Where Is Kedai Komputer Near Me? Computer Shops In Melaka To Visit

Are you looking for computer shops in Melaka? If you are looking to buy the best computer system, then this article is only for you! Here, I will guide you through a list of five computer shops in Melaka from where you can buy personal computers, computer accessories, laptops, and other accessories. Students, residents, and tourists need ICT equipment in Melaka. Therefore, if you want to know where is Kedai Komputer Near Me, let me help you. I will share information about five computer shops in Melaka and I will also guide you through how to compare prices of computers and laptops.

Computer Shops, Your Personal Need:

Like we discussed above, for students, residents, and tourists of Melaka, a computer shop is essential because you can visit here to buy a brand new computer system for yourself, go and solve technical issues with computers, or you can visit computer shops to buy additional accessories. 

Top 5 Best Computer Shops In Melaka:

After understanding that to know about the computer shop is essential when you are in Melaka, I have listed the five best computer shops. You can visit them to buy computers, accessories, or to solve your technical issues. The reason to list these shops is their provision of services at reasonable prices. Therefore, I will cover almost everything about these computer shops, like contact details, Google maps, and all possible details.

IsTech Sdn Bhd Computer & Accessories Store: 

This shop locates in Masjid Tanah and makes it easy for local customers to find their computer Store. They have a specialization in computer repairing work. Therefore, you can get your computer repaired if you have one damaged computer. If you think about the Kedai Komputer Near Me, this shop is a must-visit place for you. IsTech will provide the best assistance through experts in the field of computer technology. It also assists in various tasks like installing arrival systems using biometric systems, CCTVs, servers, and other ICT works.

Contact IsTech Sdn Bhd At;

GWS (Global We Shop) Computer & Accessories Store:

If your computer suddenly crashes, you may be thinking it’s the worst case for you. Could you fix that? Of course, everyone can’t fix this issue. If you seek skills to fix it and spare parts of the system, it is the right place for you. GWS is a specialist in repairing computers with faults and laptop screen problems, specifically screens or LCD laptops. Customers said their services are the best and quality services, and it’s a cheap computer repairing shop that you can find in Melaka.

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Contact GWS At;

NavoTech @Stygix Computer & Accessories Store: 

If you are settled in Melaka, this computer store can be helpful very much. It provides its services from three branches in Melaka. These are Malim, Ong Kim Wee, and Bukit Beruang. However, Bukit has become the most famous. The reason for becoming the most famous is its location in the focused area where students from Multimedia University, close to Government Administration, and Bukit Beruang Community, stay.

It’s a very spacious shop, and one can quickly get his/her hands on computer equipment, gadgets, and accessories. It offers almost everything related to computers and accessories. They facilitate customers by allowing them to directly call from Call Now button on their FB page and allow customers to interact on Messenger.

Contact NavoTech Technology Sdn Bhd At;

Jaticom Sdn Bhd Computer & Accessories Store: 

You can find this computer shop near CIMB Batu Berendam. It provides affordable computer equipment and accessories. It also offers you to buy used, or say second-hand computers with guaranteed quality. You will get satisfactory repairing services from this computer shop. And because of its location in a residential area, you can easily find it.

Contact Jaticom Sdn Bhd At;

  • No. 26 Jalan Mutiara Melaka 2
  • 75350 Batu Berendam Melaka
  • Call on 06-3170526
  • Google Map:- Jaticom Sdn Bhd
NCS Sales & Services Sdn Bhd Computer & Accessories Store:

This Kedai Komputer Near Me is one of the well-known computer shops in Melaka, and most visitors have satisfied their needs. You can take the benefits of its reseller offers at very reasonable prices. The location of this shop is in a busy area. So, customers can easily pick up their required items. There is an offer called Sales of Personal Computers, Computer Accessories, and Laptops, online to their website.

Contact NCS Sales & Service Computer Store At;

Compare Laptops & PC Prices As Guided Below:

Now, you have solved your query about how can I find Kedai Komputer Near Me we want you to learn to compare the prices of computers and laptops. It is always advisable to know about brands and prices before buying yourself a computer system. Additionally, you must understand the suitability of items you buy, and you can keep them for shared use. For example, the graphic card that you purchase must suit the motherboard of your computer system. Like that RAM, and other things should be suitable.

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Most customers want to go for branded technology. No doubts that you are one of them, and you want to buy branded technology from famous brands like Asus, Huawei, MSI, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Toshiba, and anything you like from Kedai Komputer Near Me. Therefore, there are some things you can do to choose the best option for you.

Example Of Buying A Laptop From Any Store In Melaka:

To make you understood, I have prepared this example. So after knowing where is Kedai Komputer Near Me, you should know buying a computer or laptop from any store in Melaka needs to consider the following things. 


Gaming systems need a minimum of 8 GB RAM, and Video Processing Systems need at least 16 GB RAM, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Presentation, and other tasks can be quickly done with 4GB RAM.


Small systems of laptops have lightweight, but they are higher in price. 


Don’t forget that HDD is slower than SSD, but SSD is expensive. Today, you can see most laptops come with both facilities. You can store rarely used files in HDD and store frequently used files in SSD.


For a computer or laptop, it is the most important thing. There are no worries if you go for Intel or AMD processors. But you have to go for the latest Generation for better performance. However, you can also go for the old Generation to make your purchase pocket-friendly because old generations are cheaper than the newest (Generations) computer systems.


There are systems available with various displays like touch screens, IPS, LCD, and LED displays.

Type Of Laptop:

Some types like a hybrid laptop, gaming laptop, ultrabook, tablets, or normally-used laptops, are available. Each of them has its unique functionalities and prices as per their names.

Battery Capacity:

What will you do if your system’s battery is not durable, but you have to visit your clients frequently? Yes, for that, you require a durable-battery.

Note:- whenever you want to add specific features and specifications, there will be a price difference compared to the ideal computer system. 

In short, all you have to focus on are some main parts like the processor and storage of your computer system and laptops. So when you are out for purchase, keep all the points in your head and compare some computers with computers and laptops with laptops for different brands to know which one is the best and cheapest for you.

Pro Tip For You!

Melaka is a developed state heading into the digital era, but it needs ICT development. People and tourists can use the latest ICT facilities in Melaka, and it helps people a lot to find Kedai Komputer Near Me. Melaka Government has developed infrastructure and assisted private sectors. It is essential to provide supports to the private sector to develop the digital era in Melaka. Therefore, computer stores in Melaka that can offer sales & services related to ICT are quite necessary, useful, and helpful. So, ICT development in Melaka has created many business opportunities in the technological field, and you can grab this opportunity!

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