What is JAMB Efacility, and How to Use it?

JAMB efacility entryway is where you can do a lot of things directly from your room. At this point, you don’t need to visit the bistro aside from when you need to print out certain reports. JAMB e-facility entry had made things simple for understudies of any level. Section level understudies, direct passage understudies, the individuals who need to concentrate low maintenance, and sandwiches understudies can utilize the JAMB E-facility gateway. Anybody keen on learning at a noun can likewise make a simple instalment from JAMB E-facility Portal. 

Method to use JAMB Efacility, The Step by Step Guides 

As I said, this is a bit by bit control. When you visit JAMB E-facility Portal, you should sign in to get to the dashboard. Your JAMB efacility username and the secret word is the equivalent username you utilized during your first JAMB enrollment. JAMB E-facility username is your email address. JAMB E-facility secret key should be a similar secret word utilized during enrollment. After an effective login to the dashboard, you will see your name, enrollment number, and an invite message. 

Beneath that, you will be available with the alternative to choose the year you need to recover data from. For instance, if you composed JAMB in 2018 and you get admission, you can choose 2018 UTME. JAMB would recover all your information, and from here, you can print the admission letter. Guarantee you select the right year, you need to get data from, and until JAMB discharges aftereffect of a current year, you may not discover the year among the rundown. 

Profile on JAMB efacility: 

You can see your profile from this spot. In any case, you can’t make any remedies. I will show you where to apply for revision as you read all. Tapping on the picture will take you straightforwardly to your JAMB E-facility profile. 

NOUN enlistment: 

You don’t need to trouble yourself going back and forth NOUN closest focuses or bank to pay for NOUN enlistment. From the JAMB E-facility Portal dashboard, you can make simple instalment. Tapping on the picture will take you straightforwardly to your JAMB E-facility NOUN enlistment. 

JAMB UTME Examination slip: 

Before JAMB efacilityassessment day, you can print out your JAMB slip whatever number of times you expect it under the circumstances for nothing out of pocket. 

Check UTME JAMB MOCK assessment results: 

They plan this segment for the individuals who partook in the JAMB MOCK assessment. The reason for the JAMB MOCK test is to get you acquainted with the assessment methodology and set you up to pass JAMB questions. 

Print results slip: 

This JAMB E-facility segment makes it simple to print out your outcome old or current outcome JAMB result, which is each fundamental for admission screening. 

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Part-time enlistment: 

With JAMB E-facility Portal, you would now be able to pay for low maintenance enlistment. JAMB would consequently make your name accessible to schools offering low maintenance programs without you pushing. 

Sandwich enlistment: 

Even though Sandwich is an additional low maintenance program, it is specifically intended for instructors. So if you’re one of such, you can, without much of a stretch, register for a sandwich program on JAMB efacility

My instalment: 

This part shows all your installment records in one spot. You can see the forthcoming instalment and fruitful instalment in one sitting. Likewise, you can whine through this gateway if you’re having issues with instalment. 

Check admission status: 

This is the place where you check if you’ve been conceded or not. Checking admission status on JAMB E-facility is free. You can acknowledge or dismiss temporary admission through JAMB CAPS.

Admission letter: 

From this spot in JAMB E-facility Portal, you can download your admission letter (if you get admission and have acknowledged the admission). An admission letter is a prerequisite for departmental screening. 

Regularize admission: 

If you got admission through the direct passage into any Nigeria college without going through JAMB, it implies you have no record with JAMB, no enrollment number, no admission letter, and all things considered, not qualify for NYSC. To address that, JAMB anticipates that you should visit JAMB E-facility and regularize your admission. Subsequently, JAMB regularization is the way toward including required data JAMB data set through JAMB E-facility in other to qualify for NYSC. Visit to understand more. 

Presently, this isn’t everything you can do on JAMB CAPS Efacility Portal; there is a three-line at the JAMB E-facility site’s upper right. Snap-on those four lines, and you will see an enormous drop-down menu like the picture underneath. From this menu, you can perform additional activities, for example, Change of information, recover enrollment information, change UTME to Direct Entry, download JAMB leaflet, and some more. I accept, you presently realize JAMB E-facility involves and how to utilize it. You can likewise check JAMB CAPS and steps to acknowledge or dismiss a temporary letter. 

Instructions to Check JAMB facility Admission Status on Your JAMB Profile through JAMB CAPS and How to Reject or Accept Your Admission Offer 

You can check your admission status on the JAMB CAPS gateway by following the basic advances laid out beneath. 

  • Go to JAMB gateway at JAMB E-facility Portal. (We suggest you utilize a PC or work station or Chrome program on your cell phone.) 
  • Login with your Email and Password. 
  • Then find and snap-on Check Admission Status. 
  • If the page just shows Welcome, don’t stress. Simply click on the choices symbol on your telephone’s program (situated at the top right corner of the Google Chrome screen).
  • Change the perspective on the page from Mobile View to Desktop View. 
  • Click on Admission Status on the left board. 
  • After your subtleties have been effectively stacked, check if they give you admission. 
  • If you get admission, you will see that the Accept Admission and Reject Admission catches will be dynamic. 
  • If not, the catches will seem faint. You would now be able to acknowledge or dismiss your admission offer under your Admission Profile by tapping on the comparing button. 
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If you are utilizing a telephone, you may not see the alternative to check your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS. Most telephone clients may just see the invite message. The covers page shows just greeting since it expects you to utilize work area mode to see the total page. This is the reason the chrome program is the best option if you are utilizing a telephone. You should simply go to Chrome choice and pick the demand work area site for the total page in the means above

Method to Upload O’Level Result on JAMB 

  • Visit an authorized JAMB CBT focus or JAMB office or JAMB enrollment focus/bistro nearest to you. 
  • Ensure you oblige a duplicate of your O’level result (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) just as the email address you utilized during the online enrollment and your JAMB profile code. 
  • Once you arrive, demand for a transfer of your O’level result on JAMB entry. 

JAMB facility Admission Status Messages on JAMB CAPS Portal, what does it implies? 

If your Admission Status on the CAPS Portal peruses “NOT ADMITTED,” it very well may be that your school of decision is yet to send the proposed rundown of conceded possibility to JAMB. Nonetheless, if your school of decision has delivered its admission list and your admission status on CAPS Portal actually shows “NOT ADMITTED,” at that point, it just implies that you are not eligible for admission in that school. For those that their Admission Status peruses “Suggested,” the conceivable significance to that is, however, your school of decision has thought about you for admission, JAMB is as yet assessing your admission to guarantee it agrees with all the important standards set up by your school of decision and JAMB. 

Then again, if you see “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS… ..” almost certainly, you have met the prerequisites to concede in your school of decision; however, not yet considered for admission because of issues like admission portion, ELDS, Male to female proportion, and so forth This implies you may get an opportunity of being conceded if some different competitors that get admission in the school choose to dismiss the admission. So if you still concede that, everything you can manage is to continue to inquire on the entryway and expectation your admission status changes. 

What is JAMB CAPS all about?

The JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is an admission processing system that implies towards guaranteeing quality control, straightforwardness, and believability of the admission cycle. JAMB CAPS makes arrangements for a “commercial center” in the JAMB entrance where foundations can proceed to “demand understudies in Nigeria who score their cut off focuses.” If you get admission to the JAMB CAPS gateway, you can decide to acknowledge or dismiss the admission.


We have learned almost everything about the JAMB efacility, JAMB CAPS, and how to use it. We discussed all the features which this website offers to know the admission status of a student. In most ways, it is beneficial. We hope this article would be productive for you.

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