can use the same horse for breeding, leading, fighting, and riding. However, many players know how to improve or increase the horse’s temper in Minecraft. Do you know how to do it? You can feed your horse some good food to increase his temper.

What To Feed A Minecraft Horse? 

Now, when you know that it’s easy to tame your Minecraft horse and increase its temperature by 5 points, you must be curious about what to feed it to increase its ability. Here is the full list of foods you can feed to Minecraft horses.

  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Apple
  • Golden Apple
  • Golden Carrot

After Taming Your Minecraft Horse:

What else can you feed your tamed Minecraft horse? If the horse is tamed, you can feed your horse hay bale. It’s the best food you can feed to your Minecraft horse because this food has higher healing power and the best energy for your Minecraft horse. 

How To Make Your Minecraft Horse Breed?

Feed your Minecraft horse golden Apples and golden carrots because these magical foods force your Minecraft horse to breed, but if you don’t want a baby horse, you must not feed your Minecraft horse a golden Apple or golden carrots. Remember to stick only to nongolden foods. Anything golden your horse eats will make it breed. Of course, when you feed your Minecraft horse golden food, the horse’s tempter will increase by 10 points.

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Ride Your Tamed Minecraft Horse:

When you have finished taming your Minecraft horse, it will always let you mount it, and you don’t need to worry about it. So, don’t fear, and mount your horse fearlessly because it won’t push you off, and that’s what you can say you have learned how to tame a Minecraft horse. However, do you know that your tamed horse won’t let you drive it or steer it in the preferred direction, even if it lets you mount it? So, how to ride your tamed horse in Minecraft? Once you tame your Minecraft horse, you must counter and control it; to do it, you must find your saddle in Minecraft. Hence, your focus is on the saddle when you have tamed your Minecraft horse. 

How To Get A Saddle In Minecraft?

However, there is no direct way to craft your saddle in Minecraft, but don’t worry because one indirect way to claim your saddle in Minecraft is chest loot. You can find one saddle for your Minecraft horse from the following locations.

  • Villages
  • Dungeons
  • Bastion Remnant
  • Desert Temples
  • End Cities
  • Jungle Temples
  • Nether Fortresses
  • Strongholds
  • Ancient Cities

Using Saddle In Minecraft:

Now that you have obtained your saddle, it’s time to know how to use the saddle in Minecraft. Here are the easiest steps to perform and ride your tamed horse in Minecraft.

Come near your tamed horse, right-click on it (or use the secondary action key), but remember to keep the saddle in your hand. 

While riding your horse, press the inventory key (I) and see what’s inside the horse’s inventory. This is the place to place the saddle in the slot given for the inventory. Once it’s done, your horse will equip the saddle.

What’s Horse Inventory In Minecraft?

When you understand how to tame a horse in Minecraft, you must also learn about your horse’s inventory. When you see your horse ready, use your movement keys to control your horse. It will help the horse move faster than your player. The horse can also jump to a longer range. 

how to tame a horse in minecraft
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Can You Ride Your Tamed Minecraft Horses?

No! You can only tame and ride your horse in Minecraft when the horse is an adult. Hence, feed the baby horse to let him grow into an adult and then think about taming and riding the horse. The adult horse can be tamed and rode quickly.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to tame a horse in Minecraft? If you still have any queries regarding how to tame and ride your Minecraft horse, let us know. We have discussed getting familiar with your Minecraft horse, how to tame it, how to ride it, what’s inventory, how to use a saddle to ride a Minecraft horse, how to get your saddle, and more.

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