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So, you’ve already known that Karuma is no more! Yes, that is shocking for fans. Do you want to know if Boruto is Stronger against Naruto? Most Naruto Next Generations anime series fans are too curious to know about these two of the most popular characters. In this article, we will talk about how and if Boruto can surpass Naruto or not. So, you get the answer to your question, “Is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto?” Moreover, we will also discuss the ways that prove Boruto can not surpass Naruto. So, let us begin with this article.

Naruto Next Generations Anime Series:

Boruto is one of the anime series that provides fans some interesting turns and events that are thriller and full of suspense. Recently, fans like you have seen Karuma dying. It has put fans on a sad side. Of course, a Nine-Tailed Fox, Karuma, that Naruto had. So, when she died, Boruto fans want to know if Boruto, can now cross Naruto or not. However, what we know about Next Generations Anime Series is that the writers and developers had always crossed the previous versions.

Will Boruto Be Able To Surpass Naruto?

First, you must know that Boruto Uzukami is a powerful and young shinobi who is Naruto’s son. Boruto is known to be one of the greatest protagonists and looking forward to creating his unique identity among fans. Of course, he has proved that he deserves a unique identity several times. So, is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto?

We all know that Naruto lost his Fox Karuma and now is known as weaker than before. Still, fans know that Naruto is one of the strongest heroes. He also proved his strength and powers many times. However, it is a common belief that Naruto had Karuma inside him. Of course, this tailed beast was his best companion. So, fans believe he has not yet lost Karuma, but the fact is that Fox has gone.

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That’s why the fans think Boruto is even powerful now. However, we can not decide what Manga and anime series writers have in their minds. The only thing we know is that the next upcoming episodes. It will prove who surpasses whom. 

Still, there are some facts and reasons we can use. So, you can think Boruto is Stronger Than Naruto.

Reasons Boruto Can Be Stronger:

  • He has a pure chakra from the Safe of Six Path. Borutos parents are Naruto and Hinata. Hinata also has one chakra from Sage’s younger brother. What does it mean? Of course, Boruto had both these pure chakras.
  • Even though Boruto is young, he’s the master of the nature of transformation. So, it is unlike his father, Naruto. So in the future, we can expect he will improve even better than Naruto.
  • Moreover, Boruto got a unique Dojutsu. It lets him take chakras from people. Do you know that Naruto could not do it? Moreover, he can use chakra pathways and Key Points. Additionally, he had one Karma seal to make him even powerful.
  • Naruto can teach his son, Boruto, about his skills, experience, and knowledge he had. So, Boruto can improve. It’s an additional advantage to Boruto because Naruto had no one to teach him.

What Are The Ways Boruto Can Surpass Naruto?

In this section, we will discuss ten ways. Both Boruto and Naruto can surpass each other in five ways. So, we will talk about the ways that Boruto can use to cross his father and the ways he can not. So, the question, Is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto will no longer be a question.

Fives Ways Boruto Can Surpass Naruto:

Impressive Nature Transformation:

Boruto is young, but fans want him to surpass his father. One way it is possible is that he improves his nature transformation. The reason is that Boruto’s father, Naruto, didn’t have this skill. However, Boruto has born with these skills. That’s why he could be possibly surpassing his father. So, when Boruto improves his abilities, he possibly crosses his father, Naruto, and becomes more powerful.

Naruto Has Dojutsu:

Boruto uses a unique Dojutsu that no one has. His Dojutsu let him use chakras with more clarity. So, he can use its pathways and key points. Boruto is eligible to see through some invisible barriers and dimensions.

So, Boruto has this unique ability to make him Stronger than Naruto. Of course, Naruto didn’t have this ability. However, we don’t know if writers make him the holder of this ability in the future.

Powerful Teachings:

Boruto has blessings in a form of his parents. He can learn as many things as possible from his father. At the same time, Naruto was not that lucky because there was no one to teach him. However, we are not sure if Naruto officially trains his son Boruto to become an even stronger warrior. But what we can expect him to do is that he can pass some essential wisdom he has to his son. Both of his parents are alive and well. But when Naruto was born, both his parents had died. So, Boruto has this advantage against his father.

Boruto Comes With Karma Seal:

Boruto does not have a tailed beast like his father but has a presence of seal inside him from Momoshiki Otsutsuki. The karma seal is a method. There, the carrier can use it to reincarnate. So, Boruto has this powerful ability that makes him unique.

He can use the Karma seal to develop himself into a better version of his own. So, he can have access to incredible powers and abilities. He can already absorb Ninjatsu and Manifest dimensional portals through his Karma seal. So, this power is dangerous, and he can surpass his father.

The Student Of Sasuke:

Do you know Sasuke? He could create the same effects on Boruto as his father, Naruto. He would never try to kill Boruto in his training. The reason is that he would push this young and talented shinobi to grow even powerful. So, Sasuke can pass his experience and knowledge to Boruto that he has gathered after years.

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Five Ways Boruto Can’t Surpass His Mother:

Naruto’s Ambition:

One of the reasons why Boruto can not be powerful than Naruto is that Naruto has his ambition. We know that from the beginning of the Manga and anime series, Naruto wanted to increase his powers again opponents. So, he did only those things that helped him achieve his goal. On the other hand, Boruto showed no interest in becoming a Hokage. He only wants to become a tough Ninja-like Sasuke. So, both father and son have different ambitions and goals.

Naruto’s Safe Mode:

Do you know that Naruto has sage mode? He has reserved a Massive chakra that lets him train in Senjutsu. So, he could learn to balance the natural energies through his chakra. So, he knows how to enter into a sage mode. He can enhance his powers and abilities when in Sage Mode.

We are not sure. But, we can see Boruto entering to train in Senjutsu. However, we don’t know if he is interested in doing it or not. So, he possibly never do it. It keeps his father, Naruto powerful than him. So, the question Is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto is no longer a valid question.

Naruto’s Six Paths:

Do you know that Naruto is the reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki? Yes, it’s true. So, he’s already more powerful. Moreover, he had increased his power when Hagoromo handed him the power of six paths sage mode. It improved his skills and capabilities. He can fly and manifest the truth-seeking balls. He also modified his combat abilities and beyond them.

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Naruto’s Karuma:

Of course, Karuma had died in the recent episodes. However, the power of this nine Tailed Fox is still inside Naruto. So, he can access incredible powers. So, he could increase his powers and access Karuma’s chakra. So, he can now fight as offensive and defensive both.

Sasuke Pushing Naruto As A Rival:

Do you know the entire story of Naruto? The essential turn in his life was friendship and the rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha. These are two of the most powerful shinobis. They want to kill each other. Then Sasuke didn’t force him to get stronger. What we think is, if Naruto had stopped growing up, Sasuke could have probably killed him. So, he had to keep growing and increasing his powers. However, they both are friends now, but the rivalry pushed him to become stronger.

Wrapping Up:

Do you still want to know if is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto? In this article, we have discussed almost all possibilities we can see Boruto surpassing his father. Moreover, we also discussed the ways Boruto can not cross his father. So, we are sure you have understood how strong both father and son are. We would like to know what you think about Boruto and Naruto. Who will become more powerful in the next episodes?