How to write a formal letter?

Many of us communicate primarily through emails, messages, and social media platforms. If you have to apply for a job or make any official complaints, you should write a formal letter to the receiver. 

A good personality impacts a good impression; in the same way, words also positively impact the reader.

How to write a formal letter?

This article will guide you to write a formal letter about the layout, tone, and language you should follow. 

Types of formal letters:

Following are the types of formal letters we write:

  • Letter for job application
  • The Letter for promotion
  • Letter for resignation
  • A cover letter
  • Memorandum letter

These are the few causal letters type listed here but, the list goes on.

Let’s begin with the steps:

Writing an eye-catching formal letter is necessary to build up your career and business. Follow these steps to write a formal letter.

  1. How to start a formal letter – start your letter with the name, address, and then date.

Name of sender



  1. Followed by the recipient’s name, the designation, name of the company, and date.

Name of the recipient

Role in the company

Company’s name


  1. The following details would be helpful for the receiver after when he discards the envelope of the letter. 
  1. Begin it formally – your letter starts with greeting the one to whom you are writing this letter. That starts with ‘Dear’ with the name of the designation the person is associated with. 
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  1. Body of the letter – the body or material is written in every formal letter varies according to the letter’s subject. So, to avoid mistakes few things you should keep in mind before sending the letter. 
  2. Your letters should be clear and to the point. The objective of the business letter you are writing should be focused and crystal clear so that the reader can understand it easily.
  3. Don’t use contractions. Use the words completely to avoid any misunderstanding.
  4. Revise your letter 2 to 3 times to proofread before sending it to the recipient. No mistakes will impact your flawless impression.
  5. The body of the formal letter includes short paragraphs. Each para should have 3 – 4 sentences. 
  6. Ending the letter – After the closing paragraph of the body, a complimentary closing added. There should be a space between these two.
  7. The complimentary ending comprises a polite word like ‘Sincerely,’ your signature and name.



Name of sender

Now, proofreading your letter is necessary to make it error-free. Give a final touch, and your formal letter is ready to send.

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