Is Separate Ways, the Expansion of the Powerful Remake of Resident Evil 4, Really Worth It

The expansion titled “Separate Ways” enriches the already outstanding horror video game Resident Evil 4 Remake by adding content that was originally missing. For those who experienced the original Resident Evil 4 on the PlayStation 2, Separate Ways may be a familiar side story. It explores the adventures of Ada Wong within the Resident Evil 4 universe.

During the development of the Remake version of the game, fans were curious about the fate of this intriguing subplot. It turns out that the expansion has been released, albeit with a modest price tag. Then the question arises: does the price adequately justify the release of the expansion at such a late moment?

Everything Revolves Around Ada Wong

In Separate Ways, Ada Wong takes center stage as a completely unique character, different in both game mechanics and management from Leon, the protagonist of the main story. During the main story of Resident Evil 4, Ada Wong appears several times and it becomes apparent that she plays a key role in the development of the game’s story. This expansion gives players the opportunity to experience the game’s story from her perspective, including her arsenal and special abilities. Although some locations are revisited, the expansion feels like a whole new experience. Its short duration serves as a fitting complement to the main game, enhancing the overall experience.

Ada has a significant advantage over Leon when it comes to moving around the game’s ecosystem, thanks to her trusty grapple hook. This tool allows her to reach areas that were previously inaccessible, allowing her greater mobility. While her arsenal of weapons may not be as extensive as Leon’s in the main game, these limitations do not detract from the enjoyment of playing as her character. The expansion even includes certain boss fights that veterans of the series may be familiar with as previously missing content, and it is a pleasure to see these fights reintroduced in an updated and improved form.

The Separate Ways Expansion Is Structured in Chapters, Similar to the Main Game, but Shorter in Length

The developers used this opportunity to create a more coherent narrative, tying together some story threads that were left unresolved in the main story. While the expansion may not be considered necessary to enjoy the Resident Evil 4 Remake–given that the original game still stands strong–it is highly recommended, especially considering its affordable price; this is important in an era where game expansions often come with high prices and are sometimes part of season passes.

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In contrast to the main game, which features an extensive scenario lasting over 10 hours, Separate Ways is a fast-paced game that emphasizes action more than dialogue. This focus ensures that the game stays interesting throughout the different chapters. While Leon’s main mission is to save the president’s daughter, Ada is on a completely different mission. The expansion also manages to develop Ada’s character in a way that the original game did not, elevating her from secondary character status to a more complex and integral part of the story.

The Grappling Hook Not Only Facilitates Unique Ways of Moving, but Introduces Innovative Fighting Tactics

Although the grappling hook’s use is limited to certain locations, it proves invaluable when the player is confined or overwhelmed by enemies. While additional functionality for the grappling hook would be welcome, its current capabilities are quite satisfactory, especially considering the expansion’s affordable price and the wealth of new content it introduces.

Separate Ways is not the only addition in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The game also features unlockable characters in its own mode, “Mercenaries”, including fan favorites like Wesker and aforementioned Ada Wong. While the Mercenaries mode is fun, it can get a bit monotonous over time. The inclusion of new characters refreshes the mode, providing players with fresh motivation to revisit and complete all levels, serving as a welcome bonus to the overall gameplay experience.

How Popular Horror Video Games Are

Indeed, one of the most well-liked genres of video games is and always has been horror. It may seem strange that players would choose to enter a spooky, disturbing environment that effectively frightens them. But there is something inherently captivating about these games.

When you first consider fear, you would assume that people would try to avoid it. It is a frightening feeling that most individuals would find unsettling. However, it seems that this is not the case when it boils down to video games. Among the most well-liked genres of video games has always been horror. It seems that gamers enjoy frightening themselves.

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However, people appear to like a wide variety of games and films with a horror theme, not just video games. Slot machines with vampire themes are among the most well-liked in the online gaming industry. Try some of these on the best PayPal bookmakers in 2023 at that have a casino section on their websites; you will not regret it, trust us! There are other online casino games with a horror theme, not simply vampire games. Even when we play video games for real money, we still seek the enjoyable pleasure that fear brings to the experience. But why are these horror video games so well-liked, exactly?

The most apparent response is that danger is something we experience. We feel the adrenaline surging through our bodies as a result of the excitement of risk. The release of adrenaline causes a rush of excitement to flow through the body. Therefore, it makes sense that humans would experience pleasure even if the sensation was frightening. It is quite similar to the sensation of being on a rollercoaster. The fact that this is in a safe environment distinguishes it from a dangerous situation, so even though we experience fear, we are aware that we are not in danger. It is a fun social gaming experience because you may frequently play horror games with your pals at the same time.

Final Verdict

Let us now answer the question from the article’s title: Yes.

There are more gameplay elements more tasks to perform, and more content, yet Resident Evil 4 remains at its core. That is ideal for the majority of gamers, we are sure. For only $9.99, there is an incredible lot of content available, and anyone who liked the main game will find Separate Ways to be a ton of fun. The expansion came to Resident Evil 4 on September 21 and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.

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