how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

We lose around 100 hairs a day, that’s quite normal. However, if you notice more and more hair on the brush and maybe even bald spots on the head, there could be an imbalance in the body. How to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally As a result.  Hair growth disturbs and hair falls out more.

Genetics, an unbalanced diet, stress, aggressive hair care products: there are many different causes of hair loss, which fortunately have been well researched. Scientists today have a pretty good understanding of what is going on in the body. And that has something to do with the natural hair cycle.

Hair loss: when the natural hair cycle disrupt

Our hair grows in three different phases:

  1. Growth phase (anagen phase): In the first phase, the hair fiber is formed in the hair follicle and becomes longer and thicker over time. Typically, over 85 percent of your hair is in the first phase.
  2. Transition phase (catagen phase): The hair is then remodeled in the transition phase. The hair growth comes to a standstill, the hair follicles shrink and keratinize in the end. This affects about three to five percent of your mane.
  3. The loss phase (telogen phase) now follows the final phase in which the hair falls out. Between ten and 15 percent of your hair is in the loss phase.

With increased hair loss, these processes are disturbed. There is less hair in the growth phase and too much in the transition and loss phase. And that’s exactly why we suddenly discover so much fancy hair in the shower or on clothes.

Fortunately, we don’t have to put up with it. Hair loss can be treated! Often a few measures that you can carry out at home to stimulate hair growth can help. Try the following strategies – they can stop hair loss.

1. Ginseng

Thicker, full hair through pure plant power? This is actually possible if you choose to take natural ginseng extracts. In a study from 2018, researchers found that the hair is stimulated to grow by the medicinal plant. Experiments showed that ginseng extracts inhibit the hair fiber failure phase. As a result, more hair stays on the head, the mane feels stronger and has more volume.

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Ginseng contains so-called ginsenosides, which protect the body from diseases, stimulate cell metabolism, and are supposed to balance hormonal imbalances. This is exactly why the extracts of the medicinal plant are so effective against hair loss. Ginseng is now used in many shampoos and conditioners – the external use is still controversial.

2. Caffeine shampoos for hair loss

Perhaps you’ve already spotted them on the drugstore shelves: caffeine shampoos that should stop hair loss. If the products contain a high proportion of caffeine, these beauty aids can actually help to slow down hair loss. You can recognize this by the fact that the term  “caffeine” appears very high in the list of ingredients.

Caffeine is said to increase the number of hair follicles and also extends the natural growth phase of the hair fiber. This allows you to accelerate hair growth and the hair fiber will fall out later. However, a caffeine shampoo can only work properly if you let it sit in your hair for two to three minutes. The caffeine takes time to penetrate the hair follicles. Alternatively (or additionally) you can also opt for a caffeine tincture, which is massaged into the scalp.

Plus point: caffeine is not only supposed to promote hair growth – you can also get thicker hair as a result.

3. Microneedling

The micro-needling beauty technique is actually mainly used on the face. To do this, you run a so-called micro-needling roller, also known as a derma roller, over the skin. The highlight: a number of fine needles are attached to the roller, which stimulates the top layer of skin and thereby stimulate cell renewal. This reduces wrinkles and blemishes.

Microneedling is also said to work wonders for hair loss if the derma roller is gently rolled over the scalp. This stimulates the hair follicles, which elongates the hair’s growth fiber. And as a result, less hair falls out.

And don’t worry: needles may sound painful at first. But in fact they are so small and thin that you will only feel a tiny peek during treatment.

4. Stop hair loss with a Mediterranean diet

Reach for olive oil, vegetables, and fish: According to a study, a Mediterranean diet is said to prevent hair loss. Especially if it is hereditary. The reason is that of nutrition contains plenty of important vitamins for hair, including Vitamin E and A . As a result, hair grows back faster and stronger. 

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5. Scalp massages

Good scalp care is essential for anyone looking to stop hair loss. The hair follicles, in which hair growth takes place, locate in the scalp. Therefore, pay a little more attention to your scalp if you want to stimulate your hair growth.

A study from 2016 showed that a four-minute scalp massage is enough to prevent hair loss and allow hair to grow back faster.

6. Apply onion juice

Admittedly. The following tip takes some getting used to. But actually scientifically proven. Experts were able to prove in 2014 that fresh onion juice can effectively reduce hair loss . After the application, more hair grew on bald spots on the scalp of the participants.

So: Be brave, puree an onion, place on a sieve cloth and catch the liquid. Who wants to be beautiful, you have the smell of onions in buying take (the flies fortunately after shampooing)!

7. Stop hair loss with coconut oil

It is not without reason that coconut oil is considered a real beauty all-rounder. The high-quality vegetable oil from coconut is said to care for cracked skin, conjure up long eyelashes and now also help against hair loss. Researchers were able to prove the latter through a study in which the oil massage onto the scalp. Coconut oil is said to help with hair loss caused by UV radiation or incorrect hair care products.

Tip: Apply coconut oil to the length of your hair – the perfect natural hair treatment! Due to the essential fatty acids.

8. The LLLT method against hair loss

The LLLT method is still somewhat unknown, but effective . This is the short form of the English term “Low-Level-Laser Therapy” . The name says it all : During the treatment, red laser light is radiated onto the scalp . Don’t worry, this type of laser doesn’t hurt at all. How to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally You will only feel a slight sensation of warmth or tingling.

The laser light is supposed to improve the absorption of nutrients by the hair roots . This allows the hair to grow back stronger, faster and more densely. Also practical: Thin hair should be thicker with the LLLT method. How to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally Treatments are now offered by some cosmetic studios and dermatologists. LLLT method, also known as red light therapy, has other advantages too. Check here to know what are the benefits of red light therapy.

Stop hair loss and get thicker hair – the tips presented here can help. In severe cases, however, you shouldn’t be afraid to see the doctor. How to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally Sometimes special medications need to manage extreme hair loss.

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