How to use snapchat?

It’s straightforward. Snapchat makes it easy for you to send images and videos that you don’t want to share indefinitely or that you don’t want to be saved on the devices of your friends or followers. How to use snapchat The content is more private than in other Social Networks. From here, we also provide advice for using Snapchat in digital marketing. Very helpful!

How to upload photos and videos?

Once you have registered and have your profile, you must use the app as a self-destructing instant messaging portal. Very Inspector Gadget for the less young!

How to use Snapchat to send photos: You have to press the circular button at the bottom of the screen.

Using Snapchat to send videos: You have to press the same button but keep this button pressed for as long as you want the video to last (the maximum being 10 seconds).

How to add friends on Snapchat? How to use snapchat

As in all social networks, you need to know how to use Snapchat to create a network of friends and get the most out of this platform.

To add friends to Snapchat, you have to go to the “My Friends” panel, which can be accessed by sliding the main screen to the right or just by pressing the icon that has three horizontal lines parallel to each other. Once there, you will be in the right place to add your friends since you will know how to use Snapchat to synchronize your contact list and add all your friends with a Snapchat account.

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This is not the only way to get friends since the easiest and fastest way is to enter the contact name or Snapchat nickname in the search engine that appears at the top of the same friend’s panel.

Anyone wondering how to use Snapchat to contact famous people can follow eye-catching accounts of famous people or institutions that use this social network often by entering their nicknames if they make it public. Here is one of the most striking and exciting points of how to use Snapchat and where it shows its most social side by following the activity of your favorite public figures and brands daily.

Recipients of my Snapchats: “My story.”

There is the possibility of publishing your photos and videos in “My story,” and where all the contacts follow, you will view them for 24 hours.

If you only want to send them to one friend or several, take the photo or video you want to share and mark your friends that you want them to receive.

Remember: snaps disappear after you look at them! How to use snapchat

If you want to open a chat with a friend, you have to slide your finger to the right and look for the contact’s name, again slide your finger on the character and open the chat section (where you can share text as well as photos and videos).

Editing your photos How to use snapchat

How can using Snapchat be so easy and fun?

This application offers us the possibility to edit our photos and videos in the purest Instagram style, with filters of different shades, geofilters depending on the city or country you are in, the time you took the photo, the temperature, and the speed you were going if you were moving at the time of capture. You can also add speed to your videos or reduce it to see them in slow motion, just by sliding your finger to the right or left.

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Snapchat allows users to draw on their photos and videos, write texts on them … All with a maximum of 30 characters. These characteristics make Snapchat position itself in much more than a traditional messaging service. So a platform for exchanging ingenuity, creativity, and humor is created, leaving the conversation in the background.

How do you choose how long your friends can view your photos or videos?

You have to go to the bottom left, and you can click on the clock icon and choose the time that the image will last. Too easy!

How to use Snapchat Lenses? How to use snapchat

Snapchat Lenses is one of the most striking novelties, and that has given the best results to the yellow application. The lenses are special effects that use real-time facial recognition, so you can see how your movements affect the lenses instantly. Sometimes the lenses are interactive, and you have to perform a specific direction to produce a particular effect (such as opening your eyes or mouth).

Now we can also change the face with ourselves in a photo or with the image of any person. Yes, yes, as you read it!. Snapchat will take care of recognizing the photographed face, scanning its features, and applying them in real-time on your face. So if you dreamed of looking like Cristiano Ronaldo, at least now you can have his face!

These lenses use before taking your photo or video; however, the filters add once they have been made, but this does not mean that you cannot combine both in the same Snap.

And all this is the main thing to start thoroughly enjoying Snapchat. Does it still seem complicated to you how to use. I hope this tutorial has helped you; now you have to put it into practice. Enjoy Snapchat!

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