How to write a reference letter?

You may be asked to write a reference letter for your friends, colleague, or employee for the sake of their future and a promising career. If you have reached this article, you may be asked to write a reference letter. No worries at all. This article will guide you on how to write a reference letter.

Why do we write reference letters?

Before we get to the structure for this type of letter, we need to know the basics of a reference letter and why we need to write one? Reference letters composed of an individual’s characteristics and capabilities in a positive way who you have collaborated with or are familiar with. The reference letter is used to determine an individual’s eligibility for the possibility they’ve applied to. A reference letter could be required when applying for any job or an internship application. If you want to compose an excellent reference letter, you can follow this guide. Writing a non-reference letter is superior to writing a poor one, as it creates on the person who reads it.

Your recommendation letter should be single-spaced with left alignment. Each paragraph should have a “1” margin. The font of the recommendation letter should be a professional font that includes Time New Roman, Calibri, Ariel, etc., with a font size of 10 to 12 points maximum. Writing a 3 to 4 paragraphed reference letter would be great to emphasize the qualities of a person and why to select the candidate you are recommending. Less than three paragraphs show that you are unaware of the person you recommend.

How to write a reference/recommendation letter?

Listed below are the steps you can follow to write a recommendation letter:

  • Your letter should begin with salutations. The salutations include “Dear Hiring Manager” (for job purpose), “Dear Admission Committee” (for internship purpose), or to whom it may concern (while writing a general reference letter).
  • Your first para shows your designation and the relationship with the one for whom you are writing a reference letter. You have to clarify which company you are writing for whom and for which designation and company.
  •  In the second, third, and or more paragraphs, you have to describe the attributes and qualities of a person to whom you are referring. In these paragraphs, you can include examples where you have seen the person fulfilling their skills bringing up the level of the work.
  • End your letter by informing them that you can tell them more about the referred person if needed. Mention there your contact details so that, if required, they can easily reach you out.
  • Add a handwritten signature at last with your details and name. If sending through email, then type your name and contact details.

This is how you can write a reference letter for your loved ones. Either friends or family or any other in person. Just remember to write a positive one.

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